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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


Let’s get this party started.

2012 - Horizon Bay, CA

The Driver

Character Name - Unknown
Character Nickname - Dark Cloud [暗い雲]
Country of Origin - France
Vehicles - Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0 RYUSAKI STAGE 6
Backstory and Description - Unknown

The Car


Character Name: -Unknown-

Character Nickname : "Ghost"

Character origin country: -Unknown-

Kurokama SC-R 1984.

  • Swapped Engine (Twin Turbo V8)
  • Sport Suspension.
  • Custom One-Off BodyKit.
  • AWD System based off Racing 2002 SC-A.
  • Sport Interior, Racing Focused.

There are multiple rumors about one car.
Originally, it was called The Night Mare, a car that races only at night, only indication of it passing you being the roar of its V8, since the driver likes to turn off their lights to vanish into darkness.
But then, everything changed during one race.
The Night Mare crashed, leaving the road in over 250 Km/h, rolling over multiple times.

News of the crash spread quickly
And since then, the car was not seen

Until a year ago, that is it.
Drivers started telling stories about the car just appearing behind them while they were driving.
The rumor got a new name. "The Ghost"

“Wanna hear some good news?” The voice in the phone said

“Yeah, i am always for some good news, you know that” The driver answered, tapping their fingers on the steering wheel.

“Saturday, Horizon Bay in San Diego”

“What about that?” They asked, checking the rear view mirror for any red and blue.

“It is a big race, many interesting cars are going to be around” The caller explained

“You know i am not…” Ghost cut into their sentence, sighing, only to be cut off themselves.

“Yeah, i know, but you will be interested in the car of the host, the self-claimed Showdown King”

“Wait…Don’t tell me”

“Yeah, it is time” The caller nodded

“Si… Wait, you already did, right?” Ghost smiled, new wave of excitement in their voice.

“Yeah, no way you would miss such an opportunity”

“I’ll be there”

“And hey… take care”

The V8 came to life under the hood as the SC-R left the sidewalk, heading to the highway

“Don’t worry, i can take care of myself” Ghost mumbled, this time into emptiness of the night.
They turned on the radio, just listening and driving ‘Slowly’.

Some time later

“Is that?”
Ghost smiled slightly as they saw the car in front of them.
Another lonely driver, but the car was more than known to them.
“Let’s see if anything changed”

“Show me what you pack under the hood now” Ghost pressed on the throttle, tailing the car and staying behind, adding speed.

Both cars quickly gained in speed, with the Kurokama drafting behind the newer car, and while the Kurokama had more horses and way more torque, its old shape and nearly One-point-eight tonne weight meant it will stand equal ground at best

“Not bad… not bad for someone like you, it’s a shame though… the other one was faster”
Ghost let off the throttle as the downhill came, letting the car get ahead.
“Pretty sure we will meet again… and i expect you to be surprised, Aaron.”
Ghost chuckled, continuing along the highway as Aaron’s car took a sharp to the exit.

Some time later
/San Diego/

Ghost parked their car in their friend’s garage, the same friend that informed them of the race.

“So, how was the ride here?” He asked

“Fast” Ghost responded with a smile, putting on their hoodie “As always”

“Seems like you had fun, let me guess… you raced”

“Yep, looks like we will be seeing some old faces in the race” Ghost put on their cap, pulling the ponytail through the rear and letting it down on their back.

"Still can’t believe you are getting away with that ghost shit… "

“It was easy, getting away… when they were looking for the wrong person all the time” Ghost smiled and gave their friend a hug “But let’s go inside… the night is quite cold”


The hornet is by far the most frightening type of wasp out there. Visually similar to a bee, a hornet is a far more aggressive and deadly insect. In their home turf, they are the apex predator of insects. Put them in another environment, and they’ll terrorize and destroy it… a truly dominant creature.

Intro - The Hornet

June 3rd 2012
7:27 PM

Hey Micha,

How’s America treating you? Heard your new build is coming along quite nicely, though I’m sure it’ll be as needlessly flashy as your last. At least it’ll probably faster as well, knowing your requirements. Honestly great timing for you, heard some rumors of a big race going down close to where you are at, though I’m sure you know of it already. Unless you don’t, you’ve always been more of the drive fast plan later type. No offense. Anyways, just spreading the word in case you didn’t know.


“Could have just told me instead of implying I was an idiot…” Micha gripped the steering wheel, speeding along to the designated meeting point. Just a consequence of moving to a different scene altogether, having to actually meet your contacts instead of letting your reputation basically deliver you the details to your doorstep. It is what it is, underground reputation rarely crosses the oceans.

