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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


The 2001 Pradaj Shiva

A new Suit for an old Friend

The Shiva has been around for 16 years now, and its popularity simply doesn’t wane - hardly a surprise considering that with its 7,920 ATM sticker price, it competes in a segment populated mainly by minute bubbles on wheels. No such parsimony here - We at Pradaj offer you a proper coupe with classic lines, tried-and-true mechanicals and a decent amount of space for four plus luggage.

The front and rear fascia has been thoroughly reworked to look like something from our day and age, as has the venerable 1.7L I4, which has been fitted with an advanced multiport fuel injection to produce an honest 75 HP while making do with just 7.9L/100km.

Visit your Pradaj dealer today and ask us for a test drive!

EDIT: Due to an unexpected and significant increase in supplier prices and the fact that our supplier of CD-Players had to file for bankruptcy, the specifications of the 2001 Pradaj Shiva had to be altered slightly. So regrettably, the airbags and the CD-player had to go - but hey, this made the Shiva lighter, so it accelerates even better now! Anyway, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.


The friggin total engineering units are royally screwing me over :sweat: :gun:


The ABR Coyote RC 1500T

When you are REALLY ready to join the upper class!

The budget option for a proper peterolhead! Stand out in the crowd with this amazing new model from ABR. After a long hibernation period we are back, and with a BANG! (Literally, after performing some testing for this new model)

With this rear-engined, RWD coupe you get a whooping 121hp, 2+2 seats and handling to match, reaching well over 1g’s in the corners. Weighing in at just over 900kgs you are in for a treat. Visit your closest dealership for a testdrive today


East Asia is a new market.
East Asia has lots of new buyers.
New buyers who have no experience of buying from a company that is built on selling cars to gullible buyers.

Of course Alstrena is going to be there!

The terribly dreary 1989 original, sold to people who for some absurd reason wanted that late-80s American simple-looking styling on a big “luxury” car.

Click for larger images.

This is exploitative cynicism at its finest.


2002 BürgerFahrzeug MeinMein

Why change what already works ?
Refitted for the roads of today.
Now with CD Player, Power Steering and ABS!
1.8L of Sport V6

BürgerFahrzeug - From the People, for the People


Alstrena is quickly becoming one of my favorite car companies :joy:


It looks… Promissing… :joy:


Never seen a UE4 Alstrena, but this one looks decent.


And this is what he needs!

The 新运动员 (Xīn yùndòngyuán, meaning New Athlete)

Bringing out China’s finest muscle automobiles, developed indigenously with full in-house engineering, this is a sports car for the masses of Asia.

Sporting a 1.7L OHC flatplane V8 with superior performance, you can leave all your enemies drooling in desire and enmity as you speed away.

You could be the new best athlete.


After seeing the last set of entrants I have no idea what this round is about anymore.


Pure memes and dicking about.


MY2004 Bogliq Seoul

A simple sports coupe to attract the buyer who wants basic transportation with svelte lines, the 2004 Seoul is the ultimate expression of “To polish a turd”…

Simple technology has been chosen throughout to reduce production costs with the only compromise to cost reduction being confined to the quality of the panel gaps and some under bonnet ducting.

So, if you want a stylish coupe and you want your car to last longer than three years then visit your friendly Bogliq dealer today!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


That powertrain is… more miserable than that of (no longer) my Lanos :joy:


Mine is a 1.0L 12V SOHC triple with SPFI (for cost reasons), and hence feels gutless (as most other entries do), but it’s in a lighter car and still yields decent economy.


Unfortunately… :flushed:


Originally designed as a city car for the streets of Torino, The Giusseppe G-120 was a slice of Italy determined to be in as many garages as possible.

However, realizing that there were many people who could not afford a slice of Italy, the marketing department asked the engineers at Giusseppe to tone down and strip down their entry level model to something more economical; thus the G-120 ECO was born.
Yes, it’s 1 liter 3 cylinder engine produces 25% less horsepower, and the accoutrements are not nearly as nice, but it still is a pleasure to drive on the crowded streets of Yangon. Center mounted console allows for easy conversion between left hand, and right hand drive; allowing Giusseppe to market to other burgeoning car markets, or maybe markets where the economy has left some without the means to otherwise afford an Italian city car. The G-120 ECO retails with the slimmest of markups for $7040.


The late 90s and the early noughties was a time when, short on money, Matteo Miglia turned the attentions of his firm to making sporty on a really tight budget. Most of the time this meant cutting costs and using less material in the panels, which lead to a few build quality issues which one might be tempted to refer to as “character”. Because they were Italian. For Matteo this was a big step from his previous determination to have the ingenuity of engineering be reflected by reliability as well as performance, but when one did the numbers and refused to compromise on the drivetrain or the handling, the deficit had to be made up somewhere, right? And if really flimsy panels meant less weight, maybe that would be killing two birds with one stone. With this in mind, such models as the Excelsior Rosso Corsa were born: cars that were far faster than they had any business to be for the price point. Add to this that Matteo’s (correct) projection that they would need to increase volume and market exposure if they were to survive the next ten years, and the MM car range started showing signs of significant lateral thinking to challenge specific international markets, like the Kei car, the Espresso.

The Scatola (literally: crate, box) was no exception, but for the fact the trim shown here is not the main trim. The main trims were peppy but otherwise not insensible city cars, which by far had the greatest impact in two seat, courier form. Both nimble and frugal, they became popular among small business that did delivery, thus becoming a recognised fast-food delivery mascot. But in that form they hardly lit the enthusiast stage.

MM would not be denied. Enter the Scatenato (literally: unhinged, insane). This was all the corners that could possibly be cut, were cut. The engine had a turbo slapped on it and was tuned to the maximum. Instead of the plate mount a vent for the turbo housing was specifically created. The bodywork was lightened, the suspension lowered to a ride height somewhere around racing car level. The seat configuration was altered so the driver was placed front and center, and if one must one could bring friends in the back. At just 670kg and packing 125hp, rocking special semi-slick wheels to pull 1.22g on the skidpan, it was a go-kart on steroids and as a batshit crazy enthusiast car it made good on its promise of being unbelievably fast. Think under 6s to 100km/h, a quarter mile in 14s fast, and faster still in the corners.

I don’t think for a moment that this is the right car for our client. But the idea is just so nuts and this car is just so visceral chew-you-up-and-spit-you-out that our client will feel compelled to at least give it a spin. Nothing will ever feel quite the same afterward.


Pulo Bibi

is car.


buy please.


Ring-a-ding ding, 12 hours until deadline!

Apologies for the shorter than usual entry window, just giving myself more than enough time just in case

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