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RLS Real Life Simulation Tournament! Round 1 JUDGING


A lot of Automation challenges are relatively similar in some respects, so in order to spice things up, we will be running a 2 year per round simulation starting 1990 and ending 2010 (20 rounds but may go further) in a week on week off fashion ( 1 round starts, one week for entries, then 1 week break including results, then another round starts and so on). This will pitch numerous companies together which will fight to become the most prosperous company.

A Few Warnings

  • The best company isnt the fastest company, as it is about dominating the UK market, not dominate the elite market
  • I am trying to make this a very lore based competition, therefore the first week should be about establishing your company and its direction, I look forward to reading it all
  • Due to realism, if something major happens in the UK that year, the market will reflect that. I will give no more hints on this :wink:

Points system

sections will be marked out of a certain number of points (depending on their importance) and all of them will be added up to generate a money score) Seeming this is based in the UK market, the points will be turned into british pounds

  1. Lore /20
  2. Chassis /5
  3. Chassis Suitability /5
  4. Base Engine (family tab) /5
  5. Bottom End /5
  6. Top End /5
  7. Fuel System /5
  8. Exhaust /5
  9. Overall Engine Suitability /10
  10. Fixtures /15
  11. Drivetrain /5
  12. Wheels /5
  13. Brakes /5
  14. Aerodynamics /5
  15. Interior /5
  16. Driver aids and safety /5
  17. Suspension /5
  18. Market selling /15
  19. How it performs in BeamNG /20

Total Points /150


will be given in more detail when a round starts, but here are some base rules.

  1. Only use mods on the steam workshop, I have all of them installed.
  2. You can reuse something from a previous round to get extra points, but bear in mind other cars will possibly have newer and better alternative bits that you will not. This will be out of 10 extra points overall so it isnt massive.
  3. Do not use an engine or trim any later than the given date in the round
  4. UE4 please as well as being fully updated.
  5. any other rules ive missed let me know.

Entered Companies

  1. IP Automotive LTD (Knugcab)
  2. RCM (Royal Canadian Motors) (thecarlover)
  3. Bramhall Motor Corporation (th3maldonado)
  4. VST (Vincent Sport Tuning). (Camjkerman)
  5. Vega Motor Company (Mr.Computah)
  6. Bridgell Motors Company (BMC) (Marcus_gt500)
  7. Likar Inc (electroGG)
  8. EcaMobile (Mikonp7)
  9. LLA - LinkLuke Autos (Link_luke)


Model: RLS -
Trim: Name Of Car
Family: RLS -
Variant: Name Of Car

First Round starts Monday the 10th of September


Reserved post for results of previous round and rules for the next round


Can I enter with a company that already are etablished in the automationverse?
Does it have to be a new model every year or is it possible to use older models that can have been given a facelift, for example?
Can I enter models within different segments from time to time?


You can enter an already established company, it does not have to be a new model every year as I said it can be reused from a previous round but like a facelift, for example using the same chassis and a similar engine but a different look is fine. I do not understand your last question however


For example, I can enter a luxury car in 1990, a minivan in 1992 and a sports car in 1994, it doesn’t have to be evolutions of the same model?


Yes thats fine, just bear in mind a company doesn’t come out of the blue and create 10 different cars in 10 different sectors, just bear that in mind


My company was etablished in 1948 so they had a quite wide model program in 1990. I’ll join.


Awesome! can i have the name of your company please?


IP Automotive LTD.
Also, another question, if the brand have a sub-brand, like Toyota has Lexus, can cars from any of the brands enter or just one of them?


just one, otherwise we would have a general motors incident


I don’t have any companies with a proper lore, can I still enter?


I’ll enter RCM (Royal Canadian Motors) and its luxury subsidiary Mont Royal that gets re-introduced in 1997.


yes you can, just make one up


Helps when Bramhall is based in the UK XD


are you taking part then?


It’ll help my lore for sure. I should be able to yeah
Bramhall Motor Corporation


I’m developing at bit of a lore scheme for my company, which I would like to enter under the company name of Vincent Automotive, it will have 1 additional sub brand from 1976, VRS (Vincent Race Sector), which changes it’s name in 1985 to VST (Vincent Sport Tuning).


I would like to enter the Vega Motor Company and its subcompany Vega Commercial Vehicles


Wait, it’s an actual subsidiary?


i sadly can not enter as 1990 is way too far off into the future for my current point of lore

just making stuff up is not worth the hassle of correcting everything imo…