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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


Btw, don’t worry, I have learned many things from that “dodgy track record” and because of that I hope to not repeat my mistakes.


Part 1 -

Spanners - Pits to Mopey, pits to Mopey, how’re things going?


Spanners holding headphones away from his ear - No idea why you’re shouting but got someone here who wants to talk to you!

Mopey - Sorry…who is it?

Gran - Hello dear. Are you having a good time?

Mopey - GRAN?? How are you here, I thoug…OH FU…


Mopey - Sorry Gran…just lost the car at Cosworth…Cosford…Coss-something anyway!

Spanners - You alright kid?

Mopey - Yeah, luckily the Supo didn’t hit me…so how is Gran here?

Spanners - She’s not…I’ve got her on Skype.

Gran - You drive safely dear.

Mopey - Yes Gran.

A short time later in the stint

Mopey - WOAH! That was too close for comfort!

Spanners - What’s happened?

Mopey - The Supo spunout and I almost collected him.

Fast forward to part 2

Mopey - Spanners…Spanners…SPANNERS!!!

Spanners - Jeez mate…can’t even take a piss in peace! What’s up?

Mopey - Did you use paraffin to top up this car?

Spanners - No, why?

Mopey - It’s as rough as a wooden bears arse!

Spanners - If it gets any worse then we’ll come in and I’ll swap the fuel filter.

Later in the stint


Gran - GEORGE!

Spanners - What happened?

Mopey - That MOTHERF…erm the Tycoon just wellied me up the arse…

Gran - Geoooorge…

Mopey - sigh I got tagged and spunout…Gran, why are you only on the radio when something goes wrong?

Gran - I would say good fortune, dear, but it isn’t for my poor elderly ears.

Spanners - Any damage?

Mopey - Have a look as I pass the pits…she’s still handling OK…roughness has eased off a bit but she isn’t 100%.

Spanners - Just seen…just a bit of a love-kiss…doesn’t look too serious. I’ll change the filter when the stint is finished.


RK Series Racing

Part 2: Choo choo?

*Context: Redwood driving; Schrant is being productive setting up operations and a basic camp for sleep and Connor idling about for anything of interest to happen.


Screeching tires and a bunch of car engines can be heard as a result of the crash avoidance.

Schrant: “The fucks happening? Crash or what?”
Phone: “Yeah, the Kurokama did a Seb. I’m good, though.”
Schrant: “Thank fuck…”

some time later

Phone: “Yo the brakes are kinda dead guys…”
Schrant: “Aw fuckk… Just brake early and less hard, especially at the chicane and other hard braking zones.”

Connor walks up to pit wall to have a look at the passing Dione. He can tell that the brakes have been hot for quite some time now.

Connor: [shouting over the passing car’s noise] “The Dione’s brakes are overheating.”
Schrant: “No shit sherlock…”

Connor returns to the pit box.

Schrant: “Yo, once next refuel, we’re gonna quick-mod the Dione, i have an idea…”
Phone: “Sure, i’ll pull in once the tank is gone.”

Some 74 minutes and another accident avoidance move later the Dione pulls into the pits for fuel.

Schrant: [shouting] “Connor, you get the car filled up! Redwood, full steering lock to the right, i’ll get the stuff.”

The team gets to work with Schrant collecting some thin sheets of random plastic and a bunch of zip-ties.
He then generously staples some pieces of life-jacket foil to said plastic sheets to shield it from engine heat and crawls under to attach them to the subframe with the goalof diverting some air onto the brakes in order to help keep them cool.

Schrant: “DONE! Now the other side.”
Redwood: “The fuck are you doing?”
Schrant: “Adding brake cooling, gotta keep those fuckers going before they literally melt with some inconsiderate douche on deck.”
Redwood: “Haha good one… You done?”
Schrant: [still under the Dione] “Almost…”
Connor: “Refueling process finished.”
Schrant: “This should work… [crawls out] DONE! Just try to not fuck our pads…”
Redwood: “I can try…”

about 7 hours into the race

Schrant: [into phone] “Schrant to Redwood, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???”
Redwood: [annoyed] “Driving as well as i can after a 7 hour stint…”
Schrant: “Hnnnnggghh Fuck it. Box Box Box. Driver change! My turn.”

Redwood pulls in and makes way for Schrant to fold his 7ft of ass into the Dione. He buckes up, slides the seat all the way back (yet not exactly far enough) and sets up the driver comms with a seperate earpiece and a new battery in the phone.
He then heads out on his 8 hour driving-in-circles round.

With Redwood visibly knackered, but not really tired, he and Connor head off to search for the pit of team Bakewell Boxer.

to be continued



Part 1.5 : Gettin’ Richer and Richer.

Previous Part


Johnny Walkie-Talkie: “F@(#!, MANDY I’VE CLANGED IT AGAIN.”


Mandy turns to Connor.

Mandy: “He’s spun out again and rammed the JESA into the guardrail, and we only just straightened it out an hour ago.”

Connor: “Mand, we’ve still got ages to go and plenty of others are gonna spin out.”

