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The Car Shopping Round 127 - A Lonely Nomad's ~~Life~~ Ride


2066 Morton SV-66X

$44,100 estimated value in 2077


I go off the in-game market price as the used price. It’s 2077, paying up to E$45,000 for a used car should be fair.





After the collapse of the US economy in 1994 and the uprising of monopoly companies internationally, the rapidly growing Japanese automaker Okajima was a glimmer of hope - a startup company that managed to succeed in a cutthroat, violently competitive world.

Urban myth has it that the founder of the company, Keiichi Okajima, also had a great interest in weaponry and challenged those who opposed him with a literal iron fist since the company’s inception in 2006. They have gained a reputation for high-performance specialty vehicles and unique design at affordable prices.

Okajima’s tagline is “IT’LL BE O K.” The smile created from the O and K represent both the good fortune Okajima provides to their customers as well as the thrills the cars are supposed to supply.


The Autechre_45 is a special rally edition of the flagship shooting brake Autechre, a vehicle highly successful at the GRL (Global Rally League). Although generally regarded as a large family hatchback with performance and economy to boot, the _45 is takes speed to the next level with its hi-po 3.5 liter turbocharged inline-5, upgraded suspension setup, and multi-terrain capability.



Kyung-Yeong Sayuti 280L [Touring Package] 2070

Introduced in 2070, the Sayuti 280L [Touring Package] is Kyung-Yeong’s flagship SUV. Based upon their industrial truck chassis it was extremely rugged and capable on all kinds of terrain whilst also being build to last.

The Touring Package included a range of accessories such as the extra space in the back and massive expanses of glass to view the world from, the air suspension + lift kit also featured “jump-jacks” to allow the Sayuti to not only travel all terrain but temporarily in the air too.

The Touring Pack not only was tuned for style and show off but practicality too, able to haul almost 4500kg on it, and just over 3000kg in a trailer behind. Weighing 2822kg overall it could do it, but do it by no means fast. Which is why all Sayutis come with advanced 2070 standard safety features: Automated healing package, Automated self-inflating runflats, Autonomously assisted driving, and most importantly extreme reinforced materials such as bulletproof glass and high-strength steel for going though the most unwelcoming neighbourhoods.


2062 Avantii HSK100

Moar pics



More pics


Big Bill’s Special Used Deals!

2069 Tanaka XV40

This is a family-owned car with full service history and it’s very well taken-care of. Kitsch styling and Tanaka’s reliability and it’s for sale for only $45000!
Make: Tanaka
Model: XV40
Type: Crossover/Wagon
Engine: 4 litre Twin-Turbo V6
Drivetrain: AWD
Mileage: 72,000 miles
Service history:

  • Oil change at 15000 miles
  • Oil change at 32000 miles
  • Oil change at 50,000 miles
  • Catalytic converter replaced (due to it being stolen)
  • Passed Inspection!

Come get this car in Big Bill’s of Heywood!


2068 Rhisuki Kuesa XRA

Cost: $42,100

will add details and more pics later

More Pictures


From me and @Ryan93

The car is from 2069, has 35 000 miels and worth 45000 E$ and if you are a nice guy you can get it for 44700 E$
It’s the 420hp model, it has lot of torcc (over 700nm).
It’s in good conditions, I never crashed it or anything else.


4 hours to go!

Last call for anyone who still hasn’t submitted their car or posted their ad. I will not accept late entries for either.


New Entry on Xia's Used Sportsters:

2065 Kazuki Kryton

4.9s 0-62mph
191mph top speed.
5-seat hatchback.

All yours for just E$44,100!


(JDMJegan31801)Holstaur_NXT-_(CSR127)_Fleet_Van.car (73.3 KB)

Here’s the car. file if anyone wants to test it out.


Inventory locked in

Entries no longer being accepted

X is planning their visit into Night City and will arrive shortly to begin browsing the used car lots for their new ride.

Stay tuned.


well since its closed, i can post what i actually want to use but can’t, which is a muscle car, well here it is and its .car file if anyone want to make a lot better ones for 2077 or future 2020s concept since i really cant stand asymmetrical car, or try it just for the heck of it, and a load off my chest of regrets.
CSR127_-george_m997-_SSV_Cobra_Type-32E.car (99.1 KB)


Reviews Part I

Within a couple days, X found themselves in Night City, selling off the old Thorton for scrap and checking into a cheap capsule hotel in the Wellsprings district. They hate the city, it’s too cramped and crowded, but it’s unfortunately a necessary place to go when wanting to look at a decent selection of goods. And so after a not so comfortable night of sleep and with that chip full of Eddies, X heads out early in the morning for the nearest used car lot to see what’s available. While everything can be bought on the net, X knows the feel of a vehicle is important for their lifestyle.

@Kubboz 2067 Isuzu VehiCROSS

The first vehicle to stand out to X is a 2067 VehiCROSS listed for a very affordable E$32,000. It’s a good looking little SUV that may very well strike a good balance between performance and capabilities.

The visual inspection begins with the rugged plastic-glad asymmetric kitch style that has aged quite well, a look X likes. A look underneath reveals a solid rear axle to go with the high ride height. It looks like it can handle itself pretty well in the Badlands even without any modifications. A look inside shows decent seating for five, a relatively spacious cargo area, and generally average looking features.

