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Scale model building


No I never intended this as a thread only for cars, and since this is offtopic anyway I guess it wont break any other rules either, so just post them all, whatever you build, is my opinion.


same my man


When searching Futuro Darko images for my own interpretation of it, I came across a paper model made by it’s creator, Krzysztof Nowak. Last time I’ve built something like this was some good 10 years ago. Nice project for some lazy evenings. You can download it here.



Mercedes 600 SEL. The brand is LEE, a terrible chinese ripoff of the Tamiya kit where nothing did fit, so it became a quick build with tinted windows, superglued bonnet and no suspension. The grille was missing so I replaced it with a SL grille and the wheels are some white metal aftermarket units, other than that pretty much out of the box. Paint is Nissan Dark purplish blue pearl and Mercedes Astralsilber.


I dug out my old garage diorama again. The base is a piece of MDF I sprayed with grey primer to make it look like concrete, a little too smooth maybe (I am almost a bit eager to try to see if I can make it look like splatter paint with some black and white and a worn out brush), the walls are plywood sprayed with white primer, I am satisfied there since the plywood gives them kind of a structure.

The radiator is a piece cut out from the camper from the 1965 El Camino by AMT, plumbing is copper wire and the thermostat is a piece of sprue. Fire extinguisher is, IIRC, from the Fujimi garage kit.

Both the barrel, the air compressor and the boombox is things I had lying around in the parts box (from unknow sources), as well as the rim the air hose is hung on. The hose itself is made from copper wire. I know that it looks a bit empty without a workbench.

The workbench needs a repair with new legs etc. (and the fact that it was damaged is why I lost interest in this diorama some years ago), as well as the vise that needs a new crank.

So why was it brought back from the dead? Well, I had a Volvo 760 body that was so brittle after some strong paint had crazed it, so it literally broke apart. Save what could be saved, my idea now is to build a Volvo couch for the garage dio, as the swede I am, it fits very well IMO :wink: Lol.


This diorama will look so cool once it is finished, since you’re already off to a good start. Have you decided what car to showcase in it yet?


I think it will vary, since one of the main reasons I started on it was to have a nice photo backdrop.


Hahaha, nice! You could even use the photo plus Photoshop to showcase Automation cars as well.


Don’t give me stupid ideas… :joy:

Anyway, I thought that the floor looked a bit “dead” so I decided to give it a splatter paint look.

A sparse amount of acrylic paint, lots of water and an old worn out toothbrush resulted in this.