Mandy: “Yes, but not everyone’s car is belching black smoke out of the exhaust either, it’s like a bloody diesel out there.” she said disheartenedly

Connor: “Look we’re not out of the running yet, and we’re not dead last either.”

Mandy: “Yes, yes, hare and the sodding tortoise. I wouldn’t mind this happening a bit later, we’re only 7 and a bit hours in.” She sat down in one of the fold out chairs they had brought.

Connor said nothing for a moment.

Connor: “Tea then?”

Mandy: “Eff it might as well.” she said briefly relaxing into the seat.

Mandy: “SHIT! Save some water for J he’s gonna be changing over soon, and then it’s your turn.”

Connor: " God’s sake I’m gonna need to pee in the car after this." he said whilst continuing to pour the water into the mugs.

Mandy Walkie-Talkie: “JOHNNY YOU’RE IN, IN…,” she looked at her phone, it read [13:23] “37 MINUTES, DON’T SPIN OUT AGAIN.”


She clicked off the receiver.

Connor: “You two really don’t need to shout over those bloody things.”

She rolled her eyes.

Mandy: “I’m just getting used to it for when you’re in the car, Mr Deaf.” she said with a wry smile.

Connor: “Huh?” he winked.

Mandy: “Hilarious…”


The two waited for the tea to brew and then sat down in the chairs and eased up whilst waiting for Connor and Johnny to swap.

Just as they were enjoying their brief moment of relaxation, they spotted the a familiar young man and Connor from the mysterious Team RK wandering over in their direction from about 4 pit garages away.

To Be Continued…


Quicc clipp:

[1: 57 PM]
Alex: on radio Hey Tom, How much until i can switch out?
Tom: As Far as i know, I think we can switch anytime.
Alex: Then tell Jose to prep up, I need to catch a break.
Tom: Got it.

Insert the switchage of the drivers, if possible, take in account Jose’s driving to be slower but safer


Team Platshållare University Car Club

Whoops I’m far behind here


Professor Holm discusses strategy with the students. “This is a long endurance race. You won’t win the race by pushing braking zones to the last second, but you can sure as hell lose it with an off chasing faster lap times.” Mr O’Shea chimes in. “As you all are well aware, this Legion’s no race car. Even with the modifications we’re making less than 130 HP and we’re pushing around more air and more weight than a lot of the field. You WILL get passed on the straights. But drive the car to your own, and just as importantly, to IT’S on rhythm, and both you and the car will still feel fresh at the end of your stint. We’re only here a bit of craic and if you’re not enjoying yourself out there then you’re doing something wrong, no matter where we’re sitting in the standings.”

Tina takes the wheel for the first stint. The field will be more bunched up here than at any other time of the race, so since she has the most wheel-to-wheel experience, she should be able to keep the car out of trouble in the perilous opening hours…

Of course, nothing goes perfectly to plan. The car has been hit in the rear approaching a caution for one of the many on-track incidents of the first few hours of the race. “Unbelievable!” Tina radios in to the team. “I know the track is slick but that’s a yellow flag! I didn’t even see who hit me!” “How is the car, over” O’Shea and Holm radio back. “It seems OK. Not too big a hit. Over.” “Pay close attention to how it behaves and if anything feels off, bring it in. Over.” A lap passes with no issue. “Hey team, feels like it’s just cosmetic; if none of the bodywork damage is gonna get us black flagged then I’m gonna keep running. Over.” “Copy that, carry on. Over.” Tina slowly picks up the pace again, but not entirely without issue. Over the next couple hours, in a lapse of concentration, Tina slightly overcooks it going into Adam’s Apex and has a small off. Also, a little later, the CEL begins briefly appearing and disappearing again. Unlike her off, she radios that issue in, but the team have no further advice to issue beyond to monitor the car and hope for best. Tina carries on and really gets into a rhythm, and the laps stack up without any further issues over the following hours. During the first refueling stop, the team inspect the damage from the early rear impact, removing the plastic rear bumper cover, but don’t see anything too concerning.


BIG PLACEHOLDER Because Exams… Hate ma Life :frowning:



The Ssanvan is spinning wildly, the Bogliq manages to swerve, but not the Ursula that has a minor crash against the Cheval, the touch makes the Cheval to spin a little but it looks like it’s largely undamaged while the Ursula has to do a small visit in the pits. The Renwoo avoids getting into the Ursula-Cheval crash with some wide skids, only to be hit by the Kurokama shortly after. The Renwoo continues like nothing happens but the Kurokama has to have a small checkup in the pits. Now a while later the BAM does some wild skidding, followed by the usual fuel starving problems before it can drive away again. The Alba, Hitomoji and Jinsu has to do its best to avoid the skidding BAM. The GMI seems to be harder and harder to shift correctly.

The Bardot faces some understeering problems through Killrobs chicane. It seems like the Renwoo steering is a bit sketchy after the heavy impact earlier. While trying to overtake the Anhultz, the National instead crashes into it, the National has some front damage while the Anhultz side window shatters and probably needs some plastic duct taped over the hole, both vehicles ends up in the pits. When the National is leaving the pits it seems like it has some serious starting trouble before it finally can start and leave. The Supo, Jinsu and GMI is not showing from their best side now, doing some small skidding.

