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Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [Entries closed] Comment section open


This is a followup to the PTDS’16 event we had. Now that I know how best to implement the formulas, we can have a full season. For info on what happened before - Click here
Do note that a few changes to the rules have been made, but the technical reglament still stands, so if you submitted already - you do not need to resubmit. You may do so if you are not happy with your car’s performance, or if it was not completely legal.

So let’s start again

Each contender gets 2 qualifying runs on the track, with the best run being considered the qualifying one.

After the qualification the competitiors are divided into pairs.
Depending on the quantity of racers we can do a top 8, top 16 or top 32.
In top 8 the pairing will be 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th etc etc
In top 16 the pairing will be 1st vs 16th, 2nd vs 15th, 3rd vs 14th etc etc etc
In top 32 the pairing will be 1st vs 32nd, 2nd vs 31st, 3rd vs 30th etc etc.

In each round the loser of each pair is eliminated, with the winner of the pair moving on into the next round until the winner is decided.

##Every time you are on the track you are judged by 3 judges.

Judge 1 is looking for speed, the faster you go through the course the better
Judge 2 is looking for the drift angle, the more sideways you are the better
Judge 3 is checking out your lines, you should follow the pre-set course as close to the ideal line as possible.
Each judge can score you on a scale from 0 to 30, so the maximum number of points you may get is 90

The formulas are the following (And Im not explaining it in depth, in all honesty I wouldn’t even post these, but it’s required for fairness of the competition, and so you know which points are going to be important in your build)

Judge 1 : laptime * (200 - (sportiness cornering base value - (sportiness understeer/overster penalty * 5))
Judge 2 : (45 +Wheelspin) (Drivability/100)
Judge 3 : (100
Lateral G*(drivability/100)) * ((100-braking distance)/100)
Judge score would be ((Best score in the grid / participants actual score)*30)

To elimitate the “railroad” effect of other competitions where each round the finishing order is the same, I propose to hand out a RNG penalty of 0-3 points on each of the judgement parameters. All the scores are rounded DOWN, so if it’s 29.9, it’s 29.

##1vs1 battles

We’re looking for a car that can pull away in 2 of these categories (both times with the RNG penalty). If the cars score within 5 points of each other, then the judge demands a “one more time”, meaning the cars run again, but this time the penalty of the RNG goes from 0-3 to 0-5, then to 0-7 to reflect on nervous driving that happens a lot in the tandem battles after each OMT run.

##Crashing out

Each course has a spot that’s very technical to execute properly. The chance of crashing there is severe. Your base chance to crash out is 20%. Each 5 points of drivability remove 1% off this number (so 100 drivability makes you completely safe from this). If the RNG decides that you’ve made a mistake in this spot then you will “roll (again with the RNG) to dodge”. The results of the roll are one of the following, depending on the number you roll

100% penalty to score - car is crashed beyond repair, it can’t move and can’t be fixed. Race over

80% penalty to score - the car has been crashed and damaged badly, but it can still move. The team fixes it to a certain degree but it’s not enough. Next run (if there will be one) will be penalized by 20%

60% penalty to score - the car has been crashed, and lightly damaged. Team fixes it to a certain degree, but not completely. The next run is penalized by 10%

30% penalty to score - the car has been crashed / spun / control lost. Team fixes it completely/no repairs needed. Next run is unpenalized.

20% increase of score - Yes, INCREASE, meaning you got into serious trouble, but managed to save the car without breaking your drift (Wall tap, etc)


If a crash has happened during qualifying 1st run, 2nd run gets penalized as mentioned before. If a crash occurred during 2nd run, no penalty is carried over to the top 32. If a crash happened during top 32, 1st run then 2nd run is penalized as mentioned, top 16 run is not penalized as there’s enough time to fix the car. Same goes for crashes in top 16. Crashes in top 8 are penalized for the rest of the competition, BUT each team can have a technical time out to fix the car after the crash during top 8 battles or further into the competition. Technical time out will be applied as soon as the current runs are finished, and is only available once.

Example - you had a crash in top 8 battle in the first run. You will be penalized as mention above for the 2nd run of top 8, but if you make it into top 4, you will have your car repaired. If you crash again after that you will not be repaired till the end of the competition.

The championship consists of several events, you will have to score as many points in each stage as possible. One with most points by the end of the championship will be declared winner.

The scoring system is as follows.

1st = 10pts
2nd = 7pts
3rd = 5pts
4th-8th = 4 pts
9th-16th = 3pts
17th-32nd = 1pt.