After that overview, X decides the VehiCROSS is worth their time, so off they go to find a salesman to give it a spin. Getting in with the salesman, X leaves the lot and immediately heads to the highway. Starting from a dead stop X puts the pedal to the metal, startling the salesman as they get up to speed. 0-100 km/h in 8.2s, a little faster than the old Thorton. After a bit of high speed driving, X gets off the highway for some city driving. Returning to the dealership, X’s concensus is that it handles very easily for an SUV while also averaging a respectable 34 MPG. The interior layout and features make it very practical, X has no problem getting in and out, and it seems quite well built for safety. For negative points, X finds the VehiCROSS is rather lacking in comfort and utilitarian features, and it’s also like most SUVs in not being very agile. Even the rock bottom price isn’t enough to sway them, so they go look for what else is on the lot.

@Jaimz 2065 FM Overlander

The next vehicle X has a look at another small SUV: a 2065 FM Overlander. This one is listed at E$43,100. The styling doesn’t really strike X’s fancy, as it seems too soft and rounded for their liking.

Nonetheless, it’s worthy of at least a visual inspection. As mentioned, the styling is quite soft and rounded for the time but countered with huge and boxy steel bumpers that look like they can handle a beating or ten. Overall it’s quite a simplistic look. A glance at the undercarriage shows rear multilink suspension, a bit of an oddity for something like the Overlander. The interior comprises of five seats and looks to be decked out with premium levels of materials and equipment, and of a decently spacious cargo area.

All said and done, for something sitting near the top of X’s budget it just doesn’t tickle their fancy enough to take for a test drive. On to the next car.

@FitRS 2060 Katsuro Wagon X

Sitting next to the Overlander is a 2060 Katsuro Wagon X, a E$45,000 two door SUV. The styling is fairly similar to the Overlander’s but made more minimalist. It’s another one with styling that doesn’t strike X’s fancy, especially with the questionable location of the spare tire.

That said, X recalls a clan member driving one of these once and the engine was just too overengineered to be modified and repaired out in the Badlands. With that, X moves on.

Engine ET well above the limit.

@NeAtO_mOsQuItO 2065 Marauder X2200

The next car in the lineup is the 2065 Marauder X2200 listed at E$43,700 and X passes it over. These things have no trunk and suspension that may kill you at parking lot speeds. The styling is very bland as well.

Does not meet the minimum cargo volume and isn’t even close to the required naming scheme. Also:

@mart1n2005 2060 Valiant Maestro De Rancho

Behind the 2065 Marauder X2200 is something that does catch X’s eye: a 2060 Valiant Maestro De Rancho. The E$38,700 asking price is quite attractive, as is the huge bed that looks like it can haul a whole small town’s worth of riches.

The styling is fairly minimal and fitting the kitch aesthetic. X likes the gullwing doors as a fairly unique feature, especially at this price point. While the proportions are rather car-like, as is the AWD drivetrain, a quick look under shows a rear solid axle ready to handle some heavy loads or rough terrain. Through the windows, X can see a rather sumbtuously appointed interior with lots of tech features and of course a leather bench seat to lay down on for the odd night. Overall a design that seems more car-like and for hauling heavy loads than offroading.

X decides to give the Maestro De Rancho a spin, so off they go to find the salesman and get another test drive. Like with the VehiCROSS, X leaves the lot and heads for the highway, this time the salesman isn’t surprised when they floor the De Rancho from a dead stop for the acceleration test. The 0-100 km/h of 6.9 is an exhilirating upgrade over their old truck. Taking the same highway exit as earlier, X gives the De Rancho a go around on the city streets before returning to the dealership once again. The handling was predictable though not surprising for a car-based ute and so was the comfort in the well equipped cabin. Maestro seem to have managed to avoid the downsides of a rear solid axle. Also to be commended is the safety equipment offered and of course the endless utility one gets with an open bed. Where things are not so positive are the average fuel economy of 20 MPG, comparable to the Thorton pickup, the not so dynamic handling, and the fairly poor practicality that one gets from a single cab with gullwing doors but that one was not a surprise to X. That said, The Maestro De Rancho offers compelling qualities as a replacement for the Thorton that replaces some of its bulk with improved performance.

@Hobert 2065 Magnus & Drake Generation 7 Basilisk

Walking around the lot, X spots a 2065 M&D Basilisk standing out among the crowd. This would be a sleek low-slung coupé were it not sitting on huge chunky tires and raised suspension. Sitting at a hefty E$44,900, X hopes its worth it as it does look like an option for the quick and efficient kind of vehicle they’re considering.

The first part of the visual inspection is the neomilitarist styling that makes the Basilisk so eye catching. It’s a look that makes it look mean and capable and X likes that. A quick look under shows independent suspension as expected for the mid engine layout, but also offroad elements like skid plates. Inside is a rather bare bones interior with seating for three, an unusual but not unheard of layout for such a car.

X ultimately decides that even though the styling of the Basilisk is amazing and that it’s sure to be fast, the barren interior with basic levels of equipment is just not what they’re looking for, especially when costing so much. There wouldn’t even be room in the budget to buy upgraded seats.

@Petakabras 2063 Cabrera Avispon HST

Further down the lot, X spots a bright yellow 2063 Cabrera Avispon HST listed at E$41,300. It’s the smallest car they’ve taken a look at so far but the rally raid looks make it seem very compelling.

