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Our Name Here Motors: 1985 Family Car


Hello comrade! Welcome to Our Name Here Motors, a company set up to show the wonders of communism. We are here to help our growing motherland by creating cheap transport for the nation. That’s where we come in.

Our task is to design a family car for a growing nation.

How this works:
I will post a basic car. Someone will then take that car and change whatever they want.
They will then reply to this post with the new car, and someone else will make some changes.


Before editing the car, reply immediately with “Making changes comrade”. After you reply with that, you may download the latest version of the car and make your changes. After you have, edit your reply to have the car file. This is so multiple people don’t download and make changes at the same time, so you can see who is currently making changes.

If you haven’t put the new car up within 1 hour of replying, someone else may take over.

You must wait for at least two other people to change something before making a change yourself.

Car Rules:

  • The car body may not be changed, but can be morphed.

  • Model, trim, family or variant year may not be changed.

  • You may not change other people’s fixtures.

  • Maximum of 5 fixture changes each turn.

  • Maximum of 10 mechanical changes each turn. (This means anything that isn’t visual, so wings and lips count towards this maximum, along with each section of the car that you morph. Adjusting sliders also counts.)

  • Anything relating to the engine family (Layout, bore/stroke/materials/head type) cannot be changed. Anything else can be.

  • Fuel type must be unleaded.

Thank you for reading comrade.

Car download: ONHM Share - Family.car (13.5 KB)

The finished product will be part of the official lineup at Our Name Here Motors Comrade.

Deadline is unknown since I don’t know when and where I’ll be for the next few weeks. When I can, I will say it is over and the last reply will be the final product.


Making changes comrade


It will be fun :smile:


do we need to post a picture of our changes here?
Edit: here is the changes
ONHM Share - Family.car (15.6 KB)


You can if you want, but it isn’t needed. Just upload the car file


Damn commies


Making changes comrade


ONHM Share - Family.car (17.0 KB)


It would be great if you did. I’m too busy to participate, but I’d like to see where this is going.


Finished Changes Comrade!

ONHM Share - Family.car (19.3 KB)


Making changes comrade

ONHM Share - Family.car (21.8 KB)


Not enough fixtures for the sickle. Retuned the turbo (or rather made use of it), switched to SPI, switched to standard 3-way cat - overall a cheaper to buy and run car with a bit more power. ONHM Share - Family.car (26.5 KB)


Finished changes comrade.
ONHM Share - Family.car (27.4 KB)


Making changes comrade.

Done stuff, comrade.

No true slav is without his 3 Adidas stripes.

ONHM Share - Family.car (30.2 KB)


Making changes, towarzyszu.

Changes made, towarzyszu.

ONHM Share - Family.car (32.2 KB)


making changes comrade!


ONHM Share - Family.car (35.2 KB)


Making changes here camarada


Finished changes here comrade! (Man this car is ugly. I hope our great leader don’t come visit me for thinking this.)

ONHM Share - Family.car (37.1 KB)


Making changes, comrade.

Changes made, comrade.

ONHM Share - Family.car (39.4 KB)