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The Automation Compact Car Championship | Race 4, Sepang International Circuit + Final results!


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Orchid Autosport: Lyrel Super-Touring

The OA Lyrel Super-Touring is Orchids first dip into the modern touring car era being driven by british driver Mathew Baker the driver who helped develop the Jespar MK3.

As the fiery 31 year old Mathew insisted using the 2.0 4 cylinder from the EZ-S trim rather than the 1.6 from the EZ-A which was originally fitted in the prototype vehicle and plainly refused anything to do with the 3 cylinder engines. The panels and chassis are the same as the normal Lyrel partial alu and AHS steel.


Stryker CMR


2017 Bogliq Fox ACCC

Base car $15,755. Race car $15,900.

Team: Team Bogliq
Driver: Loan Fierar


Stunning design @HighOctaneLove.

@Mr.Computah Is there a deadline for this competition?




Returning from the ATCC for ACCC is Kyung Cho Maesima Speedline Racing team. This time present the Maesima Prova MS-R01B, a modified version of the production Prova compact car.

The Maesima Speedline Racing variant is distinct race prepared vehicle this time using a production based block from the MCA-engine family a 2193cc turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine.

The team for Maesima Speedline Racing #15 comprises our lead driver Sobong Yeong-ho (소봉 영호) This seasoned Anikatian racing driver, previously having driven for Maesima in MS-R01 in the 2017 ATCC and in the 1985 24 hours of ATT.

Goodluck to all teams!


Scarab Racing have once again teamed up with JET-racing and Eric Olsen is the designated driver.

The standard car is the Cirrus S, ($15775). A midengined marvel powered by a 2l turbocharged engine, spitting out in excess of 215 HP, making it go from 0 - 100 km/h in 5.5 sec, and at the same time just drinking 6.11l/100km.

The race car is the Cirrus R-spec ($15000). Same MR-layout and a slighly refurbished engine gives the car closer to 220 hp, doing the 0-100 in 5.1 sec.

Scarab and the JET-team wishes everyone good luck, and clean racing :wink:


Someone with more patience can do all the photoshop stuff. Here is a woefully under-powered racer driven by the feisty Irish lassie Ann O’Nimus.

5 seconds to 60, 2:15 and change around the ATT, 14000 and change to buy.


Don’t have much time, and the styling was a problem but I finally managed to get it done with plenty of help from the Discord crowd. Also not going to be able to photoshop this one.

Armada Motors: 2017 Fore Gen. V Eagle ACCC Spec


In 1982, Armada Motors attempted to transition from being a quirky enthusiast shed company to a proper car manufacturer for the everyperson who had sporting aspirations on a budget, by jumping on the hot hatch bandwagon. Thus was the genesis of the Fore, which gained critical acclaim and commercial success with the release of the second generation in 1991. Since then, Armada has committed to maintaining the Fore line for its enduring relevance, and so it has formed the backbone of Armada’s activity.

Back to the present, 2017 was the year of the Fifth Generation of Fores, and their ranks have proliferated in trim levels. Heck, there are now sub-trim levels for the budget, sporty and track oriented for all budgets, from the entry-level Birdie, to the GT level Albatross, and the ultimate FF track madness, the Condor, with its 500bhp sent to the front wheels.

None of that is the concern of the ACCC, however. At the upper limit of 200bhp/ton, the outputs are rather lower than what Armada is now accustomed to making, therefore, they’ve elected to assign this championship to their Juniors program. Enter one Erika Harrison, 22yo England born go-karter aspiring to graduate to the world of sports car racing and hopefully GT spec racing. Even upsized, the lightweight Armada car, at under 1 ton, should be a good stepping stone to learn the basics of racing in bigger cars, in traffic.

Armada make no secret that they aren’t looking to compete for first or even podiums in this championship. For them, it’s a driver development program so finishing every race in the midpack would be already a good outcome.


Nohda Panasonic JRT

Entering the ACCC is none other than Nohda Panasonic JRT with the…

Nohda Bop!?

Yes, Nohda Panasonic JRT is entering this plucky little kei car to race alongside much larger cars. However, dont be fooled on appearances alone. This little car’s packing some serious firepower in the form of a 1.3L V6 TwinTurbo. With this improved powerplant, the Bop! now produces around 200hp compared to the stock 45. With these modifications and tuning, the Bop! should be capable of keeping up with the other more powerful competitors on the field!

N.B. No photoshop since Im pressed for time atm
TEAM: Nohda Panasonic JRT
Driver: Kobayashi Yuko

Kobayashi Yuko is Nohda Panasonic JRT’s newest and youngest member. Aged 17, Kobayashi was first raced in international go karting at the age of 15 before being scouted by Nohda JRT. This is currently Kobayashi’s first international competition following his decent run at the Junior ATCC last year. His experience driving the Bop! there should be valuable in this upcoming competition.


