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The Car Shopping Round 104 - Time to take the Outback out back


((Sorry for the hazardous translation of facebook, mine is in French :slight_smile:))





I'll just leave these here





fuck yeah hun

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Hey BT Motors sounds awfully familiar :wink:


Shit happens when you share a platform



Just under 13 hours to go!

Make sure to submit your car and post your ad before the deadline.


2004 Kasai Arial CS 2dr auto

Needs repaint, new dampers and maybe headlight housing. ESC light sometimes turns on for no reason. Everything else works fine. $5,000 OBO.




Hmmm looks like a lot of private sales…
EDIT: @Centurion_23 Ok, that’s an odd coincidence. I promise I didn’t see your post before building and painting mine! :open_mouth:

1998 Epoch M30 - Actioneer SSA
Low mileage, one owner car
Manual Transmission with AWD
Never raced or rallied
Has the full SSA kit, including optional roofracks, body-colored wheel cover, 16" Alloys
Rare “Epic Orange” paint (exclusive to the Actioneer SSA model)
Unlike the Actioneer RSA model, this SSA is a far more practical and liveable option, and yet only 1 second slower to 100km/h.

Own your piece of motoring history today for under $7,140.

Finance available. Inquire Today!


Just about 2 hours to go!

If you still haven’t submitted your car, do it now!

I also still have some cars without ads and some ads without cars. Make sure to submit both to me before the deadline, I will not be looking at entries that are late with either of these things.


I messaged you my .car file. Should we PM the adverts too or are they supposed to stay in the thread?


Iirc ads always supposed to stay in the thread


I’ve never PM’d an ad.


Selling my grandad’s old car. (Wheels in pic not for sale)


3.0 V6 non-turbo model, in original condition with a still smooth shifting 5-speed automatic. Has done 340,000km.

Still has the original dealer installed hood bra. Service book with full service intervals till 2017.

Slight surface rust recently appeared on the rear wheel arches and bottom of the doors, but should be easily fixed with some sanding and repaint.

Original chrome wheels, optional spoiler and sunroof.

It’s comfortable and pretty quick with a 0-100 of 7 seconds when new, now it’s within a second from that.

The engine is the rare one year only non-turbo SR62HC DOHC 12V 3 liter v6, very solid engine, with a very high redline of 7800RPM. Around 220hp.
Not the most economical thing ever, does about 9.5L/100km at 110km/h and 6.7 at 90. Atleast it’s super easy to overtake traffic with this engine.

The car is located in Kingston, if you are a serious buyer, I could meet you halfway or even drive to a place near yours if it’s not too far away.


2005 Wagner Minister

Low mileage, runs great, paintjob is fresh, just under 5k dollars.


And that’s all!

Preliminaries - Part 1

Alright, it’s a nice rainy weekend and I have nothing planned, so it’s time to hit up Kijiji and look for some cars to replace the old Outback.

@Kyuu77 – 2000 KGB Kuma RE

Alright, first car… What happened to it? Random decals, this isn’t even a 4x4, unpainted bumpers that are clearly not original despite what the ad might say, massive ricer wing, and it’s just in plain white. Interior shows a shitspec cassette deck. 5 grand and apparently the only thing better than the Outback is the acceleration? What a joke.

@Oldenways – 2002 Quost H32 GTExclusive

Okay next car, this one’s a large premium coupe apparently. Oh, price got dropped down to $4700, nice! I like how it looks and the colour is pretty unique; no risk of losing this one in a parking lot. Hmm… so it goes for the large premium coupe design, but then has a small engine making only enough power to give it average performance. This isn’t sporty at all and doesn’t have the practicality I want from an all-rounder. Not worth it just because it looks good.

Price adjusted from ad following the spreadsheet issue.

@NiuYorqCiti – 1996 Koji TC4 K Sport

Here’s a pretty nice looking sportscar, though it’s right at the top of my budget at 11 grand. That could take some time to pay off. Apparently the engines in these are very reliable, so that’s good, and that looks like a high spec premium interior in the pics. Is a car from 1996 worth spending 11 grand on, that’s the question? It looks good but not exactly outstanding, performance is also good but not outstanding, while features are okay beyond the plush interior. Hmmm… I think I’ll pass this one up. It’s not enough to be worth the sacrifice of practicality and that dealer is just asking too much for it.

@Hilbert – 1999 Uranus City

This is a joke. Tiny, unreliable, not safe, 4x4 (yet the ad says FWD?), and barely driveable. Listed for $4200 but I wouldn’t pay $42 for this piece of shit. Going to flag this ad as spam, too…

I said not to send me memes. This doesn’t even conform to the rules, including the request for realistic cars.

@Kabacrashi – 2001 Ayo NR3 Turbo

Now here’s a nice looking sportscar I can use to clean my eyes, and it got a price drop to $4610, sweet! The more I look at it… This design is a knockoff Honda S2000, but much cheaper. Let’s see, interior is nothing special, fits the price so can’t complain. FWD with a design like this? The hell. So it only makes 158 hp; I expected more for this time of car, but I guess it gets the job done. Wait, it has high end active suspension elements, but then makes do with a 4 speed manual? I haven’t seen one of those on anything less than 40 years old. So the drivetrain is basically straight out of a generic compact car but without a back seat or usable trunk. Nope, not worth it.