Entering into a mostly empty parking lot - Micha found the large white sedan she was looking for. She stopped near it and exited her car, her long light blonde hair blowing a bit due to the light wind, her jacket rustling a bit. She was dressed rather casually, definitely less of a fashion statement than her car was.

The man in the white Wallace exited right after, being a good opposite of Micha herself. A tall African American, dressed neatly in a suit, he looked over Micha then at her car.

“Yo the Hornet? Expected, y’know…” He started.

“Someone taller? You get what you see.” Micha smirked.

“Sure, whatev. Name’s Ty.” Ty held out his hand for a handshake. Micha grasped his hand, tighter than Ty had expected of someone of her stature. “Got yourself a strong hand.”

“Micha. And I’ve been told. Just a little foretelling of what I’m about.” Micha let go of Ty’s hand.

“Right, as if yo car don’t announce yoself well ‘nuff.”

“I like a bit of attention myself, not going to lie. It’s fun, seeing the stories come out.”

“Hm, sure, don’t blame me if that shit git yo’self down in the clink.”

“Pfft, no fat American cop can touch me.” Micha waved off.

“Y’all say that.” Ty shook his head.

“Anyways, what I’m here for: the race. Tell me, the details” Micha switched

“Nine. Ten if yo good ‘nuff.”

“Okay, so ten races. I heard there was someone to beat, would you like clarifying?”

“Showdown King. Infamous ‘round these parts. Unbeatable, even. Yo race em’ on the tenth race.”

“No one’s unbeatable.” Micha stated. “I’ll make sure of that.”

“Then let’s see what you, and that flashy orange car of yours beat em. Prize is all yours if you can.”

“Oh a prize. Good, I thought I was going to be doing this for free.”

“Just get yo’self to the startin’ line next Saturday, Hornet. And hope yo don’t get squashed.” Ty handed over some information to Micha, then entered back into his Wallace. Its V8 rumbled to life, and left Micha. She meanwhile looked over what was given to her for a moment and smiled.

“This should be fun.”

Character and Vehicle Details

Name: Micha Reichsteiner
Nickname: Hornet
Character origin country: Germany
Vehicle: 2010 Kuma RCX

The Hornet. Infamous street race party crasher in western Europe, known to join in as a wildcard. And very often, upsetting events as a relative unknown. Her reputation grew over time, but is much more of an European urban legend than an American one. Black and Yellow/Orange is her motif, with all her previous vehicles featuring those colours (and also partly where her Hornet nickname came from).

Vehicle of choice this time around is a 2010 Kuma RCX. Kuma’s flagship sports car, with strong tuning potential and of course, Kuma’s signature reliability. Boosted to over double its base power, this machine a monster in a straight line, but even more of one in the corners. A SuperGT inspired kit puts the downforce in and keeps the wide tires from poking out.


Driver: Niall, age 38, muscular build but with the start of a ponch, average height, he’s a private mechanic with a small speed shop, and is a semi retired GT3 class driver in the Rolex sportscar series, who occasionally competes in NHRA dragracing.

Technician, coordinator, and co-driver: Jesse, age 37 tall and athletic with a long ponytail she is a childhood friend of Niall, computer programer for a financial institution, amateur SCCA driver and a fairly regular street racer on weekends.

Car: 1967 resto-modded Centauri Marauder GTX
Engine: 549ci Centauri Big Block crate motor, with EFI conversion, 685hp 627lb-ft.

Team name. The Midnight Marauders

“Well that just about does it on this end.” Jesse said, stepping back from the empty engine by of the Marauder, setting down a torque wrench and turning to Niall.

“I’ll admit I didn’t expect it to be done so soon, the way it looked when you brought in back from the boneyard, thought we’d be wrenching on this for weeks still.”

“Oh yea of little faith.” said Niall without looking up, he was hunched over a massive V8 on a engine stand across the garage from the marauder, lower a row of velocity stacks onto the waiting intake ports. “This baby is going to be singing before Friday, and we’ll dial in the suspension this weekend.”

Jessie stepped over and handed Niall the second row of intakes. “Well it’s certainly big enough, not compensating for something I hope?” She said with a wink.
“Oh shut it, I know you love the sound of a big block as much as I do, besides.” Getting the second bolt on the intake hand tight and patting the ruby red valve cover. “This baby might pack some major displacement, but it’s only two thirds the weight of the original engine, and the way it’s set up it’ll run wide open all day long without a hiccup.”

“Imported from Detroit huh?” Jesse eyed the fridge, “Well if you’re set with those just grab a beer and we’ll read over that invite again, this horizon bay crowd seems tough.”

“But” Niall said twisting the top off his own beer. “They don’t know what we have in store for them.”


On no, the roster’s almost full! Hope I can get home, devise a car fitting my character, and submit them, all in time.

