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The Efficient Future - Make the Best of it Competition


Hello Everyone!

This will be my first time hosting a competition, so please bear with me. I wanted to do something somewhat unique to keep things interesting, so here’s what I’ve got…

[size=150]The Efficient Future - Make the Best of it Competition[/size]
The year is 2020. The Green Parties have taken over in all of your primary markets, thus significantly shifting the demand for cars based on certain regulations. Those regulations involve extremely heavy taxation of vehicles that have high emissions and low gas mileage. Traditionally, your car company focuses on the average to above average income consumer which is the market this competition will focus on. You know your customers still love their sport cars, sports sedans, big family cars, etc. However, can you make good, well rounded cars that excel at maximizing fuel economy and minimizing emissions? The public wants it all!

Instead of focusing on setting minimums for you to follow in many categories, I will allow you to submit any car that abides by the following rules:
[ul]]Market Price @ 10% Markup: $15,000 to $150,000/:m]
]No Race Headers, Race Intakes, or Semi-Slick Tires (ie Must be street legal)/:m]
]Loudness must be under 50 (Again, street legal)/:m]
]No Ultimate or Leaded Fuels (In your markets, Super Fuel is widely available, and there’s no penalty to use it)/:m]
]Car must be complete in terms of fixtures, and street legal (Headlights, Tail Lights, Door Handles, Indicators, cooling, etc)/:m]
]One submission per user/:m]
]All submissions must be completed by End of Day on February 15th Forum Time (If there is a change or extension, it will be posted here)/:m]
]All Steam Mods are allowed/:m][/ul]

This is where this gets interesting. I have created an excel spreadsheet with an overly complicated point based system that assigns points on a non-linear scale. The scales vary from stat to stat, but I’ve tried to balance them to give many different types of cars a chance. Meaning, if you’re car is extremely good in a heavily weighted category, it will get a LOT of bonus points, where a car that’s just average in that category may get a small amount of points, then a car that does REALLY BAD in that category would get penalties, or just no extra points at all. The idea is this is a crazy, volatile future market. There are a lot of different approaches that can be taken. My best recommendation is to really focus on the premise and the idea of having a well balanced car that has a few significant strengths to get those bonus points. I am trying to think of ways to encourage really creative thinking in your design. The catch is that you don’t know exactly how things are weighted. Though in the next sections, I will tell you the categories that do matter.

What categories Matter
In no paricular order, here are the criteria that your cars will be judged on:
]Average Reliability (On Final Overview Tab)/:m]
]Top Speed/:m]
]Track Times on Airfield and Green Hell/:m]
]Market Price/:m]
]Running Cost/:m][/ul]

The final score is intended to weight how well your car would do overall in the whole marketplace of this 2020 future economy. Remember, being green is very important, but you’ll need to do more than just build an ultra green machine to win. This scoring should make things really interesting, as in some cases, it heavily weighs outliers.

PM me your submission before you post about it, please. You don’t need to wait for approval, but please PM the car to me, then you can post whatever you’d like about it! You can reveal as much as you want to the public before the results, or nothing at all, it’s your choice. Please use the export function, and use the TEF - ‘company name’ ‘car name’ naming system so I can keep all the competition submissions together easily. Upon receiving your car, I will load it into the game, then enter all the relevant stats from the car into the excel spreadsheet.

The competition will be closed early if it hits the 30 submission maximum!

I am sure this “algorithm” I am using to calculate the car scores is not perfect. It’s not meant to be. It’s representing a very chaotic market, and hopefully will give us some very interesting results. If your score drops below zero, your car fails. The only way this should happen is if you really muck up! If this is the case, I will let you know the car failed, and tell you the primary stat that caused it to fail. But I will not provide any more info than that, as to keep it as fair as possible. Everyone is to be kept in the dark about the exact scoring system until the competition has been closed. I will do my best not to make anyone mad, though I don’t think anything will. Once this is posted, the excel algorithms will not change unless there is a massive bug found and I will inform everyone if that is the case. There will be no bias based on the person submitting, car looks, or any of that in terms of the score raking. However, mentioning of the car’s aesthetic may be part of the final write-up. No information about scoring will be PM’ed to anyone!

Presentation of Results
Once the competition ends, there will be subjective reviewing, then a posting of the objective results. You will get to see the final scores, though it may be a bit crude looking, we’ll see. I do not plan on revealing the formulas used to calculate scores, though you will see the scores from the competition and the scores Automation generated. The subjective results will give at least 2-3 paragraphs about each car, but the top 5 to 10 will get a more detailed review.

