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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 5: Cuff 'Em and Stuff 'Em!


Those big engines without diff lock is going to have wheelspin, but you can work on the gearbox, tires, wheels, suspension to reduce . .


Automation does have an Automatic Locker choice for difs in 1971. It doesn’t work so well in BeamNG, but these cars will only be scored on the stats in Automation.


You can make whatever you want as long as it fits the rules, but I will be judging the design partly on realism. Back in the 1970’s, most Americans wanted their cars to look American. But if you have a really cool European design, by all means send it.


Submissions are now open


This makes sense since the police force isn’t looking for a race car or a super-high-performance road car. Also:

Does “bench seat” mean three seats? If so, must they be full-sized (not +3)?


Rear bench is a fully affixed 3 seat bench. Can’t have the criminals figuring out how to fold down a +3 seat and crawling into the trunk where the flares are :grin:

Edited the rules to clarify a full rear bench seat (no +3)

  • I just noticed something with my first submission. When I wrote “8 seconds or quicker” for the 0-60 mph time, I probably should have specified 8.0 seconds. Sorry for any inconvenience. The one who has already submitted their car will have a chance to resubmit, just because I wasn’t clear on that before.

Edited rules to clarify 8.0 second 0-60 time


Is it at least a basic AM radio required, or is it the only kind allowed? I’m using a standard radio to make up for front bench discomfort.


At least. Sorry, this is my first time hosting. Anything above is fine, but it has to have something.


Ah, no, you didn’t do anything wrong, I’m always just careful asking about the rules, some people are more strict about them than others.

I’m done with my car, I’ll work on the ad and submit it to you later this week.


Here is my car gonna make ad later.


Duke HPH


Oh, and one thing for posterity, since it’s much too late to change the challenge: high performance police cars used super leaded gas at this time. In fact, many were designed specifically for the 100 octane sold at Shell stations. That’s why some of you might be having trouble meeting performance targets.


Oh, damn.


Whoop, Whoop!!


The Shysler Sherdiam

I mean, the M551 Sherdian was in service around this time, so I decided to make the inevitable bad attempt at a Space Car.

It features the usual unusualities like McPherson struts, a rear mounted something liter V6 and a… “different” body style.

It does fit the requirements, whilst compromising a tad of comfort for… it’s existence? I just couldn’t help myself. I think the fixtures are neither appropriate for the police not the USA, but I tried to stick the era. I suppose it looks too eastern tho :/c

I think this is my 5.5th car so it’s wack af


Oof! Lesson to be learned: Don’t rely on information I get from an old Blues Brothers movie :joy:



Say has anyone any information on transmissions? I used a 3 speed auto too because USA, but the manual is considerably faster…


Police cars in America always have automatics, even the fastest ones like the mustangs used by the California Highway Patrol. You can’t use the radio, flip on the sirens, grab your gun, etc. with your right hand busy shifting. And 3 speed autos were the only way to go in 71’.

edit: here’s another fun resource, a brochure from Ford in 1970 on their police vehicles. You’ll want to look at the Interceptor package for this challenge: https://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/ford/70po/70po.html