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you should adjust the wheel offset a bit, the wheels look a bit far too inset, especially the rear wheels. other than that is obviously a 10/10 design


That van’s got a potential to become a drift missile.


2019 Warren Summit Sport


2020 Warren XLT200

Fully remastered.
The bread and butter of Warren Corp.
Signature Trim level shown. More trim levels and engine choices will follow.


Integrated secure storage unit for small objects.

Power-folding side steps are standard on the Signature.

Rear side steps are standard on the Signature for easy access to the bed.

2019 Automation EOTY Awards
Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look

1990 Warren Sabre RS

‚Äė‚ÄėSporty‚Äô‚Äô mid-size sedan powered by a 3.2L DOHC v6.

The last Generation of Sabre. Althought the name was brought back in 2005 for a V8 muscle car.


Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look

1981 Warren Silverstar

New flagship sedan for 1981.
Signature LS top trim level shown.

Note: Silverstar is replacing the Maricourt nameplate altogheter.

Brief technical specs

Engine choice 1: 5.0 Litre 90 deg. V8 codename 'Vaughan’

  • 4942cc (302 Cu in) Cast-iron OHV-16
  • 165Hp @ 4700 RPM
  • 230 Lb-ft @ 2400 RPM
    Coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

I have decided to spend more time on engineering, therefore I will gradually add more and more information about the car’s specifications like engine/transmission choices in my new thread posts, in the goal to improve my automation engineering skills.

Several Trim levels were available including a police package (LP) with better brakes, engine cooling and suspension, but also quite basic but durable fleet spec (L) beloved by taxi cab drivers and car rental companies.

LS Gallery

LP Gallery


Beautiful. Love your work!


This particular generation of Silverstar would have been commonly used for background shots for various 80s TV shows such as Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Magnum P.I. In real life, police and taxi versions would have been incredibly popular in major US cities such as Los Angeles and New York.


Everything on this car is so 1981. I absolutely love it! I hope you’ll post pictures about the police version too!


Just added some pictures of the police package. thanks y’all for the lovely comments!


2020 Warren Surveyor

Now in its fourth generation, the all-new and redesigned Surveyor focuses on comfort, off-road capability and towing capacity while providing families with powerful, reliable transportation and one of the most economical SUVs in its category. The 2020 Surveyor is offered in several versions such as the S, Limited, Sport and Signature. Sport version is available with a 3.0-liter Turbo engine developing 353 horsepower.

Specifications (all trim levels)

 Drivetrain  Front Longitudinal AWD Monocoque
 Transmission  8 speed adv. Auto
 Suspension  MacPherson Strut (Front) / MultiLink (Rear)

Sport | Signature

Sport shown

 Engine  3.0L TT V6 DOHC
 Power  353 HP @ 6100 RPM
 Torque  357 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM
 Fuel System  Turbocharger Direct Injection

S | Limited

Limited shown

 Engine  3.6L NA V6 DOHC
 Power  257 HP @ 6200 RPM
 Torque  252 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM
 Fuel System  Naturally asp. Direct Injection


Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look

Side note

The Surveyor was built in celebration of one full year since I have been seriously into Automation.

Here is a February 2019 VS February 2020 comparison! Thank you all for the feedback and support!


That’s a huge improvement, I love the 2020 Surveyor


Teach me your ways


The post-facelift Surveyor looks a whole lot better, with a more imposing appearance. Why not offer a true high-performance trim, with an even more powerful optional engine, in the form of a twin-turbo version of the 3.6L V6, to take on Euro equivalents such as the F-Pace R and Alfa Stelvio?


2018 Warren Sarnia

The Sarnia project first appeared as a concept car in 2014, called the Concept Saronic. It meant to be an important design study that would sit on a whole new and versatile platform project on which future Warren vehicles would be mostly based on. This new platform could also bring electrification to the brand in the coming years.

In 2017, a few changes have been made to the original design and it finally went to production as a midsize hatchback (think about the same tailgate situation as a Kia Stinger) called the Sarnia. It has the same shape as a traditional sedan, with the practicality of a hatchback with its large opening and folding rear seats. It was originally offered in several versions such as the S, SE, Limited and Signature.

Specifications (all trim levels)

 Drivetrain  Front transverse FWD Monocoque
   AWD for Limited and Signature trim
 Transmission  8 speed adv. Auto
 Suspension  MacPherson Strut (Front) / MultiLink (Rear)

S | SE

SE shown

 Engine  2.5L NA i4 DOHC
 Power  182 HP @ 6300 RPM
 Torque  175 lb-ft @ 2400 RPM
 Fuel System  Naturally Asp. Direct Injection

Limited | Signature

Limited shown

 Engine  2.5L T i4 DOHC
 Power  260 HP @ 6200 RPM
 Torque  242 lb-ft @ 3000 RPM
 Fuel System  Turbo Direct Injection


Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look

Very nice!


Realistic, masterfully crafted, very detailed, consistent, beautiful. In short - perfect. And that applies to the whole thread.

And I’m very picky.


As a transverse-engined front-driver, I don’t think it would be a direct competitor to the Stinger’s upper trim levels, but to traditional mid-sized sedans such as the Accord and Camry - I would still take it over either, though.


This is exactly what it is aimed at (accord, camry, fusion, malibu, etc) The Kia stinger reference was used because it has the same hatchback configuration.