The bright sporty styling, teetering on the edge of kitsch, makes a strong impression for starting the visual inspetion. It doesn’t look rugged but it does look fast and agile while the wheel choice makes it appear as if it can avoid getting stranded in the Badlands. A glance at the undercarriage shows much more car-like engineering; clearly this is a trim of a regular car and not a purpose built vehicle. The interior surprisingly boasts a single row of seating for three and average equipment levels.

X knew it from the moment they looked through the window that the Avispon HST is just too narrow to get any decent sleep on that single row of seating. With that, they’ve seen what they wanted to see at this lot and so they hail a cab and head out to to the next dealership.

@Maxbombe 2070 Lemonën XB 30 trs

Descending from their cab, the first vehicle X spots is a bright yellow 2070 Lemoën XB 30 trs listed at E$41,900. This kitsch looking hatchback is definitely not the most utilitarian vehicle but X gives it a chance to prove itself.

Starting the visual inspection by letting their cybereyes adjust to the bright yellow, X approves of the angular styling that clearly comes from Europe. It looks quite unassuming compared to most of the cars X has looked at so far. Nothing underneath stands out for capabilities, this truly seems like an absolutely normal car with AWD that sells decently in regions that still get snow. Through the huge windows X sees pretty standard seating for five and a decent cargo area, but the dashboard seems pretty barren of both entertainment and safety features.

It doesn’t take long for X to decide this car isn’t worth more of their time. Safety and comfort are two important elements when doing long scavenging runs in the hostile Badlands.

@th3maldonado 2066 Bramhall Spada XX VSi-M

Sitting next to the XB is a neomilitarist looking 2066 Bramhall Spada XX VSi-M that X has seen used in police duty before. With the expectation that its proven itself in terms of durability as a police vehicle and a price of E$44,900, they give it a closer look.

While it could have been a viable vehicle, the trunk on it is too small for X’s needs. What a shame, something looking like an ex-police car could have made for a nice ride.

Does not meet the minimum cargo volume.

@GasTiresandOil 2070 Armor Wagonnaire

Moving on to the next aisle, X spots the 2070 Armor Wagonnaire with the E$42,900 price tag. This behemoth of a wagon looks both fast and capable, like a supersonic bomber.

Giving the Wagonnaire a closer look to see if the performance and capabilities match the looks, X truly appreciates the kitsch styling of it. It’s clean, it’s solid, it’s heavy, and it’ll blind you with all that chrome. Having a look at the undercarriage makes it clear it’s not all for show, with a solid rear axle. X is thinking this is not far removed from a pickup truck with a wagon body. A look inside shows a cavernous interior for five with an oddly restrained back seat, and a huge cargo area. Everything is covered in nice materials and there’s plenty of technology on tap.

X walks over to the dealership office to set up a test drive of the Wagonnaire. Leaving the lot with the saleswoman on board, X makes their way through the city streets to try out the low speed handling and agility of the car while heading toward the highway. As they’ve done with the previous cars, X stops the Wagonnaire and then puts the pedal to the metal to see what it can do. After 7.7s they find themselves at 100 km/h and with increasingly nervous passenger as their speed keeps climbing. Eventually X leaves the highway and returns to the lot with a slightly shaken saleswoman. X can certainly compare the driving characteristics and comfort of the Wagonnaire to the De Rancho as they both share a solid axle and equipment levels. Ultimately, they both drove very similarly while having a similar level of plush comfort. Where the Wagonnaire shines is the practicality it has from being a wagon and while not quite to the level of the VehiCROSS it was very well laid out while offering more cargo space and utilitarian features than that SUV. It also felt a little more agile, something surprising with its size, but where it really shines is the safety equipment. The only real negative point is the fairly low fuel economy, not quite reaching 22 MPG. Even with all these positives, X will not be considering the Armor Wagonnaire as it offers less cargo space than the Thorton and even the De Rancho without offering a marked improvement in performance.

@JDMJegan31801 2065 MGM Holstaur Fleet Cargo Van

After parking the Wagonnaire, X spots a 2065 MGM Holstaur Fleet Cargo Van listed at a rock bottom E$26,800. While the styling is quite pleasing for a van and it could certainly prove itself to be capable, the dealership seems to have misplaced the data drive with the documentation for it.

Naming scheme not followed

@OME AKANE K70 Nomad

X spots a gleaming gold car being unloaded next to the showroom and like a moth drawn to a flame they make their way over. This stylish low slung coupe riding on big tires is absolutely worth their attention, especially as the affordable E$45,000 placard is placed in the windshield.

As far as closer looks go, X drooling over the kitsch bodywork is how the K70 Nomad is mostly observed. Eventually getting a hold of themselves, X inspects it enough to conclude that it’s a lifted sport coupé with some rugged elements added on while the interior has cushy seating for three abreast, a surprisingly large cargo area, but fairly generic technological and safety features.