**Character Name:** Nakamura Arinagi
**Alias:** Sidewinder
**Origin:** Kyoto, Japan
**Age:** 27
**Vehicle of Choice:** 2003 Taruda Jinsoku R

Nakamura made a living on boosting cars during his teen years, then bought a Kei car for his driving pleasure. Bored of the Kei car’s power figures, he has swapped the 660cc turbo I3 for a more powerful 1.8L twin turbo B4 in 2006, then put on a custom aero kit on it to fully utilize the power from the engine. Upon hearing about the Street Showdown in Horizon Bay, he smuggled his car there to test his car’s performance after 6 years of tuning.


Since the registrations are nearly done, I’m going to give some announcements for y’all:

Charger not part of the race.

  1. I know there’s a lotta people wanting to join the race, so I’ll decided to add 2 more slots for the race to let more people join. No more people after this. I swear.

  2. Also for those who wants to join the race: Please don’t rush. I know. There’s a hard limit on player count. But please make a good entry and character first, and don’t try to minmax your entry as well.

  3. Back on the main point. As the competition contains several events, I’ll explain to you guys about it.

How the races work?

Circuit: A typical circuit race. Laps of all circuits will be determined by length (usually 2-4 for shorter courses and 4-6 for longer ones). First place wins.

Sprint: A point-to-point race in a specific route. Only a single route is counted. 1st place wins.

Unordered: Same as sprint races, but will set in a undefined layout. Each player is randomized into several possible routes and I’ll post the fastest time on all routes. As usual, first person who comes to the finish line fastest wins.

Speed Battle: Time trial that calculates the fastest top speed on the course. Fastest average top speed wins.

Touge: Time trial that calculates driver’s quickest lap time. Fastest lap wins.

All kinds of races will be performed in Automation. No BeamNG required.

For points, please refer the General Information document, listed on this section here.

How the Night RP work?

This is like your typical RP moment, so you could do your own thing, meet some other racers or even starting a duel race. But of course, beware of the cops, if you’re caught, you’re out of the race of the next day.

Duel Race guidelines

  • For fairness, all duel races will be conducted by me.
  • If you want to race, the duel host (the person that start the duel) should PM the other player, as well as PM me for it.
  • Only 2 races per night. No 2 similar races on duel events.
  • All races only on the predefined tracks I made rn, but if you could provide a custom track then sure, go ahead.
  • I’ll won’t make custom tracks for the duel race, please be noted.

NOTICE: Duel events are just for fun. No points will be calculated in the duel events.

Cop Chase guidelines

  • Cop chases will start on anytime on the night event itself.
  • Arrests are randomized. You’re probably being unlucky if you get arrested many times.
  • If you want to complain about the event itself (probably because you’re being arrested for a billion times or so), please tell me on PM, I will personally talk to you and I will help you for that.
  • Each day evaders will be gained 1 point on their wanted status (meaning that your chance of being arrested are will go higher if you got more points), but if you’re arrested your wanted status will return to zero.
  • All wanted levels will be capped at 6 (aka max wanted level).
  • No race points will be deducted if you’re arrested, just you can’t join the race on next IRL day only. After the race events of that day you’re free to go.


  • If no pursuit events are announced, and no duels are planned, then feel free to RP the whole day.
  • Forum rules are still valid on this thread, please don’t be a dick or else you’re kicked out from the event.


Typical race schedule will looks like this:

Day 1: Race #1 
Day 2: Night Event
Day 3: Race #2

And so on. I haven’t even started the event yet so the actual schedule is yet to be confirmed. But basically, the day after the race day is always a night event, and races will be conducted on the next day after the night event.

But I’m not some god or even the CEO of Automation, just some random guy on the internet so my timing could become an issue. And since I got other stuff as well, I could miss a day or two as well. So, in that case, Night events will be scheduled instead, until further notice.

If I gone too busy and forgot to manage the event itself for a long time, PM me. Although I’ll trying hard not to forget the event as well.

So, good luck, everyone. The event will start when I’m ready, so stay tuned.

As for the The Great Race event, please wait until I’ll announce after all events are done. Stay tuned.


Oh, forgot that as well. If you want to create tracks for the duel event, here’s a small guide and a handy tool for creating tracks, provided on the links below:

And here’s the maps of all races (except the Financial and TGR races), but it’s crude and probably low effort (Sorry!), If anyone can help designing the tracks feel free to use it and send the new and improved images to me as well.

SSC.zip (155.9 KB)


Entries are now closed. The event will start when I’m officially ready for the event. Stay tuned.

And that means: Please stop giving entries to me now. Thank you.




If there’s another race next year then you can have another shot on it.


