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The 1966 Great Archanian Trek


You guys will have to do that at the start line… My entry’s a super slow turtle machine! :crazy_face:

But when you guys mega-fail and ditch in the desert, I’ll be sure to give you guys a lift to the end of the stage! :laughing:


Someone need a white car? I got that covered!


In 1960, Epoch Industries had started selling its first modern offering in the premium sedan market segment with the Epoch Model 30 (M30 for short) to great acclaim at home. After engineering work to convert to Left Hand Drive was completed in 1962, it was exported worldwide, however the styling caused mixed success abroad. In 1965, in order to improve competitiveness, out went the old 2.1L six and the M30 received an upgrade by way of a new state-of-the-art 3.3L six cylinder engine. In addition, a small facelift was performed to help freshen up the model.

The Epoch M30 3.3 revitalised sales of this model, but the styling wasn’t as elegant or refined as it’s rivals, and thus Epoch Industries decided to focus attention on its reliability, comfort, economy, and practicality. To assist with this, they announced that they would be entering the M30 3.3 into the famous “Great Archanian Trek” for the 1966 competition. They also announced that the vehicle would be modified to cope with the demanding terrain and environment, but the underlying engine, suspension, and chassis design would remain identical to the showroom model. What Epoch deliberately avoided mentioning was the extent of these modifications, and the difference it would make.

Whilst modifications to the engine reduced its peak power from 108kW / 145HP down to 96kW / 129HP (at the same 5000 rpm), peak torque was unchanged from 240Nm (although this now occurred at 2600 rpm instead of the standard 3300 rpm). Intakes, exhausts, and carburettors were all changed over with the aim of increasing reliability and fuel efficiency. Interior modifications included the removal of rear seats, fitting of extra stowage, and replacing the interior trim with lightweight materials (although the plush driver / codriver seats remain, albeit with added bolsters and racing harness). Exterior modifications performed were the addition of quad-spot lights, safety bar over the front grille, off-road skid-plate, heavy-duty all-terrain tyres, backup boot-mounted antenna for the radio system, and the addition of roof-racks for storage. Even after all these additions, Epoch engineers had still managed to shave off just shy of 100kg of weight, whilst keeping the car comfortable and easily drivable.

Costing Epoch a total of $13,446, the M30 3.3 modified for the Trek was finished off in their factory colour “Noble Green”.

Representing this factory-backed team, the car would be driven by Mr Yale Thomlinson, with Mr Peter Kleinmann as co-driver. Both driver and co-driver had been working together with reasonable success in national rally competitions over the last couple of years, driving much more unforgiving vehicles, and thus were a natural choice to be given this opportunity.

Comparison photo of the 1965 Epoch M30 3.3


I just realized there are 2 different material costs. I think my car is a little overpriced. Time to redo almost everything.


Team Tin Of Anchovies.

Team type: Factory backed. (Professional)

The car: Caliban Thunder '65, nicknamed “Scafell”.

To show what Calibans are capable of offroad, Lord Mach I hired a rally driver and an expert in survival in a widely modified Caliban Thunder, with both ends swapped to solid axles, solid suspension, a more powerful engine, an ute conversion to haul more cargo and several aesthetical modifications they asked for. No questions were asked about that request.

The team:

Alec Henry. Born in London, Alec takes part in the British rallies every year. A good rally driver, if a bit prone to losing his focus sometimes - although a safe player, who prefers to end up second than to crash into a tree or rock. He’ll be doing the driving, and, in case Joshua is injured, he’s been instructed in first aid just for this event.

"Insane Josh" Joshua Morgan. Born in Canberra, and expert in survival, he has survived Greenland, climbed Mount Everest and escaped from a dangerous car-worshipping cult located somewhere in the Australian Outback. He is responsible for keeping both the driver and himself alive, as well as repairing the car if breakdowns occur.



LSVRT -team

LSVRT team is a professional racing team supported by the LSV car manufacturer.
For this race LSV provided LSVRT team with a special edition of the Buccaneer that was made mostly for hunting (It has a basic radio for communications, extra hood locks, mountain decals, additional lights and removed rear seats).
In this race the drivers of LSVRT will be Make and Viljami, both of them are from Finland.

LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special


Yes, this is a remake but here is Revero Racing’s revised entry, the BR8-OA:
This masterpiece has a 262hp 4.5l V8 produced by hand from the factory team, Revero Ignifica. This also has front 2LS drums and features advanced progressive springs, allowing for the absorption of bumps with ease. This car also demonstrates that fuel injection can be used with reliability in spades, with a reliability stat of 69.1.
Rest assured, underneath this muscular, purposeful body, there is an entirely new car, with the only shared part being the prestigious Revero badge that it wears with pride.
This car also uses a DRM high-flow filtered induction system and Barra Racing seats, meaning that you can be comfortably figure-hugged while thrashing everything else in a straight line.
Do not think this lacks in the corners either, it can pull .82g.
Driver: Osama Arraglo
Co-driver: Gary Driver
Engine: BR845-Mech
“Revero: Perfection perfected”


Team Cops and Robbers

Team type: Professional

Team Details:

Driver: Blake Washington

Formerly a county sheriff, Blake retired from the force after 40 years. However, his contributions to the police force haven’t ended. A keen offroader, Blake purchased and modified a 1965 ACA Roadcruiser Police interceptor, similar to the ones he drove before retiring, to go and do fundraising for the police force. This challenge, however is the toughest yet, and so he’s decided to get himself an unlikely ally.