The Bardot has been without the overheating troubles for a while, but now it is spewing out coolant from the expansion tank, meaning it has to have a checkup in the pits. The Mikadzuki is spinning heavily, almost being hit by the Kuma. Speaking about the Kuma, we are getting reports that its fuel gauge is cutting out every now and then, but it seems to be only an intermittent problem. The Ssanvan has a crash into the guardrail due to its mushy brakes and has to visit the pits. The Ursula and the Cheval almost comes into close contact but both drivers manages to avoid it, though the Cheval transmission really seems to be on drugs now. The Kurokama is the next vehicle to meet the guardrail and also has to do a small visit in the pits. The Ursula is stalled for some seconds but downshifting and flooring it seems to work.

We hear a slight misfire from one cylinder from the Puttzalong. The Bardot is out on the track again but nothing seems to be able to solve its overheating problems. The Mikadzuki spins around, avoided without too much hassle by the Puttzalong and Harris, but the Ssanvan and Cheval has a harder time avoiding it, doing some heavy skids themselves. There is some strange burbling from the Harris exhaust system again, as well as some slipping from the Jinsu drivebelt, and the National, Kurokama, Hitomoji and GMI seems to be taking the corners a bit too aggresively now, causing more troubles than it solves for them.

The Puttzalong is spinning out, causing the Harris, Anhultz, Kurokama and Hitomoji to carefully avoid any contact with it. The burbling from the Harris tailpipe is still present.

The Renwoo crashes into the BAM, which seems unhurt despite the Renwoo having to go for a short visit in the pits. The Kurokama gets into deep trouble, spinning around, and the Alba and Mikadzuki has to do its best to avoit it. When the Renwoo is going to leave the pits, the starter is only clicking for the first tries, finally spinning to life which makes the Renwoo able to continue the race. The Alba is running rough for a while. The JESA, followed by the Supo both seems to be entering Adams Apex with way too much speed. ending up at the side of the track, and the GMI shifting problems are still obvious while the Jinsu drive belt is squealing more than ever.

There is still some problems with the Ursula engine stalling every now and then, and the Bardot is getting into some deep trouble spinning around wildly, maybe there is reason to believe that the alignment is sketchy after the crashing earlier. The Ssanvan, Cheval, Harris, Renwoo, Seikatsu, BAM and Jesa manages to avoid getting into too much trouble caused by the spinout at a now quite crowded part of the track. The plastic duct taped over the Anhultz side window is starting to flap around a bit but never comes loose.

The mushy brakes makes the Ssanvan lap times less than ideal, the Bardot is running a bit hot still, the Mikadzuki gearbox is grinding, the Ursula is running rough every now and then. The Kurokama almost crashes into the Renwoo, which manages to avoid the crash but both vehicles are spinning out, which causes troubles for the Bardot, Cheval and Supo. The Kurokama is stalled after the spinout and it seems like there might some battery troubles or something, since the starter is turning around very slowly, but the car finally starts at least. The Alba is sputtering a bit, and the Jinsu is skidding around, almost coming in the way for the Seikatsu, where the strange rattling has been going on for a while now by the way. The BAM has its intermittent fuel problem back and the Jesa is once again puffing out a couple of black clouds before going back to normal again.


  1. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho ) - lap 279
  2. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 278
  3. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 275
  4. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620BRC ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 273
  5. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 272
  6. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 271
  7. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 269
  8. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 267
  9. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 265
  10. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 265
  11. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 262
  12. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 260
  13. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 259
  14. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 258
  15. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 258
  16. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 256
  17. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 253
  18. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 252
  19. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 252
  20. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 245
  21. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 245
  22. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 241
  23. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 236
  24. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 230
  25. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 230


RK Series Racing

Part 2.5: Spilled Beans

Redwood and Connor are approaching the pit box of the Bakewell Boxers, with Redwood happily waving at Carter and Johnson in their fold-up chairs upon recognizing the familiar faces.
Carter and Johnson began to recognise Redwood as he and Connor approached.
Johnson and Carter stood placing their drinks down as the two members entered their garage.

Johnson: “Hey mate! I think I remember you stopping when we broke down in the US.”
Carter [Smiling]: “Yeah it was really helpful for you guys to call that tow truck.”
Redwood: [smiling] “No worries hehe. I’ll help wherever possible, though [casually pointing at team RK Connor] Connor did the actual work of calling it seems… Hope the travel home was not too bad…”

Redwood kind of wanted to hug his now-reunified friend group, but after 7 hours of racing and the physical effort that comes with it, he knew that it would not be a good idea.

Carter: “Well I slept most of the flight thankfully, arranging for the car to be imported to the UK was the hard part. We sold all the good bits and scrapped the rest, it was junk.”
Johnson: “Haha you can say that again, it didn’t do any better than this one mind”
Carter: “Or any worse at this rate,” [she then took a disheartened sip of tea] “Feel free to nab some food or anything by the way.” [she nodded toward the bags of crisps and Mmhs&Mmhs on the back table]
Redwood: “Hell yeah i’m having some!”

