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The Hunt For A Star Car! - Blurred Vision [UE4 - Completed]


I need new eyes.


It doesn’t look bad at all.


1985 Star Craftsman

When I see, “… doesn’t have to be a truck…”, immediately I think, “Oh yes! It does!” So what says 80s action better than a compact pickup truck, 4 wheel drive, with BIG… KNOBBY…TIRES. Perhaps it should have a roll bar, and lights too, but I didn’t have much to work with…


While the challenge is on hold, there’s no fault in submitting just for the keks.

Dearest Ms. Griffith, have I got the vehicle tailored for you.

1980 Kasai Typhoon Concept

Subdued but also obscene, this coupe will ensure you to outrun the cops, and with style at that. It’s powered by a high-pitched, 253 hp flatplane V8 engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission…

What is that? Manual transmission doesn’t suit your taste? Well, we can also provide you with a 4-speed automatic gearbox that drops in snugly to the engine. It is also available in black or plated grille as you desire. Prices starting at $14,400.

(P.S. The road-legal Standard trim is a lot weaker than this Stunt trim but don’t tell her)

Btw, I’m still confused with the naming convention. Is “BV1 - Kasai Typhoon - Typhoon - Concept” correct?
Also, at the time of this writing car importing feature is still broken so I can’t send you anything yet.


Hey y’all, I’m necroposting this for one last time, but I’d like to open this soon so that I don’t have to kill the thread. So, if everyone wants to share some concepts and ideas, that’d be pretty awesome! I think we’ll be starting this up in the middle of next week, so if that’s the case I’ll post an opening and an ending date. In the meantime, I may post some ideas for cars to build.


I’m glad you’re bringing this back, I saw it a bit ago and it looked cool, but I guess it was too early for a UE4 challenge then

If we submit a heist scene car, does it still have to be under $25,000?


I think the heist scene car should not be under $25,000, no. I’ll change the rules accordingly but I still would prefer some cap so if anyone has ideas before I implement one, go ahead and think about it.


Actually, $25,000 seems to go a long way with 0% markup, maybe just $30k normal trim for a little room for quality sliders to make it more like a concept car and a $20k stunt trim so it can be faster than the others.


Working some bugs out of it, but here’s a potential candidate for the police if interested.

The 1981 Petoskey Gran Romero. An older model would work nicely in this situation as many movies will use older police cars that cities are getting rid of. Best part is the car can easily pass as a newer 1985 model since unless you’re looking closely, the cars are indistinguishable from the newer to older.


The new update’s been released a few days ago, so with that…

We’re open for submissions!

The current deadline is next Friday, the 9th of March, at 12:00 GMT.


Just since it is not specified, how much do the actual stats of the car matter? Should they be realistic, minimal or something in between? Since they are movie cars I mean? Love the challenge, looking forward to it!


Honestly, my advice is do what you want but I always like to make things realistic.


Dear Ms. Griffith, we at Contendiente have the perfect car for you.

But this is no ordinary Enemigo. While as nimble as the original, this one comes tuned right out of the factory, with a V6 under the hood, making 216hp transmitted to the rear wheels through either a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic transmission. We await possitive reception for the car from you.

Best regards,

Pablo Rojas, Marketing Manager of Contendiente.


Zasteros Street Track Concept (STC) Mk.Concept 1


Would just like to say that a certain wild german may now be an “angry wild german”


(yes, I know i should have searched up the name in the forum)
. . . . . . . . I will better change the name of the car now or else I might be copyrekt.


I know the challenge started already, but are the price limits and what not the same for the heist car? I gave it a shot and while the price is easy to work with, the 55 engineering time limit for the stunt trim seems almost impossible for me to get under with a mid-engine car. I have a simple small inline 6 engine, stripped all extra features, and used a bunch of negative quality sliders which only brought it down to 62. Maybe I’m just missing something…

Here’s what I have so far though:


Having similar issues, no way of making a turbo car those engineering times, it’s demanding.


Agh! I totally forgot to change ET/PT; the rules win a previous build where PT and ET were measured at a much lower value. I’ll have to inflate them later, sorry for the misunderstanding!


I’m somehow missing the beauty shot trim rules - are they yet to follow?