Looks like many people wanted to join a competition with (justifiably) smaller cap, including myself. This might be my time to learn how to host competitions, and then host one like this with enough experience to catch people who haven’t made it.
EDIT: In case I actually host competitions with a cap, I’ll make sure to not operate on a first-come first-serve basis, as I feel it provides a breeding ground for rushed entries. I’d allow entries before the deadline, with entries narrowed down by RNG or maybe voting.


December 23rd, 2002

In a small section along the I-15, a red minivan with a small family of four is driving home for Christmas. The roads were clear, barely any cars driving along. Weather is calm, slightly windy but manageable.
The perfect conditions for a street race.

In the distance, two cars can be seen from the van’s rear view mirror. A purple Yuro Glaze, and a light green Ursula R1.
The boy, sitting up front, sees the two cars approaching at a blindingly fast speed, and points to them.

“Papa! Look!”

To the father’s horror, as he takes one last glimpse of the cars approaching behind them, he sees the Yuro rolling towards them at great speed, ablaze. He looks at his young boy, with great sadness, and utters his final words.

“Grow well, Pepe-”

Present Day - June 2012, Horizon Bay, CA

“Pepe! Take a break! Kanina ka pa nandiyan! (You’ve been there for a while already!)”

The early morning silence is disrupted yet again.

“Sure, ma, give me a moment.”

Pepe gets up from beneath the Purple Yuro Glaze, somewhat annoyed, and wipes off his sweat with a towel he positioned nearby.

“You should eat, Pepe. Here.”

Pepe’s mother places down some bread and coffee on his table as Pepe cleans himself up. Shortly after, Pepe grabs a piece of bread and dunks it into his coffee, and eats it in one bite.

“Pepe, you hadn’t eaten breakfast, had you?”

His mother asks with a disappointed face. Pepe doesn’t respond, and continues eating, occasionally taking a sip of coffee.

“I understand that it’s been hard for you these past 10 years. But you have to let it go. Tigilan mo na, hindi mo ba nakikita yung nang- (Stop it already, Don’t you see what’s bec-)”

“Ma, we’ve talked about this. WIll you simply let it go that easily? I don’t care if its been, or will be 5, 10, or 20 years. Hahanapin ko ang gumawa nito kay papa (I’ll find who did this to papa), and I’ll make him pay. I’ve decided that, please respect my decision.”

Pepe angrily slams his table. The grudge in his heart still hasn’t left despite it having been nearly 10 years since his father’s death.
Before any of them could say another word, Pepe’s phone rings, and he picks up the phone. His mother heads out of the garage.

Picks up phone

“Hey Pepe, how ya doing?”

“What is it now, Jeremy? Make it quick, I have to make sure my mother isn’t off crying again because of me.”

“Oh, damn. Shouldn’t you take care of that first? Well, whatever, I’ve finally found that green Ursula you’ve been talking about. For real this time.”

“Jeremy, this is the third time this month, I’m gonna cut your fucking sack off-”

“Nu nu nu nu! I promise you! This is actually it! Aggressive bodykit, massive wing, and a bright green paint job, right?”

“You’ve literally found eight different cars with the same description this past year and they aren’t what I’m finding for. What makes this any different from all the other rice burners you’ve found?”

“I’ve sent you an email, check it out. I have confidence in this one.”

Pepe goes to his laptop, and opens up his email. He stares in horror at the vehicle presented in front. It was the exact car he was looking for. Aggressive bodykit, massive wing, and notably, the iconic bright green paint job he remembers vividly.

“Well, Pepe? Seems familiar does-”

“Meet me at Park & Avenue, now.”

“Wait, as in-”

“You know what I mean.”

Pepe hangs up, and quickly cleans himself up. He gets into his car and starts it up. The turbocharged 6-cylinder engine roars as it starts, and he drives off.

The Revenge of Pepeng Kaliwete

Description of Pepe

Pepe is a 17 year old boy born and raised on the streets of Manila, and later Las Vegas. He has quite a baby face and is adored by those around him for being honest and kind, however he is rather shy and can be a bit of a paint to talk to if you aren’t already close friends with him. He is rather short compared to those around him which adds to the difficulty.
He began driving at the age of 6, when his father used to teach him the basics of driving a manual transmission. He fully learned how to drive stick at the age of 10, and won his first race not too long ago.
He is left handed, but exceptionally skilled. Hence his nickname “Pepeng Kaliwete” or “Left-handed Pepe”.

Character Name: Pepe Bautista
Character Nickname: Pepeng Kaliwete (Left-handed Pepe)
Character origin country: Philippines
Vehicles: 1998 Yuro Glaze 2.4 L Coupe
Backstory and description: See above


I heard some people wanting to make some RP with others. So, if you wanted to start an RP with other people it’s recommended to ask them by PM nicely. Yeah, sure you could tag them at your post, but I don’t really advised to do that since it could cause some issues to those who being tagged.

