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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 5: Cuff 'Em and Stuff 'Em!


ACA RoadCruiser Police Interceptor


The Savant Verona Enforcer

Powered by a 429 SOHC V8 with 314hp giving a 0-60 of 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 145mph, coupled to a 3-speed automatic to keep your attention where it matters.

All-steel body-on-frame construction with reinforced front end and push bars for pursuit durability.

New bucket front seats provide increased comfort and safety, and allow for storage of vital equipment in the space between the seats.

Lights shown are to California Highway Patrol specifications; red spotlight on driver’s side, white spotlight on passenger’s side, and amber light facing out the back window on driver’s side. (shown on trunk for obvious reasons)


Well, I think cops in Europe could do all of those things while dealing with a manual gearbox


Same here actually. I guess it’s more about what the general people prefer or are used to.


Ah, so European police have three arms. Very nice.

Everyone in America still knew how to drive stick at this time, and all of these cars were normally available with manuals; autos were a decision made between departments and companies on purpose. It’s what departments wanted for both city and highway use.


Katsuro Kruger Police Interceptor SUV

V8 Double Barrel Policing Power! Crooks will be too scared to run when they hear this beast.


I don’t know how America works, but Finnish police cars (or the modern ones at least) are manual and no, cops here don’t have 3 arms.


Back in the 1960’s and '70s you could still find plenty of American cars with manuals. Police cars were pretty much exclusively automatics, though. Nowadays you can’t even find a new car for sale in America (everyone is going with SUV’s) let alone a manual. But, as it pertains to the challenge, there is no rule on what transmission to use.


The Shysler Police package, now with 2 extra cylinders!

Get your policing on!


Franklin Marshall InterState - Pursuit


Coming from the other side of the Atlantic ocean… The DVM Ventura, now equipped with fuel injection



1971 Watson Pursuit



So far I have submissions from the following people:

If your name isn’t on the list please get your submissions in by Friday night. Thanks!


I wanted to put a good amount of effort into this, but managing life, exams and hosting a CSR altogether leaves me about this much time to work on other stuff. Don’t expect much.

Marvin Charlotte 378


3 and a half hours left


Submissions are now closed. I’ve already started compiling data. I’ll try to post the results in a day or so.




This was a shame. I had been debating whether to have a vintage police car challenge or a Park Ranger vehicle challenge. This would have been great for either, but it had an 11.2 second 0-60 time. Too slow to catch muscle cars with that.


Another heartbreaker, this was a handsome looking car that was also too slow from 0-60 (8.1 seconds). The worst part is that, with a quick tune of the gearing, this would have easily qualified. Sorry.

And now, for the qualified entries

11th Place


Holy purple! This car was very fast, with staggered wheels and a powerful V8. The rear end looked cool, and complimented the front well, but the way the roofline was morphed looked odd.

10th Place

@variationofvariables 30.45 POINTS

It looks as though the deciding factor in scores wasn’t reliability (like I thought it would be), but drivability. This car fared worst of all in that department. Otherwise, it was a really nice looking car. The white doors were a really nice touch.

9th Place

@Dorifto_Dorito 31.40 POINTS

This got a perfect design score from me. You can’t see it from the picture, but the whole area above the front lights and grille was formed using fixtures. The wheel opening moldings were also a great touch. A very realistic looking vintage car.

8th Place

@patridam 31.46 POINTS

Another great looking car, this one only slightly edged out the 9th place car. This was due mostly to its superior practicality (of all things). Beautiful Plymouth… I mean, Galactica :grin:

7th Place

@EnCR 32.23 POINTS

There were a lot of great looking cars this round, and this one was no exception. It was also pretty well-rounded, with good scores in drivability and reliability. The light bar was phenomenal!



Oof after seeing all these entries, I honestly feel bad for not even putting half the design effort I originally put for my other barges. Didn’t even put turning lights and reflectors, but hey that’s what happens when Automation crashes 3 times within 12 mins :sweat:

Here’s me ranting about it on discord, lol


I’m a bit disappointed. When I open the file on my computer, the 0-100 km/h is under 8 s, it would have been better for 0-60 mph. No ?


The file that I received from you had the gearing set at 30 and the 0-60 time was at 8.10 seconds. I thought it was weird that the gearing would have been that low but that’s how I got it. Just to be sure, I clicked somewhere in the 70 range and 0-60 time dropped to 7.7. Sorry about that.

The time is the same whether you read it in mph or kp/h.

This is how I got it.

I just noticed the rear end is longer in the version that I have. Could your export file possibly have been an earlier version of the car?