He heads over and goes after the half-full bag of crisps, almost immediately taking a generous handful of them.
Redwood: “Jeez those Swedish crisps are DAMN good! I need to store some to have some stock at home!”
a few seconds of relative silence
Connor: “I see your JESA Bianchi N300 has mechanical issues regarding it’s fuel system?”

Redwood just blankly stares at RK-Connor suddenly changing topics.
Carter was a bit dumbfounded at Connors abruptness, but somewhat amused.

Carter: “Yes we think its something wrong with the carburettor, maybe the choke flap closing off,” [she watched Redwood shoveling crisps into his mouth] “Typical Italian build quality I guess.”
Johnson: “Well you can see it’s belching smoke even when its at the end of the pit straight, so something is wrong.”
Redwood: [with mouth full of crisps] “Sowwy… He dows thwat…”
Connor: “The choke flap seems unlikely, as JESA Bianchi models engage the choke by means of cable tension to close the flap, engaging the choke mechanism. It is being held open by a rotary spring when not engaged.”

Redwood plops the near-empty bag of crisps next to the tea cups of Carter and Johnson

Redwood: “The fuck is a JESA Bianchi?”
Connor: “The Bianchi motorcycle brand acquired the JESA Automobile company in 1959, forming JESA Bianchi.”
Redwood: “Still don’t know shit about them, but thanks i guess?”
Carter: “Still if the cable had frayed, it might have essentially gotten a little longer and not returning to closed fully. JESA’s were fairly common back in the UK before the late 90’s by then their reputation was ruined…”
2 second pause
Carter: “…Still, there’s definetely something else strange going on for sure…”

Carter looked at the still shirtless Connor, strange she thought JESA were a fairly well known company in Europe, but there certainly weren’t any JESA fanatics with that kind of knowledge in America.

Connor: [with the LED on his right temple briefly turning yellow]" The JESA Bianchi N300 choke cable is only responsible for pulling the flap shut. Thus a longer cable would actually decrease choking of airflow as the return spring faces less resistance. Your JESA Bianchi N300 manual should include the documentation for it."
Redwood: “No need for smartass-battle here… couldn’t we just alter the mixture setting on that thing? Before i had my current Dione, i had a '78 model with a 1.8 carbed 4-pot… those things literally had a hand-operated dial named “fuel-mix” on their carburettors.”
Connor: “Possible, until other underlying issues throw the alteration off-balance again.”

Connor definitly knew a lot about cars and their associated technology, despite not being linked to them. Even Redwood was genuinly impressed about the knowledge of near-unknown cars by USDM standards.

Johnson: [Attempting to ease the tension] “Would it actually do any harm to just leave it like it is.”
Connor and Carter [Respectively]: “Yes”/ “YES!”

Despite being fired up Carter decided to give up on the choke flap arguement, she’d still investigate her method when her brother came into pit anyway.

Carter: [Looking to Redwood and then to Connor]: “That light on your head what is it for then?”
Connor: “It…”
Redwood: [immediately interrupting Connor] “As far as i know, it basically is a way to display… erm… what basically is brain activity?”
Connor: “Correct, but incomplete.”
Carter [Gesturing towards Connor]: “No, no Connor can explain what it does”

A smile slowly broadened across her face.

Redwood: [annoyed] “He’s not gonna tell you anything new, trust me…”
awkward pause
Connor: “While Mr. Redwoods explanation is correct it primarily exists as a means to distinguish Androids like myself from humans. At least before date-synchronisation went 28 years, 5 months and 24 days into the past.”
Redwood: [still annoyed] “See? Nothing i didn’t tell you already…”
Carter [with an air of ‘yeah right’ in her tone]: “So you’re a robot then? A real life android, an extremely att… realistic looking android…”
Johnson [Having a realisation]: “You weren’t joking were you? In America… I thought you were bluffing, I mean,” [finding his voice] “There were crazy furries on that trip, why wouldnt there be ‘botties’ or something…”
Carter [Turning towards her teammate]: “What are you talking about?”
Johnson [Continuing on]: “And you say you’re from the future correct?”
Carter [referring to her teammate]: “Connor what are you talking about ‘in America’ ?”
Johnson: “It adds up Mandy think about it: the cold, the LED, the knowledge and the fact his friend here,” [points towards Redwood] “told us he wasn’t human…”

Silence ensued.

