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Retro Racing Game Appreciation Thread


A place to post all your favourite old school racing games. Imma start it off with a game I personally think could be the best racing game ever.


I wonder if anyone even knows where this one is from. And yes, I played this a lot.
(tip: it’s not a racer, it’s a management simulator)

but if we’re strictly talking racers then this was one of my favs:


I recognise the game but can’t name it




Test Drive on Amiga.


What about some NFS to boot up?


Or some laps around Daytona in NR2003?


@pcmoreno, @Boxsterholics - ZX Spectrum Formula One. I played it to death, back in the day!!

Online version - https://torinak.com/qaop#!formula1


Good? Nah, maybe not by todays standards, but the first videogame I ever saw IIRC, it must have been the christmas of 1988 or (more likely) 1989. I’m not lying if I say that I have had countless hours with this…


The nostalgia hit me like a truck when I saw this.


Here’s an early racing sim that some of you may know of.


I had this, but it never worked on my Win XP machine.



I’m not that old, tech just took it’s sweet time to reach my place. Great game btw, and still works on power shell (yes it’s a DOS one.)


Gran Turismo, Need For Speed Underground 2, Juiced, Rally Cross 2, Destruction Derby, Porsche Challenge, even freaking Streets of SimCity for Windows 95. All of these I’ve played and enjoyed, but I’ve loved one for longer than all of them.


had it since I was 3, and it still friggin’ works


I loved that one - specifically, the PlayStation port, which came with three additional tracks (Exhaust Pipes, Serpent Sprint and Volcano Blowout!).

On the subject of licensed arcade racers made by Electronic Arts, NASCAR Rumble also deserves a mention - it’s a very loose take on the series, but who cares about realism when you can have endless fun with power-ups?

It even had a semi-sequel called Rumble Racing for the PS2, which dropped the NASCAR license altogether but inherited HWTR’s stunt system.

It’s a pity EA never thought about making yet another sequel as Need For Speed (their other arcade racing game franchise) grew in popularity, but it was fun while it lasted.


adding one more that is for sure in my top 3:


You could actually build the tracks yourself:

It even had replays:


Again, this isn’t a racing game but it’s why I found Automation when looking for a more modern interpretation.


One of my favorite retro racing game was Motor City Online. It was the world’s first MMO racing game. Being able to race against people across the globe and buy and sell cars through real time auctions was mind blowing in 2001. On top of that, it had a massively in depth car tuning function. Like in real life, you could choose what sort of duration the cam had, the type of pistons, different cranks and rods, and hundreds of other modifications. You didn’t even have to stick with the same engine if you didn’t want to. For example, one of the cars I had was a '49 Mercury with a Buick 401CI Nailhead V8. It was an amazing game.


Automation is what I hoped that Detroit should be back in the 90s. I can really say that I was disappointed but maybe my expectations was higher than the technology allowed for at the time.


I’d have to throw this one out there, definitely one of my favorite older racing games that’s sorta unknown also