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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


How important is fuel economy?

Will it factor into course time at all?


No, but fuel consumption is measured (in BeamNG, in terms of fuel used over the stage), and will feature up to some level in the race reports.

As said above, I’ve tried to keep the behind the scenes calculations purposefully simple.


Definitely keen to join in on this one! I’ll have a think about it, but I’m sure I can create something lore friendly from Epoch :slight_smile:


Small clarification:

Manufacturers may enter a vehicle in each category. There will be a manufacturers title as well.

So, for those brands that have entries in multiple categories.


In a small french workshop, somewhere near Lyon, a young man by the name of Hugo secreted away one of his dad’s projects.



LLA Press Release - March 1952

With testing coming to an end LLA gracefully welcomes it’s factory Rally team to the press. Driver Geraldo Herpideli is an Italian driver who has been part of the LLA team for the past years he has handpicked Scottish navigator Jean McFarbourough for his team in Car 36. In Car 11 we welcome Prior Tuning division leader Martyn Prior as driver and his navigator George Fothergail.

Preparations for the rally have involved testing of a new 4 wheel drive system to increase the traction of both vehicles whilst drastically improving acceleration and handling of both vehicles. The systems include automatic locking differentials on both vehicles to prevent wheel slipping, selectable rear or all wheel drive and a selectable low range gearbox for helping the vehicle climb easier.

Posted Below if a picture of cars 11 and 36

Car 11 Technical Specifications
Power: 61 Bhp
Torque: 85 Ib-ft
Capacity: 1500cc
Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
Spec: Production

Car 36 Technical Specifications
Power: 112 Bhp
Torque: 116 Ib-ft
Capacity: 2400cc
Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
Spec: Race

LLA will not disclose any other technical specifications of the vehicle for competitive reasons.


Rennen Racing has produced 3 engines for the year 1952. We hope that they will be used extensively. You are free to use any one of these highly advanced engines.

Provided are…

…the Twister 26, an extremely powerful Boxer-6. It is the largest engine that we offer. It fits in the 2200-3299cc class.
Rennen Racing Engines - Twister 26.car (10.8 KB)

…the Charlie 20, a Boxer-6 which balances power and weight. It cuts between the Friesian 4 and the Twister 26. It fits in the 1400-2199cc class.
Rennen Racing Engines - Charlie 20.car (10.8 KB)

…the Friesian 14, a punchy but small Boxer-4. It is the lightest option here, but it is still supremely powerful. It fits in the 1400-2199cc class.
Rennen Racing Engines - Friesan 4.car (10.8 KB)

Post-script: Rennen Racing engines are hand-crafted and brimmed with technology. Using our engines is no small price to pay, so keep that in mind. Thank you for your service.

Post-post-script: each engine is exported as a full car, so you may delete the car- save the engine!


State press office of Toramania Est

The president of automobilclub of Toramania est announced the partecipation of the Toramania Est Race Team at the Road Rally-1952 Corso di Fruinia with the car Frieden RW, Rally Wagon, drived by the pilot Karsten Lahm and the navigator Oliver Huth.

For the history of model Friden click the link


Prepare for Ardent spam in 3… 2… 1…


Hmmm… Do I go full Sofa and enter my solid axles leaf all around Plebia in the 800cc category :thinking:


Team Rubbish Vehicle Siblings!

Meet the team

Alejandro Gutierrez: the male twin brother. With the advance of the francoist troops, his parents were forced to exile to France during the Spanish Civil War and, shortly afterwards, the USA, where he and his sister stablished. He now runs a small car workshop in Utica, New York, and will be doing the fixing and navigating.


Ana Gutierrez: the female twin sister. She and her brother were taken out of Spain when things went south and stablished in the USA. She now works for the post service in New York, and with more driving skill than her brother, will be doing all the driving.


Team Rubbish Vehicle Siblings wishes every team good luck and good racing!

(OOC: yes I just made an analogous to the Shitbox Brothers in the 50s. No, they are not related in any way to the modern ones.)


HTA/Emperor Decided to compete in the 1952 Corso Di Fruinia!

The infamous german auto company: “HTA” Made a pact with Team Emperor to design a new rally car!
The result was a Very reliable, Light, and agile Roadster that looks like an italian Sport car.

The engine was mounted in the middle of the chassis. (Right behind the front axle) Giving it a Superb handling.

The engine was 1400cc OHC Boxer engine, with 98HP. mated to a 3 speed manual transmission with a Short gears configuration.

It’s very lightweight, and it haves good brakes. So, we hope it becomes good at a downhill stage.

It’s RWD, but it’s pretty stable and fast. Well… Fast… if you’re good enough, are you good?

