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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


He’s asking if the performance of the stock trim matters, whether it’s timed too


My bad. The stock trim won’t race, only the race prepared one.


Oh okay then


Betta Ngage CUP joins in powered by a 1.5 V6.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are here to introduce our new hot hatch to the enthusiastic drivers of the world.

Performance was fine tuned at the legendary Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, where it managed a laptime of 2 m 21s.

We are also thrilled to announce that a very closely related racing version will be developed for the upcoming Compact Car Championship.


Dynamite Motors hasn’t made a proper sports coupe in 17 years. The O6 is our attempt to show we still know what we’re doing.

Front engine, Rear wheel drive, the honest way to make a sports-car. Sure, it somewhat looks trapped in 2002, but who cares when you can go sliding sideways around corners in a true drift.

Dual exhausts, and not a gimmick here. Enjoy a punchy, high-revving 2.5L V6.

(Yes, the design scheme was to be obnoxious.)


I was able to find all the tracks in your list except for “Autodromo de Algarve”, can you add a link to that one, please?


@Mr.Computah maybe just make a quick list of links to all the tracks you’ve chosen to use?


I’ll be entering the OMG Termoil with the legendary Frank Martin at the wheel.


Team IDSport have invested a lot of time and money into tuning a car for this (they really need the practice), but the base model is 2016. Do I need to make a 2017 base, or will you accept it?


As long as it has a 2017 base trim, it will be accepted.


Better Luck Next Time…

Fresh from the failure that was the ATCCR17 campaign, IDSport not only modified the 1.7L I4 to conform to the new ruleset, but worked with a few small scale enthusiast suppliers to produce a small V8. Although the I4 is more driveable, sportier and more economical, we went with the V8. Who wouldn’t?

Riley Stephenson is once again at the wheel, and Roman “Caesar” King has recently been appointed Head Of Racing.


I’m assuming the random number generated 4 times per lap is a decimal between 0 and 1, is that correct?




#ErinSport Juniors Ribena

The ErinSport Merna Touring '17 expands its usage this year into the ACCC, being run by the ErinSport Juniors team. Made up of people who have joined via the Juniors Training Program, the team is aged between 16 and 21, all of whom are hoping to progess within the team to other disciplines.

Driving for this team is Emily Bridnley, 18 year old just-out-of-school girl from Emersons Green, Bristol, UK. This will be her first international competition, as it will be for almost all of the other team mates. It’s a chance to see just how much they’ve remembered from their training, and whether they’re ready or not to progress into the upper levels of the ErinSport hierachy.

The car, an ErinSport Merna Touring '17, is identical to the one that ran in the ATCC R S1, aside from a retuned 2.0l i4 engine and some different aero.

ErinSport wishes the best of luck to all other teams competing!



I am going to fail.


What sort of pistons and conrods are you using on your engine? If it’s barely revving to 5000 rpm then there’s something going wrong there. Or is it under compressing?


Is that a journal bearing turbo?


Can I use coupé body or just 3 door hatchback body?


As long as the wheelbase is short enough (equal or less than 2.70m), the coupé will be greenlighted.