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Yeah, tyre failures could be nice and would be no problem then. Some small random chance (increasing with wear) for tyre failures during normal racing conditions will be implemented then. Some tyre failures after crashes sounds good to me as well.


Very small aside purely for curiosity: I noticed that the timer clicks to 2:60 before it ticks over to 3:00, is that an artifact from the way the Automation timer displays?


No, that’s a rounding bug :slight_smile: It has nothing to do with Automation, BRC only.


Truly marvellous job Martin!


This looks and sounds fantastic! I would like to point out the purple “best time” doesn’t appear well on the gray lines. On the darker lines it is much better. Not sure if it is a resolution issue because youtube video, or if it is really that difficult to read on the lighter background. Other than that small thing, it is much easier to read things on the screen.


LOVE IT!! I keep trying to scroll down to see how poorly my car was doing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Was the number/marker background color taken from the color of the car? If so, very nice!


Yes, but this has already been like that in the old system. :slight_smile:


When will the next BRC be open?


This cannot be decided yet. There are still some bugs which need to be fixed first.


One of the most annoying bugs is that my engines keep blowing up even if they are super reliable (joke) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, this will be fixed with: if playername == “NormanVauxhall” then DontExplode=1 end :slight_smile:


Can oyu also implement this: if forumstatus == “xx-Star Beta Tester” then MegaSpeedAndGrip =1 :smiley:

Also: We talked about that on the BRC-Live… will the 0-100 on the cards be changed to a 80-120? 0-100 is interesting for exactly one sequence: starting off, while 80-120 is the more interesting part, as it is used more often in the race.[size=25] Can you also give us (for BRC live) a list of qualifyings in excel, a list of placement, name and time?[/size]
Like the new UI-Look, great Stuff, and it looks way way smoother.


Actually I’d gone and made an excel stats sheet for BRC one, but didn’t find a good opportunity to use it. :S


What was your reliability?


I think it was ~40. That’s why he was a bit crazy when his car failed twice in a row.


Ouch…yeah I would be a bit annoyed at that as well, guess the pit crew forgot to add some oil…


You got that wrong. It should be

“if playername == “NormanVauxhall” then DontExplode=0 end”

That way I am guaranteed at least one place better.


old electrics too much oil burned and too much valve floating! that´s some randomness added!


No brittish team is complete with out this in the toolbox.