X deems the K70 Nomad worthy enough of a test drive even with the slightly lacking equipment. X gets a salesman this time with an explanation that the previous saleswoman is out for a long cigarette break. With that, X climbs into the low-slung coupé fires up the engine, and takes off from the lot to take over the Night City streets. After that relatively low speed handling test, X points the car to the highway, stops entirely, and then takes off at a blistering speed, smiling from ear to ear as the salesman appears to have his soul escape out of his anus. 0-100 km/h in 5s flat and eagerly climbing faster, X eventually lays off the gas when they remember that bribing their way out of a hefty speeding fine won’t leave them with enough money to purchase the K70. Returning to the lot, the salesman quickly staggers to the office, leaving X to consider the car. Beyond just being fast, this car was easy to drive and kept X comfortable while at it, and offered rather surprising amounts of practicality and utility features for a coupe even if they’re not quite amazing compared to larger vehicles. The downsides of the K70 are the okay but lower than expected sporting feel, the poor interior build quality, the lacking safety features, and the quite abysmal fuel economy of 18 MPG. With a heavy heart, X has to cross the AKANE K70 Nomad off their list as it turns out to be better suited as a piece of art to admire than a car for a Nomad.

@Xepy 2065 Helios Freecarrier Type-EO

After that wild ride, X looks around for something a little different and spots a 2065 Helios Freecarrrier Type-EO. A E$43,500 van has a lot of potential as a more direct replacement for the old Thorton so it’s worth having a look.

X initially admires the rugged neomilitarist styling. Such a pleasing design really makes it look capable, so it’s without surprise to see a rugged chassis beneath though the rear multilink suspension is rather unusual for a van. Inside, a cushy bench for three is the only seating paired with standard equipment and of course a cavernour cargo hold behind.

After that quick inspection X knows the Freecarrier is worth taking for a spin. X finds themselves with yet another salesman as they ease the tall van into traffic for their low speed part of the test. X eventually tried enough corners to know the van is wall planted and not likely to tip over, so they head to the highway and this time warn the salesman of their plan before they risk putting the entire salesstaff out of commission. The acceleration is surprising for a van, reaching 100 km/h in 7.3s, and feeling just as stable at high speeds as it did at low speeds. Having had enough, X uneventufully returns to the lot to take stock. What came out as really surprising was the ease of driving this van, it felt almost like an extension of X’s body with how predictable it was. The comfort of the whole thing was also unexpected, it could even be comparable to some luxury cars, while the utility aspects of a van just can’t be talked up enough. Yet another surprise was the average of 34 MPG X managed, as well as the full suite of safety features. As far as sour points, there’s not much, practicality isn’t stellar with having to climb up into the cabin and only having limited passenger space, while the agility was not great but a little better than expected for a van. X is going to keep the Helios Freecarrier Type-EO in mind.

@HybridTronny 2064 Cailloux Type 30B Adventure

Having returned the Voyager to its spot, X steps out and walks over to the medical yellow 2064 Cailloux Type 30B Adventure next to it. Listed at E$44,700, it seems like a decently capable small wagon.

The first thing that stands out when looking at the Type 30B is the yellow paint that looks straight off some generation 1 cyberware. Beyond that, the styling is profoundly European and its simplicity manages to be both modern and attractive. X has a look at the construction of it and it is definitely a regular car with an AWD drivetrain. The interior provides seating for five, decent cargo space, and a standard suite of features.

Everything points to X taking the Type 30B for a drive to see if it’s worth considering, so off they go to get the one salesman still at work. Leaving the lot for city driving, X immediately notices something special about the suspension of the car, it’s like driving on a cloud. Following some very smooth city driving, X heads toward the highway for high speed testing. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes a respectable 7.1s and is followed by a bit more driving before returning to the dealership. Where the Type 30B shines is the suspension and its very predictable driving. It manages to outshine the Freecarrier in that regard, as well as offering a slightly more dynamic driving experience and reasonable fuel economy between 31 and 32 MPG. Safety features are plenty and on the good side of average while the ease of access to the cabin and the practicality of the layout is also a solid point for the Type 30B, but it does lack in utility features by being a conventional small wagon. Also a negative is comfort; the suspension is just not enough to make up for the average interior. X decides to cross the Cailloux Type 30B from their list. All its car-like characteristics are outdone by a van that offers so much more utility.

@george_m997 2069 SSV Modul Type-H

The next vehicle in the lot that might be suitable for X’s needs is the 2069 SSV Modul Type-H listed at E$45,000. As a small and sporty hatchback it might offer what what they need from a car.

The neokitch styling of the Modul is not really to X’s liking. It gives off an aura of wealth that goes against Nomad sensibilities. Looking beyond the styling, X looks under the car and sees nothing unexpected for a hatch, while the interior offers seating for five, comfortable levels of equipment, and a small but passable cargo area.

X ultimately shakes their head and moves on. The neokitsch look is not what they’re looking for and the Modul Type-H doesn’t seem to offer enough otherwise to be worth dropping E$45,000 on.

X realises that all these test drives have made time fly and their stomach is rumbling for a meal. With that, they head off down the street to have lunch at a small eatery next to another dealership.


You cant be serious!!! It was at 550! Why must automation hurt me like this with resetting morphs :sob:

Edit : It turns out it wasn’t morphs resetting but a maths error in automation. The original calculations loaded were based off the standard morph.

Whilst these second stats are after nudging a morph to get it to recalculate.

This only appears to be the case for cars that are loaded after closing the game. When opening a car, closing, and opening again the stats seem to be fine.

Real shame to get binned in my first CSR since Bangkok, but at least it wasn’t an error by me. I really appreciate the kind words to my brick-like styling. I didn’t think of the police car role but it does make sense given I based it partly around the Robocop police cars.

Best of luck to everyone else though. Pretty much all the cars here fit the Cyberpunk aesthetic so well, and I can’t wait to see the winner get picked out of what looks to be a very competitive group.