How I am Going to do my Manga RP!
I'm did a small sketch of my character ^_^

I am going to try and sketch the scene we RP! However, it is not optional! So you can say no for me trying and draw your character which may take longer if you have a specific image of your character. But i can draw the manga by angling and shading your character to make them anonymous or through text or a phone call! Endless possibilities.

It is preferable if you DM on Discord which is Falling_Comet#0036 (Who would of know!) as I am more active on the official discord however, there might be time zones issues so if i don’t reply I’m either at school or sleeping!

  • If I do not have time i might have to just do the regular text RP. Sorry if this happens to you! I really want to draw this, its quite a fun experience!
  • I am not a pro artist, far away from that, so if it doesn’t turn out the way you want I’m sorry! TwT
  • I’m more of a sketcher so my drawings may not be refined or clean so please note that!
  • I have a sh*t laptop that overheats and dies, so it would be very helpful if you provided images of the car if you want it in the scenes (also in the angle u want it in!)
  • This is my first time at RP online or with anyone seriously! So please be easy on me ^_^
  • Also i might do 1 person at a time to make my life easier sorry!
  • For more info on time zones, it is ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time)

Sorry for this long tangent! I just want to clarify with everyone on how I am going to do my RP and the outcomes it may have!


Sorry again for another post! But this is a small one! I came up with an idea that people who are willing to be part of this send me their character description and details about their clothing etc they wear so i can make a list of all the characters willing to be part of the manga im doing for this!

All as references and for me to practice drawing them!

Here is what i have so far! (all are rough drafts of the characters)
(Right: Johnson Ray @Lazar Middle: Izawa Akagi @Falling_Comet Left: Amaya Yuzuki-Scott @Vena.Sera423)

Upcoming characters:
Walker @Vena.Sera423
The Show Down King @BannedByAndroid
Ghost @ST1Letho
Senna Matsushita @Vri404
Helda Fincke @yurimacs
Justin White Jr. @That-S-cop
Pepe Bautista @variationofvariables
Nakamura Arinagi @Supermini555
Rin Iwasaki @yangx2
Aaron Jones @Aaron.W
Andrew “Drew” Haring @titleguy1
Aruna @Aruna
Claire McIntyre @donutsnail
Kyle Cloud @Mikonp7
Micha Reichsteiner @Xepy


This is literally become an Anime ironically xd


Well I’m making RPs for my character Amaya. Meeting all the other drivers prior to the showdown. You can PM me here or at Discord under the same username.
I sent a couple already so you’ll all get to experience Amaya :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnson will be pretty reserved with the group, he’ll talk very little but he’ll try getting with a group to listen in. He’ll be listening out for any events taking place at night on the streets.


Horizon Bay, The Day before the First Race for the Showdown
The Drivers were sent for the opening of the Showdown event near downtown Horizon Bay.
The parking lot for the 22 drivers competing. We will follow Amaya and Walker as they were one of the first ones to pull into the parking lot. The Vinette glistened in the sunlight as the car backed up to a parking spot. Walker and Amaya stepped out to take a look around, seeing the cars and the drivers as they enter and present themselves.

(Formula D, Long Beach, Pit Area)

“So this is it, the Street Showdown.” Amaya said.
“Yeah, it’s bigger than I expected. Almost like those racing games based around large fantasy festivals. To think that they do exist.” Walker replied.
“I wonder when he will show?”
“Well the star of the show should be the last and grand appearance as it usually goes.” Walker looked around still amazed at the site. “The race starts tomorrow and already there is a crowd gathering.”
“Well let us put on a show for them.” Amaya smiled with excitement.
“No you’re not going over there and show your boobs at them. This is a family friendly event!” Walker stated.
“Don’t be a killjoy!” said Amaya, “I wasn’t going to show them my boobs… for now…”
Walker stared in disbelief. “Let’s just wait and watch who comes in. Meet our competitors, and don’t get any strange ideas.”

To be Continued…
I will edit this post with RPs that I hope to write for each character. I will try to PM you when I make something to confirm the plot with you guys. You can also PM me too if you have something as well. I’m trying to get the stories to sync."