Redwood: “I was not lying back in whatever Restaurant we met in… It’s not like hiding it is easy anyway, given what used to be his usual attire has ANDROID written all across the back… plus some numbers and lettering elsewhere… Also Connor seems to give a flying fuck about hiding his identity…”
Connor: “Why would i hide my identity?”
Redwood: “Because you seem like a fucking lunatic to literally everyone we meet…”
Johnson: “You said something about being in the past right… so surely you should be keeping quiet about being a robot so your tech isn’t discovered too early?”
Carter [To her teammate] : “How many SciFi films have you been watching lately Connor?”
Johnson: “I’m right though aren’t I, shouldn’t you be more careful about just blatantly advertising being a robot before the wrong hands get on you.”
Redwood: “Yeah… about that… changing him in that regard is damn-near impossible. It apparently is tied to some not-yet-existing set of laws to distinguish mechanical from biologic…”
Connor: “Correct.”
Carter: “Couldn’t you just do it anyway, I mean if the law isn’t in place yet… or is it programmed into his head or something?”

Johnson gave an approving nod.

Redwood: “He literally is meant to assist human police forces in solving crime… that should be enough info.”

Connor patiently follows the conversation, his LED emitting a bright blue light potentially visible from about half the pit lane, ready to correct any falsely conveyed information.

Carter: “Oh come on… a crime figting robot that has come back in time and just happens to be here…”
Johnson [intrigued]: “Why exactly are you here then? When are you from?”
Redwood: “That is some info i’d like to know as well.”
Connor: “Manufacturing date: July 29th, 2038. First deployment: August 15th, 2038. Last time synchronisation that does NOT date to 2020: December 12th, 2048. I can not tell why i am here, as the corresponding data was deleted together with the time synchronisation error. Also the manufacturing techniques used within my production were theorized already.”
Redwood: “Huh…”
Carter [sarcastic]: “In 7 years you’ll be able to be insured as a classic.”
Redwood: [trying to jump aboard the humour train] “Then we save a bunch on registration taxes?”
Carter: “And you’ll be exempt from emmisons sooner or later haha.”
Connor: [visibly confused] “Androi…”
Redwood: [casually nudging Connor] “Just let us have the fun of joking around for once…”
Carter: “The JESA ain’t gonns pass emissions if it comes back in one piece to the UK.”
Johnson: “My mothers old Ceder Foré diesel failed it’s emmisions.”
Carter: “Thats because she didn’t blast any of the soot out the exhaust before hand like most people do…”
Redwood: “Well… i don’t know how diesels are driven… my trusty Dione is a petrol and i like it.”
Connor: “Apart from Diesel-powered cars failing emissions, may i remind that my driving session will be slow at best, given that i won’t be able to operate the gear selector.”
Redwood: “Aw fuck…”
Johnson: “How are you going to shift then?”
Connor: “Either not at all or with someone else doing it for me.”
Carter: “Picking a gear and sticking with it then, cos I doubt you’re teammates are gonna want to do a double stint.”
Redwood: [worried] “Fuck he’s gonna fry the clutch then. That thing still has the first clutch and is on 175k miles…”
Connor: “I will try to not excessively wear any components.”
Carter [sarcastic]: “Yes, I was gonna say give my regards to your to clutch when you leave.”
Johnson: “I’m getting the clutch done on my Maesima because somebody made me tow an offroader out of a ditch.”

Carter rolled her eyes and held in a snort.

Redwood: “Shouldn’t a well-maintained clutch survive a single tow?”
Connor: “Assuming regular use at 100000 miles and adequate driver skill, it should survive a tow of two metric tons.”
Redwood: “Yeah someone must’ve been working that clutch, [sarcastic] Right Connor?”
Connor: “I haven…”
Redwood: [pointing at Johnson] “THE OTHER CONNOR!”
Connor: “Sorry…”
Johnson: “Yes I seem to get accused of riding the clutch a lot.”

Johnson shot a look at Mandy.

Carter: “Yes pulling away in 3rd gear in a 1.2 does that to a clutch.”

She raised an eyebrow at her teammate.

Redwood: “Not to dig too deep… but… how long has he been doing this?”
Carter: “When did you get the car Con?”
Johnson: “2014, it had already done 20,000 miles, so it’s not all me.”
Redwood: “Not a surprise of it being dead after 6 additional years. I’ll just hope that 10 hours of pulling away in third every once in a while is not gonna kill mine as well…”
Connor: “If it does, you can blame Captain Tonsom for the damage dealt to myself and indirectly to your clutch.”
Redwood: “Yay?”
Carter: “How did your arm get damaged?”
Connor: “We were investigating vehicle options to choose from for an event which we were attending. After some heated discussions about vehicle choice, Captain Tonsom decided to apply violence to counter my [applying Tonsom’s voice] “stupid smartassery”, necessitating measures of self-defense. The result was [showing damage to arm] this structural damage, eventually leading to loss of control of it.”
Redwood: “In short, Frank went apeshit and lashed out against Connor…”
Connor: “Correct.”
Johnson: [disgusted] “How charming, and it has seemed”

As the words left his mouth the JESA went past the pit wall spitting smoke and flame as it changed gear.

Carter: “Yes speaking of backfiring,” [Her head followed the JESA as it flew past]“Johnny’s gonna be in soon, so Connor you best get prepared.”
Redwood: [to RK-Connor] “Not you.”
Connor: “Got it.”
Redwood: “So the JESA has fuel mix issues, right? Because if so, fiddling with the mixture should fix it… Tho i’ REALLY need some food now… has been nice Meeting you, but we’ll head off for now. See ya later!”

