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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


1983 Pemhall Ventra

Comfort and style on a budget

More Pics

Weird effect because why not


is that the 80s jap body on the workshop?


Yes it’s the *Japanese body on the workshop, it’s based off an 80s Galant


Yes. Why all the questions?


if you want you can have the .car file for This six cylinder ‘base spec’ model



Whew, you’d think that the creator of the challenge would be the one to speak the most.

Just a quick tip, Discourse is not Discord (Edit: doesn’t matter whether you were banned from discord or not). Refrain from double posting and post only when you feel it’s necessary.


this isnt a chat rom though is it?

can someone go through and delete posts to tidy it up to just on point things?


no shit man, problem is you can honestly just tone it down a bit. Most messages here are from you, and I think you particularly need to just summarize everything into like one whole thread; you can also just PM others for help rather than cluttering up the thread


Can you not delete all your posts, it makes it even harder for me to track what exactly is going on.


You can actually read deleted posts, just click on the red pen on the corner of the dialog box.


Just tone down the posting a bit, read the rules and make your submission, preview posting is fine as long as it isnt excessive. If you have questions about the rules, feel free to ask, but this thread should not be treated as a step-by-step progress log.

The submission window will open tommorow.


Just leave it as it is right now.


Yeah, that’s why the Jetta is kinda in a nebulous area, because it’s still a C segment car with the same wheelbase as the Golf, but the trunk makes it as long as D segment hatches. Other saloon-out-of-hatch cars like the Ford Orion are in a similar boat.


I’m gonna say Scrap my original one, I’m starting a fresh, got my ResMat/D&T revision podcasts on in the background, lets get ready to rhumble


Since it’s early 80s Europe and I have no documentation on it, are front plates mandatory or optional?

EDIT: Have a teaser for the totally-not-a-Saab;


Always mandatory in Europe


For when you want a german sedan but you don’t have BMW-money.

(I’m terrible at making ads)


Where do you live then? I didn’t know of anywhere except some American states that don’t mandate front plates


Introducing the '83 FUTURA

more shots