1st = 100pts
2nd = 80 pts
3rd - 4th = 64 pts
5th - 8th = 48 pts
9th-16th = 32 pts
17th - 32nd = 16 pts

#Competition bracket of top 16

##Stage 1 Odaiba (JPN)
##Stage 2 Atlanta (USA)
##Stage 3 Irwindale (USA)
##Stage 4 Bikirnieki (LV)
##Stage 5 Montreal (CND)
##Stage 6 Ebisu Minami (JPN)
##Stage 7 Tsukuba (JPN)
##Stage 8 Silverstone (UK)
##Stage 9 Yas Marina (AUH)
##Stage 10 Autopolis (JPN)
##Stage 11 Eurospeedway Lausitz (GER)
##Stage 12 New Jersey (USA)

#Car choice and submission rules

Trucks and Vans are banned due to them not being competetive.

You may only chose a car that was presented on the forums before 10/01/2017 (in form of a post with a picture and a description of it’s performance stats and engine outputs)

Car entered must be a trim of a stock car. Your file must contain both stock trim and tuned.

Engine must be a trim of the cars’ original engine or a trim of the swapped engine

You may chose to swap the engine of the car for any of the engines provided in the post below

#Chassis requirements

Acceptable year of the base car is 1980 - 2016

Trim must be 2016

Engine position must be in the front of the car

AWD cars must be converted to RWD

Manual gearbox is required, if the stock car has any other box it must be replaced with a manual

Mechanical LSD is required (geared or viscous), if the stock car has any other LSD or open diff it must be replaced with a mechanical LSD

All the quality sliders must be set at 0. If the car has sliders used stock then this should be changed to 0 in every occasion

Only semi slick and sports tires are available to chose. If you fail to adhere to this rule you will be given second hand sets of tires from other teams (sports -5 quality) without you being informed prior to the competition

Wings, lips and undertray aero should be set at 0

#Engine requirements

Engine variant should be set to 2016

Stock power output should not exceed 400hp

All the quality sliders must be set at 0. If the engine has sliders used stock then this should be changed to 0 in every occasion

Minimum cooling must be twice the required minimum for your engine

You may not change the fuel system if the engine is fuel injected. You may change the carburetor type if the car uses a carburetor in it’s stock form.

98 Ron petrol will be provided for all cars. If your car is unable to run it you will not be informed, however the petrol type will be changed for the competition.

#Health and safety

Safety minimum required is 50

Interior required - basic

Quality sliders are allowed on safety equipment only

#Banned tech

No driving aids including no power steering, if the stock car has any of these they must be removed

Active aero, cooling and suspensions are not allowed, if the stock car has any of these they must be removed

Carbon fiber materials in body, chassis and wheels.

Naming rules
Car name : Stock. It must be exactly the same as the stock one
Car trim : Your name PTKD16
Engine Name : Stock. Same as above
Engine variant : Your name PTKD16

Deadline : 14.03.2016

If you would like to sponsor an event or a team officially, all you need to do is inform me of it. You may want to do so just to bring extra attention to your RP company or a certain championship of your own, or a magazine, design company, or visual thread (event covered by Speedhunters is an example).

Performance Tuner King of Drift 2016 [FINISHED]

#Cars and Swaps

If you are having trouble with finding the car for you, then you may consider one of the following.

Cars :

Deskyx - Paradox 5.zip (71.9 KB)
Deskyx - Paradox 3.zip (43.5 KB)
Deskyx - Hadron.zip (71.4 KB)
Deskyx - Hierophant.zip (47.6 KB)
Madrias - Storm Knight.zip (120.2 KB)

Engine Swaps :
szafirowy01 - Zavir Motori S42E.zip (145.7 KB)
ramthecowy - Solo 24V DOHC V6.zip (9.6 KB)
Deskyx - GO50.zip (10.7 KB)
Deskyx - GZ70EI.zip (34.0 KB)
Deskyx - GB62EI.zip (38.4 KB)
Deskyx - LE20.zip (65.9 KB)
Deskyx - JB26.zip (25.0 KB)
Deskyx - JK33EI.zip (39.9 KB)