Reviews Part II

@S31 2065 MAHG Gamma Mk3

With a full stomach, X walks up to the lot with a focus on 4x4s and sees a gigantic 2065 MAHG Gamma Mk3 on full display on the corner. What brings X in for a closer look is the surprisingly low price of E$39,600. This could very well be an SUV that offers more utility than X has ever dreamed of.

Standing next to the Gamma and it’s even bigger than X imagined. The vaguely kitsch styling is unusual for such a utilitarian vehicle but suits it well. Not having to strain themselves much, X looks over the undercarriage to see an even more rugged and solid construction than expected. It should definitely be able to handle the Badlands without any problems. The interior is unusual, with premium material and equipment for front passengers only as the rear doors open directly into the huge cargo area.

X has to take this for a spin as it seems to offer the best capabilities of both an SUV and a van. Quite literally climbing aboard, X leaves the lot with the saleswoman to start with taking this behemoth out on the city streets. After what can only be described as lumbering through the city streets, X brings the Gamma to a stop before flooring it while heading onto the highway. 0-100 km/h takes 8.1s, not much faster than the old Thorton. With high speed testing out of the way, X returns to the lot to take stock of the experience. First and foremost, safety features were second to none, as were the utility features and the nearly van-sized cargo area. Comfort was decent, seats were nice but the suspension offset that a bit. Where the Gamma struggled were the ease of entry and the practical features for occupents, mainly from the single row of seats. As expected fuel economy was poor, a measly 17 MPG, while it was not easy to drive and lacked any sort of agility. It should be able to handle itself much better out in the open Badlands. X figures it should make a decent replacement for the pickup, so they’ll keep it in mind.

@Flying_Reinbeers 2061 Helvete Interdiction

In the shadow of the Gamma sits a 2061 Helvete Interdiction listed at E$44,000 that X takes a look at. The styling is very soft and rounded like the FM Overlander and not much to their liking. That said, this one is apparently not on the market currently so X moves on.

Naming scheme not followed

@RAZR 2069 Aurora Nova Horüs H13-APS

The next thing to catch X’s eye is a 2069 Aurora Nova Horüs H13-APS listed at E$44,400. This strong looking neomilitarist design fits the bill but this is another one that X has personal experience with from their Nomad clan. While generally rugged and capable, the Nova Horüs has a horribly outdated and unreliable engine. This is not what X is looking for.

Single eco carb engine with several stressed parts, really?

@Stryder237 2066 Cutler Adiona

Parked next to the Nova Horüs is a gold 2066 Cutler Adiona shining in the sun. As a standard SUV X things it could be good for their needs and the E$41,600 price is attractive.

The customary visual inspection starts with looking over the details of the fairly neokitsch styling. Unlike the Modul Type-H this one is affordable and seemingly capable, even with the strangely small wheels. A glance underneath shows rather car-like engineering. Through the windows, X sees spacious cabin that seats five with premium materials and features, a very largo cargo area, but lacking safety features.

X decides that without having anything compelling enough to overshadow the missing safety features the Adiona is not worth more of their time.

@Mikonp7 2066 STAG MTMWV Secure

The last vehicle X looks at in this lot is the 2066 STAG MTMWV Secure listed at E$45,000. This behemoth of a thing looks like it can give even the Gamma a run for its money in terms of capabilities.

The first thing to strike X’s fancy is the rugged neomilitarist styling of the MTMWV. Just looking this way should make any Raffen Shiv think twice before trying anything even if this civilian model has no more armouring than any other car. An easy look at the undercarriage reveals a solid and rugged design not unlike the Gamma’s but with independent front suspension. Climbing up to see through the slim windows, X finds a sumptuously appointed interior for five and the expected cavernous cargo bay.

This one is definitely worth a test drive as a direct comparison to the Gamma, so off X goes to get the saleswoman once again. Leaving the lot in much the same manner as the Gammar, X takes the MTMWV onto the streets with no concern for bumps or curbs. X then heads for the highway and staying true to heavy vehicles, the acceleration test takes 7.9s. After enough highway driving to gauge the high speed characteristics, X returns to the dealership and climbs out with the saleswoman. Where the MTMWV shines best is the absolutely massive cargo area, larger than even the Freecarrier, and its impressive list of safety features even if lagging behind the Gamma a bit in that regard. Also pretty good was the comfort, let down slightly by the suspension, and the utility features. Practical features are decent but the difficulty of needing to literally climb into the vehicle hamper it. The average fuel economy barely made it above 16 MPG and while it was a little easier to drive than the Gamma it was another lumbering beast with absolutely no agility that should be able to handle any terrain in the Badlands. X decides that the STAG MTMWV Secure is worth considering alongside the Gamma as a direct replacement to their old pickup. With that decided, they walk off in the direction of another lot.

@Wachu 2063 Legenda Speedwagon

The first car to strike X’s fancy at this lot is the 2063 Legenda Speedwagon. There have not been too many wagons offering the right equipment so far and this E$45,000 looks like one that offers sportscar levels of performance.

The sleek design and styling makes it look fast even when standing still though it does not look ready to go offroad beyond an increased ride height and some plastic cladding. The underbody is pretty standard except for a surprisingly utilitarian chassis design. A look through the slim windows reveals an unusual design with a central driving position and two passenger seats behind it. The seats are comfortably appointed, the onboard equipment is standard fare, and the cargo area is quite spacious.