Your car weighs as much as mine? :joy:


JHW Assoluto ACCC

1152 KG


Driver: Blathin Riordan

See You On The Track!


3 door hatchback
3 cylinders
Front Wheel Drive

…A Textbook Economy Car, the Taore Gordon 3CO. First seen as a prototype, and presented to few experts.

And it then kept:
double wishbone front suspension
1.6l displacement

And then Taore’s MotorSport-Options (MOSO) added their “Options”, which also meant:
A spoiler

And then some bureaucrat decided to unbench the bench! (seats 4)


I was thinking about entering this with a version of my ZV2, but decided to back-pedal after I realized that it would struggle to compete on level terms with the dedicated sports cars that were present in the field. Anyway, good luck to all the entrants!


Forgot all about this one, so someone else can have the pleasure of taking FOAs position at the back of the grid! :laughing:


That would be my job. :smiley:

Because nothing says fat and gutless like an Ardent. lol


I dunno, that is a Dynamite “sports” car up there. There’s a good chance it’ll be as slow as it is ugly.


I’ll race you for it.


RACE 1: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico), 5 laps.

Race report:

-Welcome to a new edition of Motor Nation! Aaron Coleman here. I’ll be reporting the ACCC, which has started today, and we have a very special guest with us today! Alejandro Flores, who drove for Contendiente in the AGTC during the 1978 season. Welcome to our program, Alejandro, and thank you for visiting us tonight.

-Thank you, Aaron. The first race has been full of surprises, hasn’t it?

-You bet it has! I’m still surprised by how the Criceto took the lead as soon as the green was called. I don’t know how the engineers from Accursio have tuned it, but that little car is mental. Benevenstanciano has been dominating from start to finish, no wonder he won the race.

-He clearly won, indeed. But for me, the real race has been at the battle for the second place. That dogfight between Olsen’s Scarab and Harrison’s Armada has been nothing short of intense. I could feel the two gritting their teeth as they tried to get the upper hand corner after corner. But Olsen finally managed to overtake the Armada, taking the second position. I also liked the battle between Martin and Freeman, just not as much as the battle for the second position but it’s been really entertaining to watch as well.

-And what do you think of the mid-pack? Appart from Rossi, who outran it and kept his position comfortably throughout the race.

-Well, Gaillard struggled a little bit but he did a good job securing his 7th position. And I liked the battle between Paschalidis, Bridnley and Stephenson. They spiced it up with some contact, too, so that adds points. (Alejandro laughs lightly). Then there’s Fierer, who could’ve done a great job but made a lot of poor decisions and mistakes. Augustus’ Shromet has a lot of potential too, but he drives way too aggressively in my opinion. That’s why he made so many mistakes. If he did something right, though, it was protecting his position every time Mitrasca attacked him.

-And then we have the second mid-group. What do you think of these guys?

-Well Aaron, haven’t paid much attention to them. But by what I’ve seen, Baker could’ve done it much better. He needs to relax, these mistakes destroyed his race, and I’m sure he’s got the potential to get a much better position. Then Riordan, who did a good job pressuring Baker, but unfortunately isn’t too accostumed to the car. The Taore didn’t get too close to them, did it? I don’t think it even took part in the battle. And finally, the back pack. I’m simply appalled by these results, the Super Bop and the Maesima could’ve gone much faster if they improved their focus. The Dinamyte didn’t do much better either. However, I wish these guys better luck next race, I know they can get a good place. They can.

-Thank you for your time, Alejandro. So this has been race 1, Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. The championship standings look like this after the first race:

1 - Alfonso Benevenstanciano, 10 points.
2 - Eric Olsen, 8 points.
3 - Erika Harrison, 6 points.
4 - Frank Martin, 4 points.
5 - Freeman Glass, 2 points.
6 - Michael Rossi, 1 point.
7 - David Gaillard, 0 points.
8 - Miltos Paschalidis, 0 points.
9 - Emily Bridnley, 0 points.
10 - Riley Stephenson, 0 points.
11 - Loan Fierer, 0 points.
12 - Augustus Biffle, 0 points.
13 - Andrei Mitrasca, 0 points.
14 - Mathew Baker, 0 points.
15 - Blathin Riordan, 0 points.
16 - Han Gonhan, 0 points.
17 - Sobong Yeong-ho, 0 points.
18 - Tyler Greene, 0 points.
19 - Kobayashi Yuko, 0 points.

-Thank you for staying with us in today’s edition of Motor Nation. We’ll be back with race 2. Aaron Coleman here, I hope you guys have a great day, and keep driving fast!

Times spreadsheet: