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PDC 9 - 11, Cuff 'Em. Stuff 'Em REDEMPTION [Finished]


I am praying I can get this shit done by the Aussie Weekend.


PDC 9 Results PT1

We received 14 contracts for a new generation of Police cars for the Los Azrael Police Department. let’s see how they went under our scrutiny.

The Duds [Bins]

Faolan Faelan

yes I’m doing this GIF shit again

Bin Reason: Naming Convention. engine Family as well mate… sorry
Other Notes: 8.2 FUCKING LITRES This fat cunt… and duly noted, it happens to be the largest vehicle sent in. urh… Caddilac engine? making an obsence 331 HP. and the worst no surprise… fuel economy, not to mention most expensive entry. This is 1982 very off mark. Peak Power is cut off at rev range, and this boat also uses dreaded Semi Trailing arms.
On the other hand: lots of work on the side decal and interior. though looks like a Fox Body Mustang fucked a Citroen DS… and then turned into plasticine and stretched out.

Alba Santiago

Bin Reason: 1981 Trim Year
Other Notes: Is it me… or that 2000’s Hood bulge on the hood really out of place… they do seem to be emulating a Buick Regal V6 under that considering it is Turboed, yet has the least amount of Horsepower sent in. the Third Brake Light is also drastically early. also Lacks Side Markers.

ACME Balboa

Bin reason: Engine Variant is 1985.
Other Notes: This car has a lot of Negative quality in it. Needs a rear red side Marker.

The Rest! That didn’t fuck up

Valient Montrose

First Impressions: Livery is good, Engineering is Classic. Base looks lacking. you expect something next to the headlights and the Rear end could so with a tiny amount of Wraparound.

Verdict: Passes… for now.

Baiern SC32

First Impressions: LE GERMANS ZE HERE it delivers on the promise of actually handling. if a bit hot on the cam as the optimal cruising rev range is a touch high. and has a limited boot compared to the rest of cars here. Alloys are going to be a pain to replace as well.
Looks-wise, it’s fine… it definitely says import, not helping the Buy Gasmean…

Verdict: We may consider it, marginal Pass. touch small, but will handle…

Brantan Collumbus

First Impressions: Downsized Plymouth Fury… sorta. rear fitment could be better, as it should line up with the front wheels. It is particularly simple in design Base and Livery Wise, lots of room for something
it is very cheap but also horrific in Fuel Economy, yet a touch lacking in HP. upside… better Service costs than most.

Verdict: Does not pass, maybe next time mate.

Legion Park Royal

First Impressions: YEAH This looks the part, also handles half decently. slightly stiff in the ride. but… extremely reliable. Rear Bumper could do with Matching the front

Verdict: High Pass, top contender

Silverhare Cavallaro

I’m Australian and I’m feeling Murican Pride looking at this
First Impressions: Nicely Priced with good displacement and economy for it, if on the lower end for reliability.
Good Load capacity, however.

Verdict: Pass, a contender for sure.

Denver Kingsman

First Impressions: All 6 Litres yet doesn’t help its service cost and lack of load capacity. Looks wise, tis a pass. better than most here.

Verdict: Marginal Pass

MAHG Upsilon

First Impressions: Is it me? or does this just have the 1940’s Police Livery? Very Small wheels and lots of fender gap as well. Light Wrap around could be existing? as well as a Proper Light Bar. Ambers… no… not in North Gasmea also needs side markers?, Comfortable yes… but… there are other problems clearly visible

Verdict: Does not pass

Ibis Mallard

First Impressions: Lacks Horsepower and Economy for it. Looks-wise… undercooked side markers lacking, and the light composition front and rear don’t utilise the facia space nicely.

Verdict: Does not pass.

Yonder Liger

First Impressions: Well it has side markers!! but it’s also making me Barf. the Vents on the C Pillar and under the second front side amber are not very era correct not to mention the exhausts through the holes in the bumper made for early 70’s regs. also a Tad Pricey, despite respectable stats, perhaps collab with someone in future.


Armor Briar

First Impressions: Amber corner lights for Side markers I’ll allow. marginally Livery is good! Looks… half decent, Front Facia could do with negative space?

Verdict: Pass. GASMEA HELL YA

Trident Griffin

First Impressions: Drastically understyled, heavy Drinker, on a bit of a hot cam, low load capacity. It’s Lacking a lot… mostly design… some Wow factor

Verdict: Does not pass

P1 Done, PT2… soon. Constable Shuriken Out.


Success! Not binned for being german!


Hmm. I wonder why I got low reliability… I usually consider 64 pretty high. How did everyone else get higher… just newer engine families?


If you refer to a bell curve. just slightly on the left of the peak say 45th parallel.
Engine family may as well be the reason.


Mine was kinda rushed due to having to go on holiday the next day… so I didn’t expect much…


1981 trim year

my dumb fuck strikes again



Fuck I took too long

Basic bitch and simple let’s go…

6th: @mart1n2005
Reliability on the lower end, especially engine reliability and compared to the rest of the cars above, visual improvements could be in place.

5th: @HybridTronny
Lowest Load capacity in final 6, also loud marginally, these are finals, Visually falls compared to the rest your regular creations.

4th: @Marcus_gt500
Whilst easily the best handling car, and very competent in design, Lack of Boot space and the requirement to peg the car at 3600 RPM for peak efficiency due to a European/Fruinian sized engine. also the slightly higher price tag due to Frunian Engineering

Top 3

3rd: @donutsnail
Temperment in Design 5MPH Bumpers could be emphasized to fit rest of car, I Believe that’s a truck bumper, with generally average stats, if on the expensive end in comparison, though does explain it’s reliability.

2nd: @GassTiresandOil
Good engine efficency, if underpowered, that and a harsh ride, however, it’s Reliabily, Service Costs and Load Capacity brings it to top.

1st: @patridam
Gloriously detailed, best Load capacity, par boot space, and a workable price for slightly above average.

Remind me to never host another challenge again anytime soon, so sorry for the deley and shitty reviews


May your officers be outrun by bandits driving in Baiern SC32 cars forever!
Anyways, accomplished my self gave challenge of rank high with a foreign car.
May your choice serve your departments well.


congratulations to @patridam!


Thank you alll!
I am honored to win, and the delay is no concern - I 'm indeed all too familiar with the stresses of life getting in the way of hosting (re: TMCC9). In fact between my job and a lack of ideas for PDC10, I will defer my hosting; perhaps @GassTiresandOil has more time and a good idea for the next round!


I do have an idea I’ve been mulling around for a while. Just let me build a couple comps and I’ll post the next round in a couple days.