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The Car Shopping Round 127 - A Lonely Nomad's ~~Life~~ Ride


In the former case, must the second row be full-sized and not +2 or +3?


I think non-advanced auto is asking for a bin.

PS Also, Cyberpunk or not, I would not expect many manuals in 2077 USA (or former USA in this case).


@george_m997 transmission choice isn’t a concern outside of the stats you get from your choice.

@abg7 type of back seat doesn’t matter as long as it’s there if you’re taking that approach.



2064 Cailloux Type 30B Adventure

Available at $44,700

moar picks


well just trying to be careful hahaha, it will be quite painful to be insta-binned thanks to outdated transmission system or much too advanced system


@Jaimz @FitRS Just a reminder that I need a model year (2060-2070 as a used car) with your ad, as well as an exact price.

This goes for everyone else too as ads get posted.


Oh damn. Thanks for the correction. I’ll edit.


The 2065 Marauder X2200
A durable little sports car with plenty of modding potential. Made for street performance as well as off-roading performance.
P.S. Do i send you a file or the stats or anything like that? If so, Where?


i’m not sure what i’m even doing any more

some kind of 2060 Valiant Maestro De Rancho available for $38,700


You send me the file with the specified naming for the competition. Make sure you’ve followed all the rules before then because I’m not keen on resubmissions.


2065 M&D Generation 7 Basilisk

Magnus & Drake International Motor Corporation™ came out with the “roads are optional edition” Generation 7 Basilisk® after they saw an unrealized market of those who had enough credits for performance but not always enough (or a clean enough criminal record) for toll roads. Not to let good paying customers spend their ill-gotten money elsewhere, M&D rolled out this rear engine abomination with a cavernous frunk, a hefty boxer 6 with a bit of cargo space above it, and enough room to fit two and a half people and their several hundred liters of legal substances*.

This used example of the Gen. 7 is offered by Magnus & Drake International Used Motor Dealers Inc. and is completely stock with a few factory upgrades. The previous owner paid for the factory “Magnus & Drake Corp. Special© Premium off-road plus package®” as well as the unusual but highly effective anti-theft upgrade: the manual transmission. The Gen. 7 tries to balance form, function, and performance to go seamlessly between urban sprawl and rugged wasteland in style.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Magnus & Drake International Motor Corporation, Magnus & Drake International Used Motor Dealers Inc. and all corporate holdings, subsidiaries, employees, and affiliates may not be held liable for the actions of its customers or any damage incurred through the misuse of Magnus & Drake International Motor Corporation products. We do not condone the use of our products to conduct illegal activities under any circumstances, and doing so will result in the immediate termination of the 3-day used car full-warranty granted to the customer by Magnus & Drake International Motor Corporation and or its subsidiaries. As a reminder, fleeing law enforcement is a crime and will result in termination of warranty. Warranty also void if vehicle is deliberately or “accidentally” driven off a roadway in excess of 100mph.

Magnus & Drake International Motor Corporation and Magnus & Drake International Used Motor Dealers Inc. kindly reminds you to pay in full for all purchases and we thank you for your business. Have a suitable life™



Some inspiration here, freshly posted by CDPR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IMO0PaX7Yc&ab_channel=Cyberpunk2077

2063 Cabrera Avispon HST

The wildest version of our beloved compact car, equipped with everything you´ll need in the vast deserts that once were our oceans. And yes, you can only get it in yellow.

And it can be yours for the price of 41300 Dollars.

Equipment included in the HST package
  • Offroad suspension
  • Dual fuel tank
  • A truck engine wonderful 3L 4 cylinder turbo engine especially developed for this car
  • Yellow paint
  • Seating for 3 people
More pics


Lemoën XB 2070

More pictures


I took some screenshots of the video. For Academic Purposes.



Alright, so it seems people are basically all stupid busy right now, and I suppose the new cars trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 might have gotten creative juices flowing for some people who weren’t sure if they wanted to submit. That said, I would be willing to extend the deadline by a day to give people both days of the upcoming weekend to complete their cars. I will close the poll tomorrow and go with what the people want.

  • Keep the deadline as-is
  • Extend the deadline by 24 hours

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New on sale! Bramhall Strada XX available now at Night City Used Motor Dealership! An excellent example of the tough executive car released by the british motor conglomarates’ United Vehicles division. Beautifully crafted with a unique Retro styling. Available for $44,900, visit today!

More Photos




Want to be ironically cool? This 2070 Armor Wagonnaire is just the ticket:

The Wagonnaire was originally billed as a stylish wagon for the distinguished adventurer. This particular model has the rare, optional tent package, which turns the tailgate into a campsite.



2065 MGM Holstaur Fleet Cargo Van

A rugged, reliable and a working class favorite, all in the form of a lil van that’s been serving since the 80’s. Powered by a turbo 3.6 litre V6 producing up to 250 centaurs under its hood powering a 5 speed auto tranny on all 4 wheels.

You can get this cute lil’ hay hauler for just $26800. (GVC [Gwain Vechicles Corp.] still struggles to make new vehicles and MoonTech’s starting to look bland with theirs yet here we are, still standing since the 50’s)