Amaya and Walker were sitting in the lot where the drivers of the event will gather. The next car that pulled in the lot was a white Huangdou Sprint with an aggressive AE-Miyata aero kit.
“Ara Ara, that is one serious Huangdou.” Amaya stated. “I didn’t know a Chinese brand could look that good. I wonder how it performs?” She watched it roll by slowly. Listening to the engine note. The grumble of the turbocharged v6 was eminent. “Not bad…”
“That is Usagi.” Walker said while the Huangdou backed in near them. “Rumor is that car is an urban legend around these parts. Not much is known. I guess we’re going to find out who is piloting, Yuki no Usagi…”
The door of the Huangdou opened and out stepped a young woman dressed in a hoodie with rabbit ears and a lot of charms, along with rabbits feet tied to her belt. The girl stood and looked around the lot with the other contenders deep in thought.
“Ara Ara…” Amaya looked at her, her eyes wide open as she put her hands on her mouth, started to blush and blood started coming from her nose. "Ara Ara Ara…
“Uh… are you okay?” Walker asked.
There was a slow silence.
“KAWAII!” Amaya shouted and ran to the girl. The girl jumped from shock and turned around to see Amaya. “Yeet!” The girl shouted raising her arms to stop her. But Amaya immediately grabbed her into a tight hug. “Oh So Cute!”
“Amaya!!!” Walker shouted rushing to them.
“Oh my god you’re so cute, let me take you home with me!” As Amaya was hugging and rubbing her face against the bunny hoodie. The girl tried pushing her away but Amaya kept squeezing her tighter.
“God damn it woman, don’t hug her! Let her go! You’re scaring the girl!” Walker shouted as he tried to pry away Amaya from the girl.
“But she’s so cute, I love her!” Amaya stated.
“Get off of her damn it!” Walker finally pulled Amaya away.
“AAWWWW BAKA, You stupid meanie!” Amaya shouted hitting Walker. He just absorbed all of her hits.
“I’m sorry you had to go through that.” Walker told her while Amaya squirmed in his arms. “This is Night Rain and I’m Walker, it’s been nice to meet you.” The girl nodded at him but she looked very unhappy towards Amaya and stuck her tongue at her.
“Ugh, you’re such a killjoy Walker.” Amaya said with a disappointed look on her face.
“Yeah yeah… let’s go now!” as Walker carried her away.

@ST1LETHO (Thanks for the Collab)

More and more cars start flowing in the lot. Parking one after the other. One car had started to enter the lot. A black Kurokama SC-R. Amaya watched it enter and roll by. She could have sworn that she had seen this car somewhere before but couldn’t put her finger on it.
“Interesting…” She said. She listened and could tell that the SC-R had a distinct rumble of a turbocharged v8. “That isn’t normal, that engine has been swapped to something of greater capability… Ara ara… I wan’t a closer look.”
“Hmm…” Walker pondered. He looked up the email with the drivers. “Say’s that the Kurokama is driven by someone called Ghost.”
“Ooooohhh, are you trying to spook me there Walker?”
“As if…” he replied.
“I could of sworn I seen that car somewhere… years ago…” Amaya said. “But I’m interested in what is in that car. Let’s take a look!”
" I don’t like where this is heading…"
Amaya started to gleefully walk to the car while Walker kept close making sure she wouldn’t get out of hand. The Kurokama parked and a dark silhouette came out. Wearing a black backwards cap, dark sunglasses, a bandana covering their face, and a jacket. Amaya walked up to the car, taking in every curve of the lines.
The dark dressed character turned to see Amaya was getting very close to the car.
“Beauty, isn’t it?” they said.
“Ara ara… you have good tastes.” Amaya said. “Though I can pick out that what you have under that bonnet is not of the ordinary.”
“A custom built engine, based on a racing model… pretty easy to notice, heh!”
“I did my research.” she then started to stare at the dark dressed character. “Ara ara, and there is something unique about you too…”
“And that would be?” She asked curiously crossing her arms over her chest, standing partially behind the car.
“You’re a woman!” she said with a smug look.
Walker then stopped Amaya
“Okay there… Don’t be going around assuming people!” Walker replied trying to hold her back.
“Yeah… Something wrong with that?” She slid off her sunglasses a bit, looking at Amaya. She knew that she heard the ghost rumor, and probably it is bugging her.
“I’m just wondering… where have I seen you before?” she asked.
“Okay… I’ll just stand right here…” Walker turned around. “Man this place is impressive.”
“No idea… Maybe we just passed by in regular life.” She shrugged carelessly.
“I have not seen you before.” She looked at her, putting a chewing gum in her mouth.
“I just race for fun!” she said “I use to run a little Kiana around to tracks and street races out in the boonies.”
“I read magazines and learn about drivers and read about their cars and such.” said Amaya.
“Oh… did i get covered on some magazine?” She nodded, looking on the woman in front of her. She knew that only time she was on Magazines was as the Night Mare.
“Hmm… now that you mention it…” Amaya pondered. “I’ll have to go back to my collection. Like my Tire Shredders and S-SPORT’s.”
“S-SPORTS” She put a finger on her chin “Have seen that one only once” She lied. It was the magazine that covered the crash she had when she was nineteen.
“Oh you’re missing out on some juicy content.” She said. “Actually I’m pretty sure there was one with a tech sheet for a Kurokama like this. I think it was an October issue.” she pondered once more. “But on another issue that car crashed in a race. A nasty rollover.”
“Sounds unfortunate” She looked a bit surprised. “Luckily, these cars can take a hit or two… was the driver okay?”
“Unfortunately not.” Amaya replied.
And that is when she knew she is talking to a cop.
She smiled, walking back to her car.
“Interesting, i do not remember the magazine covering that” she sighed “The one i have seen was the one about the crash”
She started walking away “I’ll be at the food area if you need me, officer”
“You want to know something interesting?” she said
“I did some more research… Turns out the driver was never found.” she smirked at her. “Are you really a Ghost?” But at the moment, she already disappeared in the crowd, like a proper Ghost.
“Okay… I think we had enough conspiracies here!” Walker turned.
“I think it’s time to go!” Walker grabbed Amaya.
Amaya had an blank look in her face. “A Ghost Huh…”


