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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


Hmmm yes thinking about it 160hp per tonne is a lot, maybe 100hp or 110 is more suitable?


Exactly which issues are we risking to run into? I came back very recently from not playing for very long, so I haven’t really 100% gotten the grip why so many challenges are delayed, other than that a new release is on its way but without any given date yet. But I am not sure about how serious trouble we might run into?


Mostly related to instability issues (since there’s going to have bugs with the openbeta build rn) and possibly a lack of mods as it might break things if someone built a car on the current stable build and they wanted to port it to a open beta.


I would gladly hear some other peoples opinions about if we should wait, too, before I decide.


I have nailed the rules as the final ruleset for the cars now, though, so you know what to aim for.


Depends on how long you want to wait I guess. Open beta has been out for over 2 months now in various forms. Certain bodies got broken a couple of hotfixes ago though


So the kw/kg limits are based on the p/w ratio data from test track or calculated from design tab power and weight?


Calculated from flywheel output and car weight.


Awesome, I now have a p/w of 0.099975 lol


Right now as of posting, there’s lighting issues, and certain specific cars are throwing NaNs. Theres also charts not holding old graphs. However other than that, it seems fine to start the challenge on the new build.


Hey @Knugcab, what are the most common sizes of cars sold in Sweden (by wheelbase)?

Also, if I’m using an American company (for lore reasons, lol) what were the most common sizes imported by US brands that didn’t source their product from Europe?

I ask because I want to build something that would be feasible in the Swedish market so that I can maximise the roleplay/lore/immersion score of my entrant to the max! :nerd_face::rofl::thinking:


Which year are we talking about?


Well, beat it, I have decided to give it a try to run it in OB, it might end up in being a stupid idea but still it won’t mean the end of the world, if it doesn’t work or if the new stable release will drop soon, we might have to delay it, but now I want to try it this way. So, the contest is running, the final rules are up and the deadline is set. So, let’s see if I will regret this…



Of course, we won’t chicken out from our own challenge. The following members from our staff will be behind the wheel this time:

Born: 1986
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 2008
Current cars: 1953 IP Lily hot rod, 1984 IP-Kingston Vagant Starglider, 1986 IP Brigadeer Uti-Lite 2800 Pro 4x4, 2000 IP-Kingston Lifestyler AWD Turbo (borrowed from wife after much begging)
Other: The IP enthusiast that is never allowed to write a review on an IP since it would never be fair, the anti-hero that is the victim for all practical jokes at the editorial office and that has to do all the boring stuff that nobody else wants to do.

Born: 1976
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 1997
First car:
Current cars: 1984 Contendiente Enemigo S, 2018 Contendiente Ataque
Other: Our motorsports writer, with much knowledge about the subject and quite a lot of track experience on his own.

Born: 1998
Writing for Trafikjournalen since: 2018
Current car: Riced out 1996 Farox Cielo Wagon
Other: Our rookie here that we are naive enough to believe does know what’s hot at not in the automotive tuning universe at the moment (after all, we are grumpy old men that still believes that rear window louvers and white letter tyres makes you king of the street)

And the car we will be entering with is this 1970 REVOLVE MANAOZ

We will give you more info later on…


I was thinking that you could (please) provide a broad idea of what you expect for each decade, with the most popular engine size, wheelbase and gearbox choice. Also it would be awesome if you could provide a real life example we can google…

So 70’s. 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s would be awesome!

I’m happy to get just a blurb about what Swedes look for in their cars and what foreign influences just don’t work. I live in Australia and nowhere near snow (or Europe, lol) so I have nothing to work on.


I send you a PM since american cars in Sweden is a more complex topic than you might have thought of, and that it may create more questions for you than it will answer.


Thanks! I want my entry to be fun and authentic too, so any help you provide will be much appreciated!!!


I wouldn’t have thought many American cars would be sold in Sweden, but I guess they are LHD as well. Maybe eBay Sweden could help or Swedish auto trader if that exists


31st OF MAY 2020

ERIK CARLÉN: “Arvid Åkerlund just called, he is outside now with the car he found for the 2020 Clunker run!”
FILIP ANDERSSON: “Why did he get the mission to get the car this year? He is the vintage car expert of the editorial staff. He will probably get something that’s 100 years old!”
ERIK: “Well, you remember how it went last time when we gave our own Captain Slow the mission!”
MATS HANSEN: “I heard you!”
ERIK: “By the way, Arvid likes vintage cars so why would he want to smash one to pieces?”

5 minutes later outside the office:
FILIP: “Good lord, what kind of car IS this?”
MATS: “You mean you can’t recognize this? What’s wrong with the youth of today?”
ERIK: “For gods sake, it’s a Revolve Manaoz! Everybody and his grandmother had one when I was at your age!”
FILIP: “It must be from like…the 50s!”
ARVID: “Young boy, you are almost right, the Revolve Manaoz was introduced in 1956, but this is from the last year of production, 1970. It’s really a completely different car compared to one from 1956.”
MATS: “There was lots of speedparts available for them, I remember. Is there anything hot under the bonnet?”
ARVID: “The engine is bored to 2.1 litres, and it has a milled head, the hot “F-type” camshaft and a manifold for a 2 barrel Beaver 36 CDC carburator from Revolve Rallyesport. It’s not by any means a rocket, but it moves. And as you remember, the Revolve “Yellowblock” engine is famous for being able to take a beating!”

Filip opened the door and felt some strange smell.

FILIP: “Yuk, it smells like someone buried his dead dog under the back seat… But at least it’s a manual, that’s cool. But only a 4-speed, that sucks!”
ARVID: “No, it’s actually a 5-speed.”
FILIP: “But the gearknob shows only 4 gears and I have tried to shift through the gears and I can only find 4!”
ARVID: “Do you see the stalk on the steering column?”
FILIP: “Uhm…yes?”
ARVID: “By using that one, you will engage and disengage the fifth gear. It’s an electric overdrive.”
FILIP: “Now what, you mean that it has like a…sequential fifth gear…and only fifth gear?”

(Mats, Erik and Arvid laughing like crazy)

MATS: “Well, yeah, that’s one way to see it. But damn, it doesn’t feel good to smash up such a nice Manaoz”
ARVID: “Check it out closer, it may be glossy but it’s a sloppy brush paint job over what’s mostly fiberglass filler. The floorboards are shot but I believe we can patch it up to be safe enough for the 24 hours of racing. That’s about it, I got it cheap from a restorer, he gave up on it and advertised it as a parts car, so there will not be much of a loss to be honest.”

To be continued.