Did ya missed HTA?.. -( Intense Silence )- Guess not… Dont worry, i wont continue with that Topic… Maybe.

(Car files soon)


Overview of entries downloaded and exported to beam added to OP with relevant car numbers.


April 14th, 1952. Redmond, Washington.

Gregory Durant, 31, was waiting patiently (not really) for his buddy, Jimmy Fredricks. Jimmy had left the day before to pick up a car in California, for the upcoming rally event called the Corso di Fruinia. Durant was just hoping they could afford a flight to Fruinia. That’s why they chose the car they did. Odd, though, that some rich Californian would advertise all the way up there. It was an extra cold night, and was also very strange. The Northern Lights were about, for the first time in 23 years. Just then, he heard a car pull up. Sadly, it only turned out to be the others, Ray “Too Late” Lemont, the engineer, and Lisa Stallone, the team’s navigator. Durant, meanwhile, was the manager.
“Hey! Is Jim back yet?” asked Lisa, from the car.
“No, we all got here b’fore him. But he sent a telegraph earlier,” replied Gregory.
“Well, wha’d it say?” asked Ray, who by now had gotten out.
Gregory then pulled a piece of paper from his sport coat pocket and read the following address to them:
“Hi, Greg. I picked up the car yesterday and I drove it to the airport today. I should be back in Redmond by 8:45 P.M… P.S., I ended up buying the car for a lower price, $4500. See you soon. Jim.”
“Hey, that’s swell! It’s 8:14 right now,” said Ray.
In the meantime, however, the 3 went in and grabbed some cold cuts.
“Mmm, these are good!” said Ray. But, although he was talking about his food, he was looking at Lisa, who was equally as attracted to Ray as he was to her. But neither one admitted it. About 40 minutes later, they heard a V8 engine chugging up towards Durant’s apartment. Ray looked out the window, to see a yellow roadster parked on the sidewalk.
“He’s here!” Ray shouted.

April 15th, 1952. Still Redmond.

The yellow paint shined brightly as the foursome walked around it. It really was in good condition. Made the year before, the Pomodoro 340 T was a very good car. And they had a very good team. And a very, well, not very, good sponsor. 2 of them actually, Camshaft Camshafts Co. and FAP 365, a startup fan company. But, it gave them funds, and the team, Redmond Racing, was confident. Durant had just decided on that name last night.
“Ok, guys, well, mostly Ray, let’s fix this baby up!” said Gregory.

August 18th, 1952. We’re still in Redmond.

“Okay, evr’ybody, here she is!” Ray shouted.

Gregory Durant was impressed. Quite impressed.
“Wow! you even put the sponsor logos on!”
“I can’t wait till drive this thing!” Jimmy said, almost too exited.
“Good job…Jimmy?” asked Lisa.
“What?” Jimmy replied.
“Please don’t crash this.”


Two Teams, one post. Let’s do it

Dis Pater Touring Team

Driver: Hugo Laporte
Son of Étienne Laporte, and Heir to the Hades Throne

Navigoator: Suezanne Knightbridge
Hugo’s Girlfriend.

The Car:
A Modified 1948 Hades V16.

The Bootleggers

Driver: Wilson Marsh
Son of a 1920s Bootlegger, and full of inspiration

Navigator: Luke Auburne
Former Mechanic for the US Airforce.

The Car:
1952 Frankhorn Washington with Side Pipes and a Different Colored hood


From Itchen Motors

Dear Rennen,

We’re having some issues with our 1400 entry in the Corso di Fruinia. We’re trying to develop a modified version of our new family car, the Itchen Hurricane, including a modified version of it’s standard engine.

However, having seen power figures of some of our rivals, we’re starting to feel uncomfortable with our lack of power, in some cases having merely 2/3rds of the power. We believe they are using full race engines, however there are no sub-classes for production cars.

In summary, we would like to order a Friesian 14, with a second later if we find the engine to our liking. Find attached what we think is a reasonable price, £1000.

Yours in anticipation,




is a company allowed 2 entries or just one


The Sutsuzumi Hamster II Corso di Fruinia

The Hamster II was only in prototype stages when talks about the 1952 Rally started to emerge.

So, naturally, Mr. Hayoshiko Takakumi of Sutsuzumi motors did the only reasonable thing and ordered the only working prototype of the Hamster II to be race prepared.

After the modifications had been done, Takakumi entered the race with himself behind the wheel in the hopes of making a name for his small automobile manufacturing company.

And off they went!

Edit: Never mind I guess, new user so can’t send the .car file :cry:


Forewarning for those who don’t want to do much reading: This is going to be a long post. For those who haven’t seen my previous entries into RP-based challenges before, I like creative writing, and I have somewhat an over-arching story going on between my characters in just about every role-play challenge. As a result, these first posts, with team information and the background information tend to get mighty long.