"A German Girl in an American Scene"

(source from picrew.me)

Short background

Born in 1991 February 1, Helda Fincke is just wee little gal in the little hometown of Baumholder, Germany. Nothing really happens there, except of course seeing her father, Wegner Fincke, always dirty after long hours of working on his car. Helda as a kid really did not care about what was of her father (at the time) but always curious what was in that garage. At the age of 12, she graduated at the top of her class, thanks to her mother, Emilia Alfent Fincke (a Brit), who always cared and attended to her when the husband was not around.

Faithful encounter

One day, Helda was able to take a sneak peek on what looked to be of a shiny blue paint, a stubby sports car. Looking at such striking sharp edges and straight lines, She fell in love with the Bradford. It was only that time that she had realized she had a thing for cars, especially the one her father had.

9 years have passed

9 years after last seeing the car after migrating to the US for work, Helda has led a safe but mundane life.She is earning the money that she can afford to live in the US and spend extra on any little and unnecessary things in her lifetime, but really, she is wanting a thrill in her life, and mostly, her attitude changed. Her thrill-seeking soul and happy-going mentality went away as adulthood encapsulated her.

At work, she just received a letter, written by both her mother and father. Long story short, her father exported the car all the way from Germany. It sparked inside her a little of that joy knowing that seeing that shape in her life once again with the hardwork from his father poured in the car.

However, after arriving at the port, it was looking all different. It looked so shiny, with the body full of pearl, and rims that were a big contrast of black. Gone was the wing that accompanied the very strking shape and was replaced with a large diffuser, which also brings to the LED Taillight bar at the rear that makes the car look just a little bit more retro.

In the inside, there was a notebook that had “Eine Outlaw-Reise” (An Outlaw’s Journey) written in front, and a a small piece of paper which had a telephone number, a telephone number to the Fincke Household in Germany. Knowing that she at least had a care for her parents, she called without hesitation

dials in number

phone picks up at the other end

Helda: Dad!

Wegner: Helda… Is that you? It’s been a long time I heard your voice. Now listen her-

Helda: What’s up with the car? The whole thing is converted to such a racecar… Like at least tell me the whole point with converting our sportscar into a fucking outrageous ra-

Wegner: That is what I was gonna tell you. Now listen up, I entered a competition, an illegal one in fact, with your name with it…

Helda: Ok, that is just really fucked up…

Wegner: I know, your life is on the line here. Now here is the thing, if you win, then you can call yourself a true racer. I know you had it in you ever since you were a kid.

Helda: . . . . .

Wegner: I know you can do it, now make me proud, you will make this car’s legacy through this challenge.

phone hangs up


Horizon Bay, The Day before the First Race for the Showdown

Helda arrives at the scene at a place that is not so conspicous, except for the fact the car itself is just a glowing sign that a racer has arrived. Helda looked around at what’s really happening. There were many kinds of cars, muscle cars, sportscar, family sleepers, the whole lot! There were some people dressed up as their favorite characters. For Helda, it looked so surreal, but yet she doesn’t really give a damn at the moment, so she reads her father’s notebook…

What opportunities will await Helda?

- to be continued -

Character Name: Helda Fincke
Character Nickname (aka. name used on races): “Elan”
Character origin country: Germany
Vehicles: 1979 Bradford Urform Turbo

Edit: sorry for the bad formatting and kinda rushed story, I wanted to get something in for now (future updates and RP will be a bit better, I promise). However I'm open for RP and if anyone wants to do so, just PM me.