X heads over to the showroom to find a salesman in order to take the Speedwagon for a test drive. Once buckled in, X speeds out of the lot and on to the nearest highway. Knowing to warn the salesman beforehand, they bring the Speedwagon to a stop, put the pedal to the metal, and get forced back into their seat as the Speedwagon stays true to its name, hitting 100 km/h in a blistering 4.2s and with no sign of slowing down. X eventually brings it back down to a more reasonable speed for the highway driving portion of their test before heading back onto city streets to gauge the car at lower speeds. Returning to the lot, X is still feeling that high of the acceleration and the thought of that tantalising 330 km/h mark on the speedometer.Beyond the impressive speeds on tap, the Speedwagon is also the most agile car so far, easily able to carve its way around corners with little effort on the part of the driver. Also to be commended are the safety and practicality features as well as the quite spacious trunk for a performnace car. Where the Speedwagon isn’t quite as good are the lacking utility features and the very average 24 MPG it returned. That said, the Legenda Speedwagon is still in X’s pool of cars to consider as a fast and somewhat efficient new car.

@Marv666 2067 AutoDelta Wanderer

Back at the lot, X wanders over to the 2067 AutoDelta Wanderer. To say this thing has an ass like a Braindance pornstar would be an understatement. While the design elements are quite attractive, the proportions seem quite odd to them even if the trunk is clearly big enough to handle a lot of junk.

As strange of a car as it is, X recalls someone having one and that the engine was completely overengineered to be of any use to anyone without access to a fully decked out repair shop.

Engine ET well above the limit.

@Ikaros Taxi

Walking away from the Wanderer, X nearly bumps into an even more protruding trunk on a seemingly new red taxi sitting in the lot. This platform over a century old is not what they’re looking for, not to mention that they don’t think it’s even for sale.

Naming scheme not followed, model year set to 1968, too low of load capacity.

@Quneitra 2070 RUSDAG Groundmaster

In the shade cast by the Wander’s and taxi’s trunks sits a 2070 RUSDAG Groundmaster with a E$44,700 sticker price. X has a look at the aggressively styled wagon that looks like it could be a high performance replacement to the old Thorton without too small a trunk.

The first critique X has is the bold yet incongruous styling that makes each end look like it belongs on a different car. Taking a look at the underbody reveals a pretty standard setup, so the Groundmaster might not be that much of a performance machine. The interior seats four with an unusually basic back seat for a wagon but premium level materials and equipment. The trunk is much smaller than X expected for a wagon, however.

X decides that the styling is too unusual for their tastes seeing as the general inspection of the car does not show it to be outstanding enough in terms of engineering to compensate.

@variationofvariables 2061 Bayside Lagoon 4DRVE ADVANCE

The 2060 Bayside Lagoon 4DRVE ADVANCE is the next car that X wanders over to see. The striking muscle car looks promising for the fast approach to scavenging and the E$40,000 is quite enticing.

As X looks over the bodywork they consider how rugged the Lagoon looks for a muscle car, almost as if it was designed to go after Nomad sensibilities. The beautiful styling is aggressive and sporty at the same time and it seems to hold a spacious trunk. Looking at the underbody reveals a traditional ladder chassis, something that can help X easily turn this car into an offroad monster. The cabin has average seating for four, advanced equipment levels, but is lacking in safety features.

After deciding that the Lagoon can possibly make up with the missing safety features with its other qualities, X goes back to showroom to find the salesman again. Climbing in, X rips out of the lot albeit at a lower speed than the Speedwagon. The customary acceleration test revealed that the Lagoon will hit 100 km/h in a quick 6.3s. X drives on the highway for a bit and then returns to city streets for a better test of the handling before finally returning the car to the lot. To go with the decently fast acceleration, X averaged a decent 24 MPG and the ease of driving the car was pretty average as well. Where the Lagoon shined was in its agility, not to the level of the Speedwagon but better than the others so far. Beyond that, the practicality of the car was pretty average while the comfort was not great but not terrible. The sore points were the practicality non-existant utilitarian qualities along with lacklustre safety features. X decides that the Bayside Lagoon 4DRVE ADVANCE is not suited for them even with that menacing muscle car aura.

@Vena.Sera423 @66mazda 2060 RCN Chase 38 tra AWD

After their verdict on the Lagoon, X heads toward a small wagon on the lot. The 2060 RCN Chase 38 tra AWD is listed at E$43,800 and looks unusual to say the least.

Looking over the car, X can’t help but cringe at the random assortment of fins covering the bodywork of some vaguely neokitsch design that looks nothing like what they’ve seen before. A look under has X see that it’s a conventional car setup, while a look inside shows premium seating for five, good levels of equipment, a good cargo bay, and some missing safety features.

X decides quickly this is not the car for them, the styling is just too strange and haphazard.

@goblin95 2060 Ursus Voyager

The next vehicle X takes a look at is the 2060 Ursus Voyager listed at E$38,000. It’s an attractive and rugged van that looks like it can handle rough terrain as well as it can handle a large load.

The styling definitely falls into the neomilitaristic ideal, something X finds fitting for a purely utilitarian vehicle, and it’s really quite attractive as far as vans go. Looking underneath, they spot a solid axle to carry the heavy loads it can no doubt fit in the cargo area. A look through the few windows showcase a surprisingly well appointed cabin with a bench seat and the requisite cavernous cargo area.