The two head off towards their own pit garage.
Johnson goes and changes into more suitable driving clothes amd and footwear, 5 minutes later the JESA appears and the driver change commences…

RK Series Racing

Part 3: Shards EVERYWHERE

Redwood and Connor get back to their pits and Redwood immediately sets to work getting some canned Ravioli done on a camping cooker type thing.

Redwood: [to himself] “Shit that stuff’s good…”

Suddenly the telemetry phone starts blaring:

Phone: [unintelligible]
Redwood: [into phone] “WHAT?”
Phone: [bunch of wind noise]
Redwood: “Box,Box,Box… Just do it.”
Phone: [more wind noises]

The Dione pulls into the pits.

Schrant: “The cracked window went bust!”
Redwood: “Aw damn…”
Schrant: “At least the make-shift brake cooling seems to work somewhat…”
Redwood: “It’s something, i guess…”

He heads off getting a few rolls of duct-tape, chucking some over to Schrant and they very generously tape the resulting hole shut.
Then the car gous back on the track.

The rest of this stint is rather uneventful. Some dodging of cars, the tape partially coming loose, but nothing inherently dangerous or exciting happens.

to be continued


(OOC: Yay the JESA’s has been out the firing line this time WOOO!)


Boost Foxes

PART 3 : Serious Damage

“Hey, guess what” Ethan said, driving the banged up Kurokama into the pit, the car barely going at this point. The turbo was wheezing for air, and the engine was going unstable, plus the whole right side was wrecked, the window flapping on it like a dog ear, same with side mirror

“This is a disaster, okay- lift her up. Ethan- you fix up the panels and the window, we do not want air to do shenanigans, Akari, tune the suspension for grip, i do not want to see any more spin outs” Jan gave orders, Ethan driving the car on the lift and then along with Akari quickly securing the car on it
“Okay, pronto, we are limited on time, so go go go” He nodded and the car begain to go up and he descended down into the service pit. From then on, it was like a true race team- no seconds wasted

The driveshaft came off and went for a balance check, showing some improper bolt tightening right away, which might have been one of the reasons the car had unstable traction, and then the flywheel. During the shunts, it came off and now was not spinning any better than an eccentric motor in a… vibration function of a controller, due to that, the starter was also pretty much done for

On the floor level, the panels meanwhile got removed and hammered back into shape, and what could be, smoothed out by pressing and rolling, minors holes and tears were welded shut together. The window plexiglass got replaced for a new one from their supply truck (The thing that got the Kurokama to the racetrack in first place) , same with the mirror. The reserve flywheel and starter were also sent to the service pit, with instructions to not damage those, as we do not have any other

The suspension was re-adjusted for more softer, grippy setup, allowing for better traction during maneuvers, but losing some of Akari’s favorite sliding characteristics. But all for race results, can’t have the Kama get ruined now, the competiton is starting to catch up. Akari was groaning the whole time she was doing it, not happy about it, still, she made sure she does not get clouded mind and made sure to adjust everything properly and evenly, setting up the front for more responsive corner entry that will allow them to exit under throttle without fear of the rear snapping. Good thing that the SC was built as an eco cruiser in first place, so it can do with grip of those hard tyres

“Okay team, this is going well- i need new sealings and a new acumulator, one should be at the charger. We will also clean the turbo and change the oil, the early stalls and misfires did not do it well, also check the vents. if you are done, come give me a hand” Jan gave out his orders, and they gathered with him as soon as they had their things done

The old battery went out once the engine electronics system was properly disconnected, and the engine was opened up. It was not doing well, lots of unburned fuel had to be cleaned off, and the engine had to be re-lubricated, but with a three-person team it did not take that long. With the engine all shiny, and the seals on both engine and turbo replaced, and the unexpected problem in form of turbo oiling hose coming off loose, dirtying everything and casuing mild grind, being solved- and cleaned, the engine was re-assembled and re-checked with torque wrench. After the battery was connected, the ECU memory was checked to be connected properly and the settings were re-uploaded just in case.

Then with a turn of the key, the Kurokama came to life with a mighty roar, finally putting down all of its power, with the turbo whistling to the sound of the intake taking in air cleanly
This did not go without a loud “WHOO!” from Akari, the boys just high-fiving

“You think it will stand a chance now?” Ethan joked, looking at the standings
“Well, i do not know, it just might. The kuma has a talented team and is a good car, we will need to drive really well if we do not want to end up below them” Jan nodded, looking in the direction of their pits

“Guys, stop worrying and cheer up- we are running again” Akari smiled, and handed each a can of Kofola “Cheers, it is just a race, if we even hold up, it will be great”



"The Wild Bunch"

Link to base car information
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Team strategy: Change of drivers every 2 hours with each driver having six hours between turns to get rest, food etc. Drivers are to do their best to go fast but are erring on the side of caution as it’s John’s car, lol.