With that said, kick back, grab your popcorn and your beverage of choice, and enjoy the ride, because here comes:

Team Outta Time

Driver: Jake Storm (30)
The hero of our little story, and the primary driver for the team. Having finally mastered driving stick in the Meatball Run, he’s confident in his ability to handle a modern five or six speed manual. How will he do when facing the frightening Three-on-the-Tree?

Mechanic/Navigator: Cody Acorne (34)
The reason we’re here in the first place, and the navigator, mechanic, and co-driver. He likes racing cars in his free time, but those cars typically had turbochargers and nitrous-oxide, body kits, and bright neon lights. With no fancy computers to tell him what’s wrong, he’ll have to rely on intuition, and luck, to keep their carburetted pickup going.

The Car: 1952 Bricksley Chieftain 3100

The Little Truck that Couldn’t. FWD, 3.1 liters of boxer-4 goodness under the hood, and a seat covered in what certainly seems like recycled military cots, this little ‘truck’ was owned by Jacob Jasper in Nevada, the father of Mark Jasper, who at the time was Sinistra Motors’ engine team lead. Jacob was a not-quite-retired moonshiner and shine runner, and he had his little Bricksley loaded up with a full bed of shine under the tarp when a bright flash happened out in the desert. This offered just enough time for our two ‘heroes’ to swipe the truck and its cargo, and disappear into the night.

Late in June 2018, Storm Automotive basement, Sub-Level 5, 3:00 AM

“Seriously, Jake, I don’t see why on earth you believe that conspiracy. Luke Light looks nothing like Luke Sinistra. Yes, Mr. Sinistra hasn’t aged, but he’s running a car company, he’s rich, he could just have a really good plastic surgeon. Luke Light is still a robot.” Cody said, though still followed Jake as they walked through the basement, four sub-levels down from the usual accessible areas.

Jake knew once Luke saw how he’d rigged the elevator, the security would dramatically increase again to keep him out of Sub-Level 5. The basement and Sub-Level 1 were practically open to the public, and two through four were prototypes, testing labs, design rooms, all kept so top-secret it’d make people swear Storm Automotive was a military outpost, not a car-manufacturer.

He looked to Cody, then replied, “There’s too many things that don’t add up, but way too many that do. Light was built by the military, and right now he’s owed a real big favor from some real high brass. So why hasn’t he cashed in that favor, gotten repairs done? I think he’s waiting for some next-level synthetic soldier stuff, get himself transferred into a body that looks human. Then there’s Sub-Five. Remember the first time we went down the elevator?”

“Oh, here we go again. Yes, it took five seconds between one, two, three, and four, and ten seconds from four to five. Yes, we’re walking around in ‘4-and-one-half except it was labeled as 5’ but that really doesn’t mean anything, Jake. There’s practically nothing in here. Some tables, chairs, bits of an old 40’s era car, and a desk with a ratty old terminal perched on it.” Cody said. As they got closer, they heard the quiet whirring of a fan, and after Cody wiped the layer of dust off of the screen, they saw the brilliant amber peeking through.


“Great, just what we expected, a locked computer.” Jake said. “Give me a couple minutes, Cody, we’ll get into that room soon enough.” Jake sat down at the computer, while Cody rummaged about in the desk. “Won’t need to hack it, Jake.” Cody said, handing him the worn-out sticky note.

PASSWORD: Sinistra

The door swung open on well-oiled hinges, and the two slipped inside, kicking a bit of exhaust pipe into the door’s path so it couldn’t close and lock. “Rather it sets off alarms instead of making this our tomb.” Cody grumbled when Jake glared at him. They opened another door inside the smaller room and stepped inside, closing the wooden door behind them, where they found themselves in a bare-metal room, barely bigger than an office cubicle. On the desk in front of them was another terminal, with a clipboard sitting nearby.


The clipboard had a list of dates scrawled on it, but one was circled. “Jake, put in ‘Mar. 23, 1952’ and see what happens, and I’m willing to bet we just get one of Luke’s elaborate ‘Quit with the conspiracy bullshit’ messages.”

Jake rolled his eyes, but punched in the date.

ENTER DATE: Mar. 23, 1952

“Oh, it’s going to be like that, is it? Fine, I’ll play your game, computer.” Jake grumbled.

ENTER DATE: 3-23-52

“Maybe it does want the whole year.” Cody said. “Half the computers around here are like that.”

“You’re probably right, but I’m making one additional change, just to be sure.” Jake said, before poking the keys again.

