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The Car Shopping Round 127 - A Lonely Nomad's ~~Life~~ Ride


Bit of a design update…


The year is 2070. For the final edition of the K70 Akane decided to do something special and developed three versions of the car. A high tech, high luxury version, a super sports version and finally a rugged, spartan off-road capable version. The latter is the Nomad, that ditched luxury and high performance for ruggedness and reliability. The back seat bench was gone to make room for cargo, the car was fitted with larger wheels and lifted a bit. The price remained also affordable at 45k.


For sale: '60 Ursus Voyager

Low mileage, still runs like new. Very clean, no scratch, not a drop of bloodstain on the upholstery. Can get up to 150 mph with a lot of faith and downhill slope. This top trim includes AWD, 1200W solar panel, flood lights and HUD display.

Selling for E$45,000 or best offer. Come alone.


The poll is now closed and the results are clear.

New deadline of 20:00 EDT on Sunday October 18th


Forget Me Not Used Car Service offer you :

2069 SSV Modul Type-H

the good :

  • Low Mileage of 43000 km
  • no accident damage visible
  • AWD System with Electro Differential
  • minor Power Tweak from previous owner
  • Practical with a lot of boot space, 5 doors, and a bit of offroadability
  • no malfuction whatsoever on the electrical side
  • it looks more upper-class with its aerodynamic design but with cheap price
  • 6 Speed Automatic with VSC
  • 1 owner from new
  • spare parts are cheap

the bad :

  • quite a bit of tire wear
  • service history apart from the first 4 year free service is not complete, some is missing
  • service cost is quite high since its a transverse engine car
  • quality already lowered because its already 8 years old

price : E$ 45,000

  • call us for more details -
more car photos


For sale:

2065 MAHG Gamma Mk3


I sell my truck because reasons

Been faithful old friend for my travel through New USA!
Got pictures with canyon

Straight 6 with turbos, Auto 7spd box, 4x4 plus locking diffs, Front bench perfect for sleeping.

800Nm of torque and 433hp

Used to be a desert truck for oil company hence the factory high load and lift kit.

L.Capacity 6 Tons
Tow Capacity 3.2 tons

Price 39 600


2061 Helvete Interdiction. Modern take on an old design.
5L V8, 4x4, 7-Speed AutoGlide gearbox, Auto-locking diffs, roof rack, and bench seats front & rear have been opted in.

MSRP of $44.000 on release.


2063 Legenda Speedwagon. Because in this day and age you can trust noone and nothing. Except Speedwagon.



**X would stumble upon a used car lot that has a giant poster above it, just in view from the highway. The poster on the billboard is somewhat looking like this:**

((Click here for the rest of the RP scene + more images))

**They approach the car lot, with a ton of interesting vehicles inside.**

**One in particular, catches X's interest, as it the carbon copy of the car on the billboard above their head.**

**As X approaches the car, the owner of the lot comes next to him.**

"Thought it would catch your eye, since it is almost new" **Said the tall, middle-aged guy to X as he stepped closer to them.**

"Is that so?" **Told X with a tone of disbelief as they walked around the car.**

"Yeah, some strange guy brought it here yesterday, so your timing is just right. You are the first one to be interested in it." **Said the salesman with a cunning grin under his nose.** "It has about 315... 317 horsepurrs, a big ass trunk that can hold almost one and a half thousand liters of stuff, runs on your everyday standard synthetic alcohol--" **The salesman suddenly stopped as X would interrupt him.**

"Alright, alright. I don't think I could afford it. You said it is barely used, these cars go for like a hundred heavy eddies." *Told X with a slightly bit disappointed tone.**

"Not at all... This model was meant to be bought by some Corpo, high up the picking order, but they changed they had a better offer... So this was changing owners from '69 like crazy. So I would say about forty five big eddies..." **Told the dealer.**

**It seemed like X was thionking about purchasing the car when the salesman opened his mouth again.** "One in a lifetime deal." **Told the tall, slender man.** "Not everyone is able to buy a vehicle like this these days." **Continued as X would seem to be looking for the chip with his money in his pocket.**


X just got a few new messages on his HUD system. Some spam, another message that his Thorton needs new MOT and something actually interesting. Maybe this exactly what he needs. let’s take a look:

Extra pictures


2066 Cutler Adiona, sliding rear door, biometric locks, V8, yellow.

Based on:




The only safe way to move

500hp 6L Deer And Hunt Inline 6.
6 metere long
Room for all the bodies you need carring
Can withstand minium 60min of ballistic fire and min 35min of energy weaponry

Old vs New


Photo49 This is the aero fossa Taxi made to survive the harsh road of night city a car that could take a lot of hits before it goes down the perfect car for any taxi company in night city now starting at 29000 this 2071 taxi will get you from night city to the badlands not the fastest car or most comfortable but it is the pretty roomy