Before deciding on a test drive, X figures it’s worth comparing the Voyager directly with the oh-so-similar Freecarrier. While cheaper, the Voyager seems to be worse in every way that matters to X except for slightly better acceleration and top speed. After some consideration, X decides that it’s not quite enough of a performance improvement to make it a contender, and so with that they hail a cab to head to the next lot.

@abg7 @Marcus_gt500 2062 Bridgell-Hampton Brambler

The first vehicle to stand out at on this lot is the 2062 Bridgell-Hampton Brambler with a E$41,100 sticker price. It’s another attractive SUV on the smaller end of the spectrum that seems like it can strike a balance between performance and capabilities.

The first aspect of the visual inspection is the style and X is a fan of the rugged and neomilitarist look of it, along with the asymmetric fascias. The engineering is as rugged as the styling, with a glance under the body revealing a ladder chassis with a solid rear axle to handle anything the Badlands can throw at it. Inside is seating for five, a large cargo area, and standard equipment throughout.

X looks around for a salesperson to set up a test drive of the Brambler. Once all is set up, X and the salesman climb aboard. With the highway onramp across the street, X tells the salesman to brace himself as they floor it onto the ramp. 0-100 km/h takes 8.3s, barely edging out the old Thorton’s time, as X have a go at high speed with the Brambler. Following that test, they return to city streets until they feel satisfied with their impression before returning to the car lot and giving their verdict. The Brambler offers a number of practicality features and surprising ease of access for an SUV, along with the large for its size cargo area. The 22 MPG fuel economy is nothing to write home about and neither was the ease of driving it or its agility, albeit it’s not terrible. Where the Brambler showed its weakness is in the safety features and the comfort, where both were quite comparable to the much cheaper VehiCROSS. X ponders on the Bridgell-Hampton Brambler for a bit. It’s a very attractive SUV but it’s also very average, a kind of middle ground between a direct replacement for the Thorton and a smaller replacement that makes up for it in efficiency and performance. The Brambler is just too much of a compromise vehicle for X to consider it further.

@CriticalSet9849 2066 Morton SV-66X

After returning the Brambler, X heads over to the shiny purple 2066 Morton SV-66X on the lot. This one really looks like it puts the ‘Sport’ in ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ and the E$44,100 price is within their budget.

The customary look over starts with the styling that mixes enough neokitsch with neomilitarism to look both fast and capable. The asymmetry is pleasing to X, while the engineering aspects that can be see from a look under show the design to be more sport than utility. A look inside reveals sumptuous seating for five and a wide assortment of equipment as well as a decent cargo area.

X returns to the same salesman to take this one for a spin too. Once they’re both settled in, X takes off from the lot and onto the highway, hitting 100 km/h in a fairly impressive 6.8s. X drives around the highways for a bit before returning to city streets and getting a decent idea of all the driving characteristics. Once back at the lot, X sees the SV-66X got a quite impressive fuel economy a little over 33 MPG. It also offered a good ease of driving, making it seem more like a hatchback than an SUV, as well as good enough agility to go with that. The interior also has nice features the salesman showed off, from the good safety suite to the impressive practical elements and acceptable utility features to go with the decently spacious cargo area. The best interior feature was the comfort levels, X felt like they were sitting in a luxury cars the whole time. With that there isn’t much to let it down, it seems to be a solid middle ground contender than the Brambler failed to be. The Morton SV-66X will need further consideration.

@titleguy1 2068 Okajima Autechre_45

A bright blue and metallic 2068 Okajima Autechre_45 listed at E$43,500 is the next car to get X’s attention. This large hatchback is more affordable than it looks and could potentially work for a quick and agile vehicle.

The most striking element of this car is the neokitsch styling on something so affordable. While this type of style isn’t to X’s tastes, in this application with some subtle asymmetry it isn’t bad. As expected when looking at the underbody, the construction on the Autechre_45 is that of a conventional car while a look inside reveals premium seating for four with typical equipment and a cargo area fitting such a car.

X figures it’s worth giving this one a chance to prove itself, so they’re off to get the salesman once again. Figuring this one will be fast, X makes sure the salesman is well braced before taking off. Putting their foot to the floor, X is launched into the back of the seat as the Autechre_45 is launched onto the highway, reaching 100 km/h in an impressive 4.4s. Following that exhilitaring display, X takes pleasure in pushing the car on the highway to get a feel for it at speed before taking the ramp and trying it out at more sensible speeds. As X parks the car they see the quite impressive fuel economy nearing 34 MPG. It’s certainly unexpected with that level of performance. Controlling said performance was pretty average, though the agility of the car is only beat by the Speedwagon and only just. Also to note is the good levels of practical and safety features. Where the Autechre_45 does not shine so bright is the not so good comfort and utility features when compared to most of the competition and the okay sized trunk. X decides that the Speedwagon is overall the better candiate for a fast car, so the Okajima Autechre_45 will not be considered.

@Aruna 2070 Kyung-Yeong Sayuti 280L

Returning from that quick drive, X looks for something different and the 2070 Kyung-Yeong Sayuti 280L sitting on the lot with a price of E$42,600 is a radical opposite. With a look not unlike the MTMWV, X can only assume it will be very capable.