Co-Driver: Alejandro Cervantes

Once a career criminal, Alejandro was arrested and served his time for theft. However, after his run in with the law, he decided to change his ways and began helping those in a similar situation as him all those years ago. With some knowledge of “car repair”, Alejandro will be doing the most of the repairs as well as the navigating.

Car: ACA Roadcruiser 440 Police Interceptor Special "Offroad"

Formerly a police interceptor, the car went on auction after it was heavily damaged in an accident. Purchased and repaired by Blake, the car initially went around trying to raise funds to help the local police force. Eventually, Blake decided to swap out the entire drivetrain from an ACA Model 48 truck, giving the car four wheel drive and a manual locking rear differential. Underneath the bonnet, sat the fearsome 440CI Police Special. With stronger forged internals and a more durable 4 barrel carb, the car made around 280hp which was fed through the stock 3 speed automatic transmission.
With a offroad suspension and tyres the car is very capable of travelling offroad.


Is that what the cool kids are calling grand theft auto now?


Yak38 must be so proud with all those people reusing his idea of using the deported headlight as a spare tire :3


I find that using Accent’s fuel cap or keyhole to be much better looking a a spare tyre, they just have more depth to them compared with the pod headlights


Team NAAC (North Archanan Automobilist Club)
It is an amateur team.

Car: modified Pengting Torra 273.

Driver: Jehu “Tripod” Kickoman
Co-driver: Sebastianos Kouho


Amateur Team "Pyrénées"
SOCAUT Pyrénées

This car is a Socaut Pyrénées, a French car originally build for carrying stuff in the peaceful pastures of the mountains.

The modified car, preparing for the trail

Our amateur team heavily modified it, especially the serious modification of the engine, being a pair of Renault Cléon-alu engines hacked together, making a Flat Plane 90° V8 with a 3129cc capacity.
It really gives life to this steel and wooden car, pushing it up to 172 kph and capable to tow 900kg or load on it 675kg thanks to the modified suspension
The suspension… it’s a kind of Frankenstein’s monster of spare parts like Citroen’s hydro-pneumatic system, as an example …
The team is composed of two friends from the town of Pouyastruc, in the southern France, Jean-Claude Cassenave and André Lacassagne

(I have to precise that names and places are used in a fictitious manner ^^)

Wood Panel Trim Suggestion

PRV Origins - the untold story


Factory backed Team: Puttzalong Rally Team Fruinia
Main driver: Giuseppe Contadino (founder of Puttzalong) 48 y.o.
Support driver/Nav: Arturo Greco
Car: 1946 Puttzalong Inglese rebuilt in 1959. Used in rally events across Fruinia

Engine: Puttzalong Fe25D8 (49Kw)
Rebuilt 1959: Now producing 72Kw

Vehicle modifications:

  • Removed standard interior. Sports seats fitted in front. Unfortunately, they had to remove them. Giuseppe wasn’t impressed.
  • Installed phonograph for listening to Fruinian singers from the 1930’s. This was not deemed legal, and was removed prior to race start.
  • Manual lock diff, factory ratio, RWD.
  • Off-Road radial tyres.
  • Off-Road skid plate.
  • Slight increase (+25mm/1in) in ride height
  • Roof-racky shit and them lights

It’s not particularly fast, powerful, comfortable or reliable… what the hell is it doing here? That’s right, to prove that some of you can’t always finish last. You know who you are.

Above:Giuseppe “parked” it here.
Below: Why we don’t let Arturo drive after grappa


Team Desert Stars

An amateur team of fools with a 1965 Ninomiya Evron Coupe modified by them. What could possibly go wrong?

Driver: Yuuki Akagi
Co-Driver: Haruto Aiba


The IMP curse of being banned from all competitions strikes again, otherwise I’d have entered the good old Transalp. As for now, one can still enjoy it in the Museum.

@Knugcab That’s a great company name you’ve got there.


Why are you banned @Awildgermanappears? Just enter your car, if you don’t have time for RP you can still see how you’re progressing!

Another muscle car team would be welcomed with open arms, so don’t be shy, join in today!!! :heart_eyes:


The problem lies in the details. IMP effectively exceeds any limit on quality points by default. This is company doctrine so I wont make my cars “worse” to meet the restrictions of a singular challenge. Any other of my companies would be fair game though.


Rapido Motors Skylight DS

A small team of 2 employees at Rapido Motors were tasked with bringing an off-road variant of the Skylight sedan to use as a test vehicle, and as a marketing thing. Known for their low-cost transportation in poorer countries, Rapido Motors was a budget car company taking on giants, (but they expect nothing but failure anyway.)

The Car:

1965 Skylight DS
(DS for Dirt Special)
Ladder Chassis with solid axle rear end
Independent Front Suspension
Sedan Body 4 doors
RWD (despite what the front license plate says)

While the Skylight usually gets a 70hp inline 4, this one has all the tough truck components to make it good at off-roading. This includes an engine that the government sort of mandated for trucks due to the high demands of the terrain. It’s a 3.5L pushrod V8 in its largest form, but it’s all built for torque, so only 95hp.

The 4-speed transmission and rear axle with Manual Lockers were also necessary due to the truck engine. and larger (in height) springs and shocks were adapted to the Skylight to give it the necessary ride height and load capacity for off-road conditions. Anti-roll bars? What are those? The little things underneath the car? Yeah, they’re small.

The body was only changed by addition of a “luggage rack” hastily tacked onto the trunk lid. And some fog lights were added to the front grill.

The interior was mostly unchanged, only the rear seats were removed.

The team of 2 has their doubts about the factory spec car, but don’t care too much as long as it gets them through the competition.