##Howler automotive / Team Stellar Drift / Prodigy SD16 drift prototype
##Matti / SRD / Shack Endurifto
##Airjordan / Smooth Racing / Smooth Belfaw
##Gridghost / Privateer / Scarab Flare S
##Szafirowy / Privateer / Zavir Luna VI
##4LGE / Team SkidX / Taore RAX
##Deskyx / Enthusia Speed Factory / Dimension [d]Rift
##Squidhead / Team Kraft Haus Technik / Maesima MRZ3 V8
##Madrias / Team FireStorm / Storm Knight
##RK38 / Maesima Factory team / Maesima MRZ-3 Drift
##STM316 / Privateer / Puttzalong Venice 6.2 v8
##DoriftoDorito / Privateer / Dimension Paradox 3 JB26
##JohnWaldock / JHW / Dimension Paradox 3 JK33
##Strop / Team Ninja Horse / Phaedra ('07) Genesis Drift Spec
##Vri404 / Northstar Drift Unit / Dimension Hadron GT 2.6

You do not need a team, you may enter solo. You may also enter a competition with a friend, but in that case you must drive the same make and model of a car. If you wish to change your team name or enter as a privateer (once again, all for your RP companies), you should PM me about it, I took some guesses and liberties to the best of my abilities, correct me if Im wrong.


Well, I’m comfortable with the Knight. As for the team name, yeah, I’ll go for it, it sounds like something that would have come out of our marketing department.

So, my car’s already in, ready to go? If so, I’m ready to rock n’ roll.


It’s an Idea.


There’s still improvements to be made, you score about half of possible points in the warmup event, so you might not have a chance once everybody else starts sending in revised cars.


I guess i really need to improve my car if i want to be somewhat competitive.


Hey squid how about we get some 1on1 feedback after warmup? Like talks with the driver or observation… Or some open numbers how did we score compared do others with different judges? Because just saying “improve your cars if you wish to perform better” does not give me any idea honestly.

Did you get the feeling going from 1 to 5 in OMT could mix up warmup even in top 4? (is this question stupid? It sounds a bit…but whatthehell)


I will give out some information on how each car performs, more of a “test drive and observations”, but I will not give out how exactly to improve the cars, just “where to improve them”


@squidhead I guess it’s ok to change out the engine for some of the swappable ones for us who entered the pre-season games or do we have to work with what we have?


You can change the engine, sure. But I’d say you’re stuck with the car you’ve chosen. Building a new chassis in limited time is a hugely tall order.


i know my problem. the car is undrivable, so it’s crash or doriftu eurobeatiu


Everybody who entered have got a PM with a brief description of your car and it’s good and bad sides, as well as some advice.


After acquiring a homologation special of the historic Howler Prodigy PP83 hillclimb car from their main sponsor Howler Automotive, Team Stellar Drift have promptly turned it into a monster.

In the practice event, there was nothing that could stand against the Prodigy SD16 as they have dubbed it, in spite of the inherent shortcomings of the fairly old chassis. Only time will tell whether they can cling on to their success in the upcoming main event, or whether the opposition will leap past in technology and leave them in the smoke.

Team Stellar Drift is ready.

(I will be having a look at the car with squidhead’s description in mind, but as I said in the other thread, I think there is very limited room for progress at this point).


If you want your car to be posted with that livery in every instance you should PM me the bigger picture, you can also photoshop wheels you’d like on to it :wink:


I was a bit short on time getting it done so there are some cut corners on there that wouldn’t flatter the bigger picture. :slight_smile: But thanks for the offer, I’ll try to give it a bit of polish at some point (unless I end up spending that time trying to make it more drifty).


We will be waiting for you in the championship, just so you know.


Well, after being beaten in the first round, and hearing from the techs and judges, the Knight got an overhaul.

While no specifics are being said, it’s fairly obvious that Team FireStorm embraced some insanity if they’ve put that color, the GT-R Rocket-Flame Orange, on their car. Combined with the ear-splitting loud exhaust and the rear doors welded shut, this is one Knight in shining armor you don’t want to mess with.

As for the driver, Josh from the Raceworks Division has handed the keys to Luke Light, claiming the car was too scary before, and that maybe Luke ought to drive his own death-traps around the drift track.


As part of their ongoing familiarisation with different forms of motorsport, Gryphon Gear will be sending a small team. As our official driver Kai Kristensen is already booked out for a GT season, we’ll be sending Stroppy McHorseguy a.k.a “Donut” as the driver. Strop likes getting sideways. But compared to Kai he’s not a particularly good driver. So you may, uh, want to watch your bumpers.

Also note that GG is the factory, the team name they use for their in-house competitive endeavours is Team Ninja Horse: this is the team for all competitions that don’t use GG models, which is to say, just about all of them.


Well, I’ll admit that car looks sharp. Will certainly be interesting to see how well it performs.