Part 3

2PM to 6PM

As the panels are straightened from the tank slapper, Roger departs the Bazooka and Tiff takes over the helm. Tiff is barely out of the pit lane exit when a burnt orange hatchback conducts a pirouette right in front of him! Thankfully he was able to swerve out of it’s way; at least the repairs hadn’t impeded the Bogliq’s steering!

The rest of Tiff’s run was a study in fatigue management and pacing. He’d found himself in a calm part of the racing flow, so if he was consistent with his lap times then there should be no negative interactions with other competitors. All he has to do then is avoid oil spills, debris and keep the Bogliq on the track. Simple really… Not!

Surprisingly Tiff was successful, with no further incidents, so he took the time to quickly brief Michael on how his plan worked; only use third and fourth gear, only accelerate in a straight line, DON’T look at the speedo!

Michael, upon realising that racing is far less glamorous than he imagined, readily agreed. The result was a two hours long flawless run, with the Bogliq never missing a beat as it gargled, burbled and roared it’s way around the racetrack. Michael’s heart sank as he realised something important; he was last on the driver list and would have to do the final stage of the race!

That was not on. That honour should belong to John, since it’s his car and his dream, so Michael steeled himself for what he was about to put himself through. he was going to do a double shift, which was four solid hours of driving, and he’d never driven longer than twenty minutes before in his life to date!

So, when he was flagged to come in for fuel and driver change, Michael stayed in the cabin and roared off once the refuel was completed. The rest of the team were confused and annoyed until they remembered something important…

Position 18 - Lap 252 - Bad clutch, cosmetic damage (hopefully) to the front and LH side of the car



Placeholder hope to find this weekend some freetime. Good luck all. Its awsome to read your RP guys!


PART 4: 6PM-10PM

The Jinsu does some wild skids which means that the Cheval, National, Puttzalong and GMI has to slow down a little to not hit the skidding vehicle. There is still some sputtering from the BAM at the sharpest bends sometimes. The Kuma hits the Anhultz, that only seems to suffer cosmetical damage, while the Kuma has to visit the pits for some small repairs before it can continue. The Ssanvan, Harris and Legion has to swerve to avoid getting into the crash, so does the Alba which is less lucky and plows into the guardrail instead.

The tail happy GMI is the next one to start skidding, probably making the palms of the Seikatsu driver sweaty since there is some heavy maneuvering to do to avoid getting into trouble. We can hear some heavy clutch slip now at some of the gearchanges from the Bogliq and the question is if the clutch will keep up with the whole race. Harder to explain is why the Seikatsu seems to lose the little power it had from the beginning every now and then. Other cars that is soldiering on with faults that seems worrying is the Mikadzuki with its grinding gearbox and the sputtering Harris. The question is if the Kuma is really straight after the crash earlier since the driver seems to lose control without warning, followed by the JESA and the Alba that tries to avoid the spinning Kuma.

We have also questioned the condition of the Bardot earlier and it really seems to create a mess when it starts skidding now. Spinning out is the Mikadzuki and the Renwoo while the Seikatsu is plowing forward heavily, and the Anhultz, BAM, Tycoon and Puttzalong also has a hard time to avoid crashing into the crowd of wildly spinning cars.

It’s getting dark now and the somewhat dodgy Kiran electrics seems to cause some troubles since the low beams does not seems to work. After flashing the high beams a couple of times it seems like they light up. One might start to wonder if the Cheval transmission is on drugs because the shifting it does is crazier than ever now. The National, GMI and Puttzalong seems to take some strange routes through the curves, and the FM seems to be running slightly rough after another refuelling. The Mikadzuki is spinning heavily, getting the Ssanvan into some big troubles, though it dodges getting into a crash, and even the Bogliq gets some troubles there. It seems to be hard getting the Mikadzuki back into gear again since we hear some really heavy grinding and the BAM still seems to have some fuel trouble. For some reason the Kurokama headlights cuts out for a while in the dark before lighting up again, and the Renwoo seems to suffer some slight brake fading troubles. What’s more worrying is that the Legion, that has been running like a freight train most of the race, is hardly running at all for a while, and appearantly the CEL is lit up constantly now, but at least the car starts running well again after a while. The Kuma, JESA and Supo seems to be driven a bit too enthusiastically now, entering some corners with way too high speed, causing some small troubles for them.

Once again the tail happy GMI gets into some big trouble, the Kiran and Jinsu manages to avoid it, so does the Ursula, only to be hit by the Kurokama shortly after. Both the Kurokama and the Ursula has to have a visit in the pits for some small repairs of the damages. The next vehicle to spin out is the Anhultz, giving the Kuma, Supo and Harris a hard time. The Renwoo on the other hand is still taking it easy after showing some brake fade earlier.

It might be getting repetitive but the GMI is spinning around AGAIN, and the Kurokama driver has to choose between hitting the GMI or the guardrail, ending up in the guardrail, meaning a visit to the pits is necessary again. The Puttzalong, Ursula, BAM and Renwoo escapes both the GMI and the guardrail though. The Harris is still running roughly every now and then. The Jesa and Supo almost gets into a crash, meaning both of the vehicles is skidding off the track, the Supo is stalled and it seems to need a fair amount of cranking before starting again. The Hitomoji is also doing some skidding, but the skids are far from that wild.