Accepted Submissions
Format: Username - Company - Car
1. cpufreak101 - Galt Automotive - Gemini
2. Vri404 - Denki Hogo-Sha - AMU-O
3. CadilacDave - CMC - Efficiano
4. Squidhead - Kraft Haus Technic - EconoLiner
5. HighOctaneLove - Bogliq Automotive - Bogliq Slyde
6. Boksi - Automurdermotive - Ged Guma
7. Lordvader1 - LV Motors - Eco Sporty
8. Slax - MacGillan - E-Spike
9. VicVictory - Ardent - Kestrel LS-T
10. thecarlover - Wolf - BM Eco
11. AirJordan - Smooth - Alpha_GT
12. DeusExMackia - Erin - Nardella Mk2
13. Strop - Gryphon Gear - Kelpie
14. earincon198 - Ignis - Stella R200
15. Asdren - Asdren - Revera XR
16. robt100 - robt100 - EcoPlus
17. harizvet1 - Infinity Motor - RS 330
18. Zabhawkin - DMA - CF120
19. Puffster - ABR - Rhino Night
20. Koolkei - Komodo Motors - LEAFCO 5429

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and feel free to post any questions! I will do my best to answer without revealing too many details about scoring. Please post any questions that aren’t specific to your entry publicly, as you will not receive these types of answers privately. Gotta keep it fair! Good luck!

Reviews under way! Links will be created on each entry as the reviews are completed.

Automation Board Challenge Tracker

looks fun, if only there was a more recent pickup truck body, oh well, i’ll think of something to do

EDIT: what are the allowed mods? (please say steam workshop mods)


based on how the OP is written
i’m going to speculate some things:

extremely scored: economy (d’oh), reliability
heavily scored: drivability, sportiness, emissions, market price, running cost
normally scored: everything speed related
lightly scored: comfort, practicality, utility and other stuff

if anyone want to add in or correct me on this, it would be awesome :slight_smile:


Looks interesting! I’m also hoping mods are allowed, mainly for the extra modern bodies.


[quote=“koolkei”]based on how the OP is written
i’m going to speculate some things:

extremely scored: economy (d’oh), reliability
heavily scored: drivability, sportiness, emissions, market price, running cost
normally scored: everything speed related
lightly scored: comfort, practicality, utility and other stuff

if anyone want to add in or correct me on this, it would be awesome :slight_smile:[/quote]

Not a bad speculation. The answer is:

Kind Of, Maybe, Sort of…

I hope that helps! :smiley:


Yes, all Steam Workshop mods are allowed. :sunglasses:


ah, good, if that’s the case i have a submission completed already
EDIT: not revealing too much, but i can give out the design…


Right. Time to make a fuel efficient hypercar :laughing:


@strop way ahead of you. i was was trying to make a sub-1liter hypercar some weeks back… not exactly easy…


Here is the CMC Efficiano LXI, a somewhat efficient 1.8L luxury sedan.


Denki Hogo-Sha AMU-O SQ-R-20.

The Machine with a hell of a load of Hyphens in its name.

Also, The Engine is a secret.


It is also very wide.

and Beige


55 MPG from a large sedan without being anemic, or make something smaller and more efficient… Decisions, decisions…


Efficiency is just as much about right-sizing as any other application!

I mean I’ve already got 2016 Salamander, an 800hp sub 7-minute on Green Hell sports tyres hypercar that gets better than 20mpg. It’s time to see how far I can push that. The question is: what’s the greatest fuel efficiency with which I can still achieve a <7 minute lap?


Thanks for the participation, guys. Keep them coming! At this rate, we’ll have 30 before the 2/15/16 deadline!


Small Error with my company name and car. The Company is Denki Hogo-Sha, The Car is the AMU-O.


Kind Of, Maybe, Sort of…[/quote]


Presenting the 2020 Bogliq Slyde!!!

Built to homologate and commemorate Bogliq’s involvement in the international drift scene, the Bogliq Slyde is a wannabe drifter’s wet dream; powerful, RWD and cheap!

Plus, since it’s a current model, the Slyde will be eligible for the highest levels of D1 for many years to come…

Brash. Bold. Bogliq! :sunglasses: :ugeek: :sunglasses:


I feel like my car is going to fail me in the MPG area


So it is possible to get a sub 150k “hypercar” that does Green Hell in under 7 minutes to get better than 30mpg :open_mouth:


That is exactly what I haven’t done :smiley: It seems Strop is a lot like Clarkson sometimes - “If i do 400 kph I spend less time burning fuel during my journey - thus ECONOMY!” :smiley: