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Automation Board Challenge Tracker


After earlier discussion on the lapse rate of forum competitions, I felt that it would help if we had a way to tell which was what without having to go through each thread and sift through all the posts, just in case the host vanishes/forgets to be organised :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a tracking list of the Automation challenges that are currently thought to be running, with their last known status. If you're unsure about what's going on or what you took part in, and when to expect results, this may help. If you're wondering whether a challenge is dead or not and the status is unknown, that means it hasn't been updated in at least a week or more, and it would be quite reasonable to enquire/remind directly. If you are a host and you see a lot of unknown tags next to your tournaments, you better clear those up ASAP. If you wish to offer corrections or suggestions, just reply to this thread! I may have omitted your thread if there are no rules established, or it is not yet open.

Please note that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of deadlines down to the hour unless the OP has specified the timezone.

Entries are listed in no particular order, and will generally follow the format Title | Host | Status | Stage | Deadline

Near the Top of the Pile



On Hold

Ice Box

These currently link to the old forum as they have not been updated since then. If you see your tournament on this list, please resolve its status ASAP


These have a plan which is in motion, they're just proceeding very slowly.


Off-roading tanks is Dead/Gone.

ARCHOM is in suspension, as no-one is entering...


Post amended. Will you be unsuspending ARCHOM at any point? As far as I can tell, nobody entered because some of the questions about rules were still not clarified, and some information about what to expect is missing.


I feel like something like this would be better off in a Google Doc spreadsheet or something, just because every bit of information is aligned in columns and not all over the place, if you get what I'm saying.
But nonetheless, this should be pretty handy.


This is very helpful. Nice


Agreed. My main problem is I'm totally noob at Google versions of Office stuff. How do you hyperlink text without altering the text in Google Docs?


Fuck if I know. I've used Google Docs, like, twice in total.


Strop i think this is what you are looking for.

=HYPERLINK("URL", "Name/Title")

I vote a sticky for this btw.


Oh, that's very helpful. Thanks.

I don't... know how I'm going to embed a google doc on this page. There's no point simply providing a link to it here because that defeats the purpose of having a handy reference here! My other alternative is to ask if we can use BBCode to make tables, because I know how to do it in html, but as for BBC...


I got a PM from titleguy yesterday that said my entry was DQed in the OIl crisis challenge and I had to build a new one.
While things seemed to work out, I was not exactly too happy..


To publish the googledoc directly onto the forum (embedded) the site admin will have to enable [iframe] tags. Other than this, it is pretty simple. If you were to convince an admin to do this for you, I would suggest they limit the domain hosts able to provide such a document/image, or the site will become another 4chan/reddit/etc. They probably already know this, but it should still be mentioned.


Could you put the AGPS on there? We are currently in the stage of making the rules and discussing the competition before it starts.


AGPS and 90s Econobox Challenge have been added. The 2016 Rally Homologation is also now active again.

Some confirmed cancelled and completed events have been removed as they were close to a month since their last post.


The 1971 lordred gran tourer? We are waiting the reviews...


Oh yes, I completely forgot the reviews were to come, and removed it! It's back on now. A few other tournaments updated too.


The Link for the BRC 1966 Challenge is incorrect.


That derp has now been amended, and a couple more of the tournaments have been updated.

By the way, I'm not, er, going to be able to regularly maintain this list from the 31st of Jan to the 23rd of Feb. At best I could update it on the weekends. Is there anybody else here who might be able to help out?


The AGPS is now open to entries. Deadline is February 30th or when I get 12 entries or so.


Well, the only ones who *could *help out would be moderators, as they are the only ones with permission to edit users posts.


well. unless he REALLY trusted someone, and give access to his account. then it is so.