Edit2: Formatting changes, some corrections on some detail, and added character details


A little more update on my character. Just to follow everyone else’s extra story :sweat_smile:

-Over a week before the event starts

Singh arrived at his condo after half an hour of ride back. On his way back he can’t stop thinking about the event that Danny told him before he went home. He open the email and read the details of the event itself.

“A mix of official events and unofficial night events, all in the public with little to none supervision about cops.” He read. “And the place is in… Horizon bay.”

He thought it was in LA, which is very safe for street racing. ‘Horizon bay though?’ he thought to himself. ‘It’s very notorious with bad cops because of the large history of street racing there’. In the end, he has doubts if he should join or not. He’s not really in a pickle with money, he just want the thrill and fun of it.

“Better talk it over with the mates tomorrow.” He said to himself.

-The next day

The weekend morning in San Francisco is always beautiful. Fresh air, blue skies and no traffic. As usual in days like this, Singh is getting ready for his morning run. He planned the route perfectly so that he will reach the shop at 10 AM. He wanted to see Danny and the boys, and also to work on his car there.

-3 hours later

He was sweating and breathing heavily when he got to the shop. “Fucking hell, 3 hours of jog and I’m this knackered.” He knocked on the door, and after a few moment Danny opened it and ask Singh to enter.

(the inside of Danny’s shop)

“Singh! Come! The beers are in the fridge, feel free to take one.” Danny said.

“Yeah nah maybe later. Still tired from the run. Oh and g’day there Sonny.”

“Oy.” Sonny replied back. Sonny is the apprentice for Danny’s shop. Or was, he’s a full-time worker in the shop now after a rigorous 3 years if apprenticeship.

“So, you gonna join in the event there Singh?” Danny asked.

“You told me it was in LA. It’s actually in Horizon bay.”

“Shit man, isn’t that a bit dangerous?”

“I reckon, but I’m really interested though. You got any contact to any shop there?”

“Actually, there’s this one shop called owned by me old mate Alex. I can accompany you there. Bit boring here, and Sonny can take care of everything here. Right boy?”

“Yeah yeah I’ve been doing that anyway since you always go out to the desert.”

“Nice, that’ll be great. I’ll sign up now.” Singh said. He took out his phone and signed up in the event’s website. He filled up the details about his car, his nickname (not that he have one) and other paperwork necessities. After all that done, he went and tweak his car a bit. He parked his Type 5 in the shop since his condo doesn’t really have any parking spot left, which is convenient enough for Singh.

“You gonna take the Spirit out?” Singh asked Danny whilst pointing out the old green sports car.

“Nah, gonna take the blue Magnolia out for a spin, she’s new so I need more time with her.”

“It’s only a few hours drive from here, I’ll bring some parts with the pickup for you guys.” Sonny chimed in.

“Alright, great.” Singh said “I’ll rent out an Airbnb for us me and Danny, and we’ll go by tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me.” Said Danny.

“I’ll back my car up and take her for a bit of a spin.” Singh said. He went into his car, turned the key and instantly the engine roared. “Fucking love a reliable engine.” He backed the car from the hoist, and made his way to the highway and does his own thing for a while.

-The next day

“Alright everyone, accommodation has been set, everything has been packed. All we need to do now is make our way there.” Singh said to both Danny and Sonny.

“Race you there prick, loser gets to pay for beer.” Danny said with glee. “And that includes you Sonny.”

“Hey that’s not fair. My truck only have 470hp and on top of that, I’m carrying your shits!” Sonny said a bit perplexed.

“Well at least we know that you won’t be last Singh!”

With a laugh, everyone went into their car and made their way to Horizon Bay, a tad over the speed limit.

-Jump skip to the day before the race starts (what a quick one)

“Danny, reckon we can park up here?” Singh asked Danny which sits shotgun with him.

“I reckon, I mean you’re in the list as competitors. But fucking look at all these cars mate. Very vibrant colours nowadays.”

“Preach that one brother.” Singh said whilst slowly backing up his car in the competitor parking spot. He wondered if he’s a bit too old to enter the competition. It has been a while since he raced through the streets. He did prepped his car and himself as much as he could, learning the streets of Horizon Bay in the days prior the race. You don’t just need to be good at driving, you need to learn the area as well if you want to evade the potential police chases.

His car was fully drowned out by the sound of the event. A lot of music, cars revving around and the sea of people in general that wanted to see all these modified cars. That and the fact that Singh still have a proper exhaust system made his car sound even quieter than most cars here.

He and Danny both got out of the car and looked around. A lot of cars, a lot of interesting people. Singh found this very interesting, and thus the two walked around to see what the other competitors are like.

p.s: Sorry for the bad writing in general, I’m still not used with it and trying my best to get better >:D