ENTER DATE: 03-23-1952

“What the fuck!?” Jake yelled, leaping up from the desk in a blind panic as the lights got brighter in the room. Before Cody could respond, there was a bright flash, and the two of them vanished from the little room.

March 3, 1952, Nevada, 12:01 AM

An explosion and blinding lights woke Jacob Jasper from a light sleep. “God damn bastards.” he grumbled, getting up and grabbing his shotgun. “If they’ve blown up my still…” The old man staggered off toward the tree line, exactly the opposite direction he needed to go in order to find Jake and Cody, but exactly the right direction to go find his still was still in one piece for now.

Jake looked at Cody in a blind panic, then said, “It’s not a dream, is it?”

“If it is, we’re having the same nightmare. Either that, or Luke’s got one hell of a VR room.” Cody said, getting up and making a run for the Jasper residence. Jake was forced to follow, cursing the whole way. “The hell are you thinking!?” Jake hissed as they stopped next to the truck.

“Clearly, if we’ve gone back in time, Jake, we need to do something to get rescued. Means we’ve got to get noticed.” Cody said. “So I was going to nick his truck and then we do something stupid, make ripples so we get found.”

“Dude, you’re not thinking clearly. If we make ripples, we could fuck everything up. Haven’t you ever watched Back to the Future?”

“That the time travel movie with the aluminum car in it?”

“It’s stainless steel, you twit. How the hell can you call yourself a car guy and not know the DeLorean… Anyway, the whole plot of the first movie is that the main guy screws up his parents meeting, and it threatens to erase him from existance if he can’t make his parents actually meet up. What I’m getting at is… We need to make ripples in some way to get noticed, but without changing the future. Which means we need a plan.” Jake said.

“So, what’s your plan?” Cody asked, watching as Jake lifted the tarp on the truck bed.

“We nick the Bricksley, sell this shine, buy ourselves a paper and some clothes that fit the times we’re in, come up with a plan once we kinda blend in.” Jake said.

“So, odds of him coming after us or sending the cops after us?” Cody asked.

“Pretty low. Whatever we don’t spend on a newspaper and clothes, and some set aside for whatever our plan ends up being, we leave in an envelope in his mailbox.”

The two quickly found out taking the Bricksley Chieftain was easier than they initially planned, as Jacob Jasper had left the keys in the ignition. Cody took the driver’s seat and started the truck, then drove out of the driveway, keenly aware of the rattle and clank of glass jars behind him.

After a few experimental sales, they managed to sell the moonshine, and by that time, the sun was already high in the sky when they made their way into town. Jake and Cody were both keenly aware of the stares they were attracting, wearing sneakers, blue-jeans, and t-shirts, and knew they needed period correct clothing before anyone would take them seriously. With what seemed like not-a-lot-of-money in hand, the two of them headed into a clothing store, only to head back out again in almost-proper suits.

“Can you believe it!? $70 for two suits and two pairs of shoes! Cheap as hell!” Cody said, grinning at Jake. Jake smirked, then said, “Yes, and cars only cost about 3-grand, so keep that in mind.” They bought a newspaper and thumbed through it until they found an article about an upcoming race, the Corso di Fruinia, and that there was still time to make the boat trip if any American drivers wanted to show those foreigners what real auto racing looked like. Included in the article were prices for a shipping company offering discounts to any racing teams willing to use them to ship the cars and drivers, which was quickly factored into how much they had left.

“So, setting aside $100 for personal expenses while we’re in Fruinia, and another $200 for our emergency fund in case things don’t quite go to plan, we’ll be able to return the rest of this to the guy we stole the truck from.” Jake said.

“Wait, what!? We’re going to-”

“We’re paying him back for his shine and some for his truck, so that he doesn’t decide to call the cops or his buddies after us while we’re trying to get to California.”

“Oh. That makes sense, then. But we’re time travelers, we can’t honestly state why we’re doing this.” Cody responded. Jake grinned, then said, “True, but we can leave a note saying the Martians borrowed his truck, and that the fuel in the back will be enough to get them home.” Cody burst out laughing, then nodded, handing Jake the ballpoint pen he had in his pocket. “Saves you having to mess with 1950’s fountain pens. Plus, it’ll confuse the hell out of him why the Martians wrote on '50’s paper with orange ink.”

"Dear Human,
We would like to apologize for the disturbances last night. Our ship ran out of fuel on our way to Venus, and we were forced to stop here on Earth for fuel. We offer our thanks for the fuel in the back of your personal transport, and our sincerest apologies for not returning your wheeled vessel to you, but our trip was a matter of great importance.
Your friends, The Martians.

The two of them stuffed the extra cash into the envelope, along with the note, then dumped it in Jacob Jasper’s mailbox as they made their way to California to set sail for Fruinia.

To Be Continued…