The RUSDAG Groundmaster: An extreme sports vehicle for an extreme driver.
2070 "Deca-dance" edition, turbo I5 with 320 hp, advanced safety features, smart drive and detection.


haha 100 year old platform go brr


Reconcilation Motors

“For the Spirited Driver in All of Us”

2060 RCN Chase 38 tra AWD

A collaboration between @Vena.Sera423 and @66mazda

literally had no time to make this so I “stole” an ARXL car, did an engine swap, and gave it a lift

A product of a longstanding Japanese-American partnership.
During the collapse of the US economy in 1994, Kaizen Corporation, already competitive in the premium and luxury car market with other large manufacturers like Daimler-Benz and BMW, was able to ride the wave of Japanese economic prosperity, making FWM and RCN subsidiaries through an outright buyout.
The RCN Chase tra AWD was designed to be an smaller, efficient do-it-all car that can compete with more dedicated cars in a variety of settings. This version is a mid level off-road oriented trim, lacking some of the interior features of the top end trims. Regardless, it still comes with a highly advanced infotainment system with autonomous driving support, and a quality premium interior that is still competitive in its segment. However, it more than makes up for it in the mechanical department, with a long-serving and reliable 3.5L SOHC V6, now turbocharged, mated to the ubiquitous 6 speed automatic with all wheel drive. It is connected to an advanced aluminum semi-space frame chassis with the highly desirable double-wishbone front and multilink rear combination, with detachable sway bars as standard (although lacking either the semi active dampers or active suspension of higher trims).
The car submitted comes with the full Terra appearance package.

Specs and images

Front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon
MPU 35B5R1
Turbocharged and intercooled SOHC 24-valve V6, ALSI block and head, direct fuel injection, 90 AKI
3.5L, 213 cu in, 3495 cc
382.0 hp @ 6700 rpm
335.8 lb-ft @ 2700 rpm
6-speed automatic
Suspension (F/R): double wishbone/multilink
Brakes (F/R): 13.2-in vented disc/10.4-in vented disc
Tires: 255/45R-18 100Y (No speed limiter)
Wheelbase: 98 in
Length: 167.3 in
Width: 70.9 in
Height: N/A
Passenger volume: 42 cu ft with rear seats up
Trunk volume: 46.3 cu ft with rear seats up
Curb weight: 3994.0 lb
Zero to 62 mph: 5.34 sec
50 to 75 mph: 3.72 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 15.66 sec
Standing 1 km: 13.74 sec
Braking, 62–0 mph: 116.5 ft
Roadholding, 66-ft-dia skidpad: 1.04 g
Roadholding, 656-ft-dia skidpad: 1.03 g
Combined: 29.5 US mpg


2065 Helios Freecarrier Type-EO

The Freecarrier has been a consistent sight for corpo light delivery fleets for some time now, and now that they’re starting to be decommissioned for newer models, its your chance to snatch up some of their reliable workhorses. The Type-EO in particular is a rarer specification, with improved all-terrain capabilities and an extended roof for increased capacity, made for transporting whatever it is to the middle of nowheres of New USA for god knows what they’re up to.

Available for $43500.

Additional Images contained within


This is a collab betwheen @abg7 and @Marcus_gt500.

During a quick night stroll through the city, X hears a bip from their smarthand sensor. Upon opening the message, they’re greeted by one of the dealerships that came to known about their intentions of buying a new ride, who knows how? Info selling, probably.

After reading the message, they swipe through the included holopics.

Their scavenged smarthand sensor is of an older tech, and makes it kinda hard to see the details. After making a note on their mental notebook to see some pics of the car on the hotel’s screen, they stumble upon a similar model parked on a nearby street’s grocery store. Some eyeshots later and they had their own reference pics. They noticed the car had the same options as the one being offered, being them the autonomous driving top and fender-mounted scanners, the kinda out of fashion, but handy fender-mounted parking mirror, the top-mounted solar panel, and the shields for the side-mounted CHOOOH2 tanks, that made the side sills kinda high but give a lot of extra internal space. The car has a great presence too, and the headlight design is unforgettable.

Happy with the quick stroll, they get back to the hotel and browse through the dealership’s site to see some pics of the car before going to bed to have a well deserved restful night. And were not disappointed!

Also, good job everyone that entered, I’d love to see some recreations of Night City’s streets in AM or Beam using all these amazing cars!


24 hours to go!

This is the reminder for anyone who hasn’t sent anything in, has posted an ad and not sent me a car, or has sent me a car but not posted an ad.

I’ll also remind people to include the name, price, and a model year between 2060 and 2070 on the ads so I can properly write up flavour text for the reviews.


Wait may I ask what kind of price? Depreciated used price, msrp, etc…?