@HybridTronny – 2008 Atera Kinpu V6

Damn this thing looks great. The bright yellow is a great colour choice for it as well. Too bad it was a track car, the back seat’s completely ripped out and the fuel economy is plain bad. It’s outside my budget anyways at nearly $11,200, but I just had to have a look. Weird that the price on the dealer pic is different.

Not sure what happened with the price discrepancy here, but it was getting binned for low environmental resistance and other choices anyways.

@GetWrekt01 – 2003 Hitomoji Venture CS

Let’s see what this dealer is offering… I spot a nice shade of blue on a sporty looking coupe listed at $7900. The front seems strangely familiar, there’s no design at all along the side, and then someone taped random reflectors in the back? They also gave it eco tires on steelies, it makes less power than my Outback, and the acceleration is slower than my dad’s minivan. Googling these also mentions countless issues with expensive engine and brake parts… Yeah, no.

Most of the engineering here is questionable and overly expensive/complicated for nothing, while things like the tires and rims got sacrificed.

@Watermelon3878 – 1999 Bauer C20 Coupe

Time for one of these certified used car deals, apparently it’s modified but the dealer dropped the price down to $8460 so it could be worth it, though it doesn’t exactly stand out except for the blue. Let’s see here… not powerful, not fast, that modified suspension looks like it will make the car rattle me apart on a long drive, and the last guy just ripped out the back seat. What’s the point of all that cabin space if the back is standing room only? At least that Ayo was the type of car I expect to not have a back seat, this is just a coupe version of a sedan. ‘Certified’ my ass.

@yangx2 – 2008 Huangdou Shijie Sprite SportTrek

Oh, I’ve seen these around before, they’re great looking cars. I’m surprised it’s even listed at all, they’re currently all being recalled because of some major issue. Too bad really, I thought they were good cars and would have liked to try one otherwise.

Trim over PU limit, engine over ET limit.

@CorsicaUnknown – 2005 Corsica Cascade

Well here’s a nice looking little wagon, and $4550. Another car I’ve seen around with nice styling and enough quirkiness to stand out. Huh, so it’s RWD with a 2.9L turbo I6 making 225 hp, damn. I had no idea that’s what was under the hood, it sounds better than most of these so called sportscars I’ve seen so far. Apparently it’s also very reliable and averages 35 MPG… Well then, I better send an email to this guy too. Sounds like this could be a solid replacement for the Outback while also being a half decent sportscar as well.

@abg7 – 1999 AMA Colibri 2.0S

Wow, this is very… blue. Has a 2.0L I4 making 175 hp, seems to be more than enough for the size of the car. I really don’t like the looks, if you can consider the absence of a design as looks, and I have no idea what’s going on with that roofline. I’ll pass, specs are decent but it will only stand out for the wrong reasons. Definitely not worth the financing to cover the asking price of $7280.

@Mikonp7 – BürgerFahrzeug Kutsche Kombi

Finally got to something German, I wondered how long it would take before I got here when looking at wagons. Not really digging the styling, it looks like a squished SUV, exactly the opposite of the stretched wagons and hatches that most crossovers are. Looks like another strangely labelled ad as well, it’s $9,960. Interior pics show some nice leather seats and a pretty high end stereo, that’s really nice… Wait a second. This thing only has a single airbag? That’s it? Jesus Christ, aren’t German cars supposed to be safe? My 10 year older Outback has better safety features that this deathtrap.

@accent – 1998 Pengting Torra

This is an interesting middle ground between wagon and liftback, it has some similarities to the Outback and in a good way. The styling’s a little plain but the shade of green is pretty nice and unique. It’s one of the cheapest cars I’ve seen so far at $4000, and it does offer some advantages over the Outback while being very similar. The performance is certainly better with that turbo 2.3L I4 making 204 hp. Interior is a little worse, having a stereo system that’s not as fancy but those seats do look comfy. I might as well tentatively message the owner at this point.

@Xepy – 2001 Kuma BK LB4

This is an interesting little car, looks more like a hatch than a wagon but still plenty practical. It’s a pleasing design but doesn’t really stand out all that much. I do like the quirks it has, like the wing and strip tail light. Interior looks pretty standard fare but seems to have the most airbags I’ve seen so far. Seems Kuma really cared about safety. Let’s see… 245 hp is the most power I’ve seen so far, and that turbo I6 will have insurance to match. Goddamn, how does it also manage to get almost 40 MPG even with AWD? Okay, I need to message the seller, that fuel economy will easily make any extra insurance worth it as well as the asking price of $4850.

The rest of the preliminaries will be coming later when I finish up with the last few entries.

Just a disclaimer, any ‘aggressiveness’ in the reviews is from getting in the mindset that if I saw these as real car listings. I’m not intending that as being directed toward any of the entrants.


Every CSR basically teaches me how little I know about cheaper cars and what to look for in them.
Next time I guess.
Congrats to the people who’s cars were considered.