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The Efficient Future - Make the Best of it Competition


Time to make a futuristic economical, practical GT that can offroad...whelp :laughing:


Fine, I'll raise you! Let's see Clarkson get 40mpg in his 400km/h hypercar!!!

(Hint: when 40mpg you are trying to attain in a hypercar, maximum power output is kind of limited. I had to pull out all the tricks in the book to get 40mpg in a car that goes around the ring in under 7 minutes. Barely.)


I'd just do what all manufacturers do - lie :smiley:


That is the beauty of Automation: You can manipulate the engineering, but you can't fudge the figures!


hahahha nailed it!


So... how thick IS the aluminum foil you're using for the body? and where did you steal the milk cra... er... I mean seats from? :laughing:


The momet when you shave 15sec of GH time with few simple steps but than realize you are still 1.5min behind strop


Sorry about that, should be fixed now.

Also, I have the first 6 entries in and calculated. 24 slots remain, I look forward to further submissions and the review...

We've got a great lineup so far, I'm excited!


I can get a sub-10 minute Green Hell time with 100+ MPG costing less than 100k. In 2016. I have a few cars to choose from for this competition, the hard part is deciding which one.



A true ultimate sports car for the 2020s, the most driveable and economical hypercar to ever come from GG! Have they taken leave of their senses?

[size=85]That said, I highly doubt my car will be nearly as 'green' as others. I'm just pleased it uses less gas than my current real daily drive.[/size]


I have to say, that is a seriously cool design, Strop!


It looks menacing. I wish I had the visionary foresight to crank out cool designs on my cars.


The 2020 Solo Wolf BM Eco!

Yours for only $28,710 and getting the best mileage of any large gasoline-only sedan, guaranteed! It's the perfect large family car for your family with its comfortably appointed interior, plenty of space, and without having to pay any displacement or emissions taxes while getting well above 50 MPG, it costs less than $1800 per year to run! Also included are rear suicide doors and the new Solo handle-less door designs. Just press a button or use your fob to open the doors, perfect when you have your hands full. Don't be fooled by the Eco designation, this sedan is also fairly sporty, with a top speed of 220 km/h to make the most of the new super highways, and managing a Green Hell time at the low end of 10 minutes.


Thats a looker!


Not knowing weight of categories in the scoring is killing me. Should I go for that heavy advanced safety? Is premium HUD worth it? so many dilemmas....


For 63690$ you will be able to travel more than 300 km/h in Smooth E-fura Exec and getting 40MPG.


kay. who's going full bonkers? and on what?
i managed to make something feasible that is priced at sub-50k, but gets more than 94mpg :smiley:

at the cost of everything else though.


I made a 100 MPG sportscar costing around 80k. It's not a big hit in the markets and is not a supercar (0-100 in just over 9 seconds, top speed just under 200), but yeah, to get that 100 MPG I made major performance sacrifices. I ultimately chose to submit a more "realistic" car as far as current markets. Performance is lower than what you'd expect in the present, but over 50 MPG from a non-hybrid large sedan is pretty good without making too many sacrifices.


I sorta went "We need a sporty luxury sedan"


Finally, I've reached what I can call a first prototype.

The eventual evolution of GG's first "reasonable" hypercar, Salamander, this pint-sized concept aims to express what high performance of the future should be. Contained within the simple pleasure of a small two seater sports car is the absolute pinnacle of aerodynamic science. The bodywork has been carefully shaped to redirect flow over and within the car's monocoque tubular structure. To manage internal flow are a splitter with active air dam, flexible wings and vortex generating canards on the front (but engineered to mitigate pedestrian impact). The bottom is fully shear but air escaping to the sides are promptly sucked into the NACA style vents on the flared arches. Air turbulence from the rear wheels is redirected through well hidden rear canards. The largely open space around the engine bay allows free flow through the bay, and over an F1-style two-tier rear diffuser with aerodynamic inserts. But most interestingly, Kelpie takes a leaf out of the 918's book and has the exhaust outlet facing rearwards, on the boot lid (this one was particularly tricky to get ratified by Vehicle Standards: ADR). This reduces drag by disrupting the attached layer of planar air flow over the top bodywork with a high velocity airstream directed directly at the rear wing. Furthermore, independent active flaps on the rear body can further direct air to the wing.

Magnesium block manufacture being made a practical reality in Australia through ongoing environmental technical research, the lightweight 2.2L bi-turbo V6 produces 470hp, propelling Kelpie's ultra-light weight of just 890kg through the 0-100 in less than 3 seconds on sports tyres, through the quarter mile in under 10 seconds, and around Green Hell in under 7 minutes. Yet with the help of a cruising overdrive gear, it can attain greater than 40mpg. All this, without resorting to heavy electric engines or the additional manufacturing complications and integration of hybrid systems. And with a total emissions rating of just 12, this car makes a strong case for the viability of the green hypercar.

EDIT: stupid lower canard vanished! I'll have to put it back on...