The National is showing its bad side again since the brakes seems to be very underpowered now. The Puttzalong gets into some heavy skidding, and the Hitomoji and Ursula has to avoid it. The Ursula, though, seems to stall when the driver lets too much off the gas, but it comes to life again. We hear some chirping from the Jinsu drive belt again, the Mikadzuki does some small skids, but after it comes the Renwoo, skidding off the track. The Renwoo is stalled but for a long while the starter is only clicking before it finally starts cranking the engine. The driver of the little Tycoon offroader gets too enthusiastic again, almost flipping over, the drivers in the Harris and the Legion does a great job with avoiding it, but the Supo and Kuma is skidding off the track, and once again, the Supo is stalled and needs some cranking before it’s coming alive again.

The Bardot, Cheval and Seikatsu is not really driven in the best possible way now which means the lap times gets slower than they could be, on the other hand, the Bardot seems to be driven hard enough to spew out coolant from the overflow tank again, but after taking it easy for a while it seems to calm down. We hear some chirping from the Jinsu drive belt again, and it seems like the Ursula does not like when one is releasing the accelerator too fast and too much. The Harris is getting into some small skids, the Supo is running a bit rough and we get reports that there is some strange rattling sounds going on in the Tycoon.


  1. Team Blue Team / 1988 Kuma GP-E ( @Xepy ) - lap 372
  2. Team Boost Foxes Customs / 1985 Kurokama SC AeroR ( @ST1Letho ) - lap 371
  3. Team Midlife Crisis / 1984 Sanfrecce Supo 1.4T ( @piglet916 ) - lap 368
  4. Team Bavarian Racing Crew / 1976 BAM Bavaria SB620BRC ( @Der_Bayer ) - lap 365
  5. Team Platshållare / 1998 Legion CrAVe Espresso ( @donutsnail ) - lap 364
  6. Team Japanese Shame / 1992 Kiran Jidosha Wagon TRS ( @Hilbert ) - lap 360
  7. Team Broke Racers / 1989 Jinsu Charade ( @Edballistic ) - lap 359
  8. Team Harcourt-Entwhistle / 2005 FM Hi-Way Outrider ( @Jaimz ) - lap 358
  9. Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 353
  10. Team Kyung-Yeong Nostalgic / 1969 Ssanvan GT ( @Aruna ) - lap 352
  11. Team “But…stickers, Bro!” / 1982 Puttzalong GC2500 ( @stm316 ) - lap 352
  12. Team Bakusho Racing / 1973 Mikadzuki Yuro 150 ( @KactusPantah ) - lap 350
  13. Team Cierzo Dynamics / 1987 Bardot Foudre 150T ( @Petakabras ) - lap 348
  14. Team The Enforcers / 1986 National Vanguard 1000 ( @DukeOFhazards ) - lap 346
  15. Team Project Overdrive / 1980 Ursula F7 300i ( @BannedByAndroid ) - lap 344
  16. Team “The Wild bunch” / 1975 Bogliq Bazooka ( @HighOctaneLove ) - lap 341
  17. Team Alba Racing / 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 ( @TheLapTopX20 ) - lap 340
  18. Team Clapper Snapper / 1975 GMI 221 ( @LinkLuke) - lap 339
  19. Team RK Series Racing / 1985 Anhultz Dione C ( @Elizipeazie ) - lap 337
  20. Team Buccaneer XA / 1980 Cheval Buccaneer ( @nicholasrams774) - lap 327
  21. Team Collapsing Sun / 1990 Tycoon Offroader ( @Ryan93 / @mat1476 ) - lap 327
  22. Team Seikatsu (?) / 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX ( @Tzuyu_main) - lap 323
  23. Team Bakewell Boxer / 1975 J.E.S.A Bianchi Nuova 300 Series ( @Mythrin ) - lap 316
  24. Team Korsika / 1998 Renwoo Mingle ( @Mikonp7 ) - lap 310
  25. Team Knightwick Owners Club / 1959 Harris Riviera Four ( @mart1n2005 ) - lap 309


I think it may be obvious by now why I called my team Clapper Snapper… The 221 is a lively car to say the least. Its more fun in Beam


My plan was to test drive the entries in beam to get something of a feel and knowledge for the cars, but due to my computer meltdown, it never happened, so it’s just a fair guess that it’s tail happy like most rear engined cars, lol.


There is a reason why my favourote platform is the RR one…



Team Slow Car Goog Car / 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport ( @GetWrekt01 ) - lap 353

Good, good… slowly but surely we’re moving up the places


I can see why no one else went for a 50’s car now :frowning:


Spanners - Hey kid…can you have a look at the filter on the fuelling rig? It’s started running rough again so I’m presuming the fuel filter is clogged again.

Mopey - The what on the where?

Spanners - Urgh…Speak to the track manager and see if he can get someone to have a look…apart from the roughness we’re doing OK.