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Old Cars in Full Drag - Conke-PMI Drag Meet [COMPLETED]


This is a 1946 PMI Usurper V8


This is a Conke-PMI Usurper V8 Dragster


That’s an old car in full drag, and we:


want to make that socially acceptable.

Therefore we invite you to join the 2020 Conke-PMI Drag Meet



  • Car must be production model from 1970 or earlier
  • Drag trim (from the standard car) must be between 2015 and 2020
  • Fixtures can be altered, but the car must be recognizable
  • Fenders can be morphed
  • Both the .car file of the original trim and drag car trim must be send it
  • Budget: 50000 at mark-up 0%
  • Max PU/ET for the drag car total: 80/30

Engine and drivetrain

  • Engine must be naturally-aspirated Push Rod (OHV) engine and Carburated or with Mechanical Fuel Injection (no limit on year of block or variant --> this means engine swaps are perfectly allowed)
  • Engine reliability will be taken into account for a damage roll, which may lead to engine blow-up. Higher reliability is good. Carburated engines will get a bonus.
  • Cars must be front-engined - rear-wheel driven

Tires and suspension

  • Tires must be Radial Semi-Slicks
  • Front tires must be smallest possible width
  • No front sway bar (stiff rear suspension and swaybar are recommended)
  • Suspension must be high enough so that rear tires do not clip the body work
  • You can ask me to adapt tire pressure, either specifically or by chosing “standard BeamNG settings”, or “max pressure front and 14 psi rear”.

Interior, driving aids and safety

  • Stripped racing interior simulated by a single Sports seat, no entertainment, and -15 quality
  • No steering or driving aids
  • Totally stripped car + racing harnass simulated by “Basic xxs” and -15 quality


  • 400 meter (1/4 mile) drag on BeamNG (with steering wheel, pedals and - when applicable - stick shift).
  • Each car will be given three runs and the best time will be taken.
  • Engine reliability will be used as a base number for a random damage roll. If you are unlucky 3 rolls in a row, your engine will blow up and you are out of the race.
  • Cars will be placed in a tree-structure show-off, two-against-two randomly drawn, with the winner progressing towards a grand final.

TO SUBMIT (deadline: Wednesday 10th October)

Introduce your car below;

PM me both the exported .car files:

Car model: 2020DRAG - Username.
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: 2020DRAG - Username.
Engine variant: Engine name/code.

Please indicate in your PM if you have tire pressure requests.

Private_Miros Competition Overview

I would suggest to wait for this until the Corso is over. Keep your focus on one (Already really big) challenge.


This one is not one that I expect a lot of work from my side for. Though a deadline extension could be possible.

The Corso is progressing ahead of schedule. I currently have 26 pages of text lined up, and I plan to run it the whole of September to allow for RP in between results.


You know that most of the time plans never work out. Its better to have run one challenge with plenty of time to work around if life calls than to run multiple challenges at once.


Good, good, good, I appreciate the worry. I’m parking this as a concept until at the earliest mid-September. Comments on the feasiblity of the regulations are welcomed.


If only I could use my 16.2L V12 Pickup… but that thing got the sliders abused the shit out of it…


I’d like to see mechanical fuel injection also allowed. My gasser needs Kinsler/Hillborn stacks! Or maybe an Enderle hat. More recently, Ron’s Flying Toilet. Anyway, I feel like it’s appropriate for a drag car.


I’m keen! :stuck_out_tongue:


And I’m still keeping this in mind from mid-September.

The proposed limits (perhaps with the addition of mechanical fuel injection) are meant to keep power to a limited level. With the lower weight of the older cars this should be enough for a budget drag car. But, I could also revise this to allow crazy powerul engines.


So the question is…

… what Ardent would you like to crash and burn in? :smiley:


There goes my middle finger to the Malaise era :frowning:


Hmm… Drag bus? :thinking:

Would love to see no limits on power and the allowance of turbos, but with a size limitation (say 70% of the capacity of an n/a engine if turbos are fitted).


After consideration, I’m pretty convinced to keep it NA for this run. If this turns out to be fun, I might to do it again, with other regulations.


Basic 10’s is not available in 2015, which you’ve allowed for a trim year.


Basic 90s should be fine as well. The weight should be the same (and that is what matters, not the actual safety rating).


Also, does it have to be the original engine revamped for the new day, or are “engine swaps” allowed?


Engine swaps are allowed (I’ll make that clear)


In that case… my entry is almost ready! :slight_smile: Took me a while to get the 62-0 braking distance down from 1.6 MILLION meters (no, not a typo)… lol

Your future coffin will be an Ardent Marathon. :smiley:


The fuel system regulation I can understand, but the “no other than OHV” regulation leaves a lot of European and Japanese cars out :frowning:


I’d support opening the original variant to non ohv, but keeping the regulation for the drag variant. Stuff a big block into that Anglia van! What could go wrong?