The first comment from X is about the minimalist styling that straddles the line between neomilitarist and neokitsch with a bit of asymmetry that feels very forced. They’re not sure quite how to feel about it but they do know it looks rugged. An easy look under shows a solid chassis design but an unusual choice of rear multilink suspension for such a vehicle. Inside, X finds seating for five with average equipment levels and of course the huge cargo area.

Before opting for a test drive, X brings up a comparison with the 2066 STAG MTMWV Secure since they’re so similar. The Sayuti offers better safety equipment and comfort at a lower price, but then the MTMWV offers substantially more cargo room and performance while only consuming a little more fuel, not to mention the styling is more to X’s liking. And so X moves on, already having a similar vehicle to consider.

@EnCR 2062 Avantii HSK100

Moving from one SUV to another, X has a look at the 2062 Avantii HSK100 listed for E$42,900. While smaller than the Sayuti it has a more rugged look to it that X finds promising.
Starting with the looks as usual, X admires the rugged neomilitarist design that already looks like it belongs in the Badlands. What does dampen the styling is the wheels that look almost comically undersized for the vehicle. A look underneath shows a solid chassis and a rear solid axle, so maybe it can handle itself well enough. Inside is premium seating for five with equipment to match and a smaller than expected cargo bay.

X passes up on driving this one too, already having tried out similar vehicles that seem to offer better capabilities than the HSK100.

@Executive 2061 Hakaru Presage

Hidden from sight by the large SUVs is a 2061 Hakaru Presage listed at E$44,200. While fairly small and unassuming, X sees the ride height as a hint that it might be able to handle itself decently well in the Badlands.

Having a closer look, X has a flashback of being younger and trying to help a an older friend work on theirs. The mechanics are pretty good but the car itself is just overly finnicky to work on out in the desert.

Trim ET above the limit.

@Aaron.W 2069 Tanaka XV-40

A black and blue 2069 Tanaka XV-40 with a price of E$45,000 catches X’s eye a little further down the lot. All the plastic cladding on this station wagon suggests that it’s the trim that can handle some more rugged terrain.

The first thing to comment on is the styling, it’s not quite neokitsch but has a certain soft and sleek look to it that X isn’t really a fan of. A look underneath shows a typical car that’s been outfitted with some skid plates and tougher suspension pieces. Inside, X finds average seating for five, average equipment levels, and average cargo space.

All in all, the XV-40 doesn’t seem to offer very much for how much it costs and the odd styling isn’t going to be swaying X into trying it out.

@Repti 2068 Rhisuki Kuesa XRA

Behind the XV-40 is another coupe, a 2068 Rhisuki Kuesa XRA listed at an enticing E$42,100. X has seen a few capable coupes so far, so they might as well look this one over too.

Starting the customary visual inspection with the styling, X finds that it’s quite tame for a coupe, more like Presage, but that it still has a bit of a menacing aura that they like. Looking underneath, X sees that there’s nothing about this car making it fit for the Badlands. Just AWD isn’t enough for their needs.

Does not meet minimum offroad score.

@ACoolCrab @Ryan93 2069 Spector V8

X has a look at another coupe, this time a bright yellow 2069 Spector V8. This seems to be a comparable muscle car to the Lagoon, even with the radically different styling and higher price of E$44,700.

Having a closer look, X can’t help but turn up their nose a little at the rather simple and neokitsch styling of the car. The overall shape is appealing enough for that to not be a deal breaker quite yet. Glancing down at the underbody, X sees a conventional car setup showing that the increased ride height is the only real capability. Taking a look inside, well appointed seating for four with equipment to match fill the cabin. Based on the design X can only assume the trunk is large enough for their needs.
Ultimately, the Spector manages to be outdone in practically every way by the Autechre_45 while the Lagoon makes up for its slower acceleration by offering better listed fuel economy. The Spector seems like a good car but it’s not the car for X.

@TheTechnoVampire 2065 Kazuki Kryton

Nearing the back of the lot, X finds another yellow car, this one a 2065 Kazuki Kryton with a price of E$44,100. This fairly large hatchback looks unassuming but X knows that it can still pack a punch.

The styling is the first thing X is having a look at and while simplistic, they like it, especially with the asymmetry thrown in. The styling is that of a quite mundane car, neither of high performance nor high capability, so having a look under X is surprised to see a chassis not unlike several of the vans and SUVs they’ve looked at but with everything else being fitting for a car. Taking a look through the windows, they seat well appointed seating for five, average levels of equipment and safety features, and a decent but smaller than expected trunk.

X decides the Kryton is not for them, what with the missing safety features and no other readily compelling features to make up for it.

@hugotronix04 2070 HOS Night Cruiser V8

X reaches the back of the lot and what they figure should be the last car to look at. The dark 2070 HOS Night Cruiser V8 looks more like a gang boss car than something for the Badlands but X figures they might as well have a look since they can just afford the E$44,900 price.

The styling is quite noemilitarist and asymmetrical, something X likes a lot, but it seems that the trunk is unfortunately too small for their needs. At this point it’s been a long day so it’s time for X to get some supper and consider their short list of candidates.

Does not meet the minimum cargo volume.

Congratulations to @mart1n2005 @Xepy @S31 @Mikonp7 @Wachu @CriticalSet9849 for making it onto X’s short list. A final verdict will soon be reached for what they’ll be dropping their Eddies on.