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The 2000 Taxi challenge


E-Mail from some important Anhultz employee:

Dear [insert preferred gender] [Insert last name],

we would like to inform you that if the three test vehicles sent are, the testing customer has to pay them full-price unless it can be proven to be accidental or the vehicle damage does not render the vehicle “totaled”.

This does not apply to vehicle #3 as it has been sent for crash testing purposes.

Yours Sincerely,
[some generic Dutch name]


Don’t worry. We only crash the car that we sent over the torture road before. So there is only one car to write off. The rest will be unharmed.



I think this challenge will need a lot of time.
I mean… back in the good old days I always knew it I was driving a VW Golf, a Renault 11 or a Fiat Ritmo or anything else.
Since 1990 the cars became more similar, now its not really a difference if I sit in a VW Golf or Renault Megane rental car. The same happened to Automation: The BeamNG overall driving score is very similar on many cars, making it hard to tell which one is best and how good others are in relation.

I do not want to throw away that judging part, but also I do want to give fair and flawless judging. This means I am driving the cars over and over again to be able to find the small differences.


Take your time. Our cars are already submitted lol. I’d rather have a thorough critique done than have someone gloss over my car quickly for the sake of time.


same, id rather have someone mention on how unusual my cars look rather than just judge them by their engine, or looks or stats alone


As this needs really a lot of time I have something to do for you in the meantime, I hope that makes the waiting more bearable and less boring.

Look here.


(dunno about the number of entries, but still: two weeks of it being at idle while having another challenge in progress in parallel)


dead challenge?


Two weeks and nothing, ouch


he said he would return to this…
it shall happen


make that…



C’mon guys… he made it clear that he’s going through some stuff right now. Passive aggression isn’t gonna solve anything.


I thought it would be not fair not to give you a lifesign.



posting this alone has already given me hope!



The current update ruined the scoring statistics, have to recalculate as I did not include two (!) of the entrants by accident, I overread the PMs. So this would be unbalanced … need to check the drivability, comfort etc. scores of all entrants again. Nargh. But this challenge is back at 80% progress after that then.


wait is the second one the back of one of my entries?


Recalculation done.

Excel calculation will be published here this weekend to give you a first insight and alter the tension. Beam part is also finished but its’ tough giving the Points wisely…

@Caligo seing the screenshot above … your car is a bee…


So, here you can see the stats in comparison of all entrants.
I removed the scored points as this overloaded the table, and I am still struggling a little with the Beam part.

But at least you can now see that I am acutally working on it and not telling you bullshit.


Looks at engines

:musical_note: one of these things is not like the other :musical_note:


Damn, I have cut the table accidentally, some cars are missing. I will re-upload it after work.