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The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


Stage 0.01

6th June 2012 | 09:45 | Somewhere in Horizon Bay...

It was a new day in Horizon Bay. Inside an apartment in the "bad" part of town, a woman lay sleeping on the sofa. The room was a mess, dirty clothes were strewn all over the floor and empty beer cars were scattered all around. Plates and pans filled the sink and piles of letters were precariously stacked on top of a desk.

All of a sudden, the loud noise of a train blared on by.

“Fuck. Can’t that damn train shut up.” the woman yawned. “Crap. it’s almost 10.”

The woman lazily dragged herself off the sofa and slowly made her way through the mess on the floor to the kitchen. It had been two days since she met up with ‘them’.

“Those bastards duped me”, she thought, clearing the mess away from the cooker. “I fucking needed that money. Landlady’s pissed enough as it is since I keyed her car. I’m gonna get kicked out at this rate.”

As she was cleaning the dishes, there was a knock on the door. “Speak of the devil, that bitch is here…”

“WAIT, I’m a bit busy at the moment” she yelled, hoping that would make knocking stop. but it continued. “Christ, can’t she wait for just a minute.”

As the woman dried her hands, she heard the click of the lock opening. Quickly, she reached into a cupboard for a pistol. Cautiously she made her way towards to the front door. Turning the corner, she closed her eyes and snapped the gun at the face of the intruder.

“…You must be ‘Bonnie’ right?” the voice said. Slowly opening her eyes, the woman saw what appeared to be a girl standing in front of her. “…What?” the woman said, confused. “How did you know my…” but before she could finish the girl quickly responded.

“Great!, I’m ‘Clyde’. Boss said I’ll be your partner for this mission.”

Lowering her gun, the woman was shocked. Right in front of her stood a girl, probably no older than 19 working for them.

“I guess, I’ll let myself in then!” the girl said cheerfully, as she pirouetted round the room and into the sofa. “Your room’s a bit messy, though I guess it isn’t as messy as my…”

“Who the fuck are you and why are you here” the woman snapped back. “Look, I don’t know how you got involved with them but you look far too young to be part of this mess.”

The girl frowned. “Too young? Didn’t they tell you the plan?”

“Beat the Showdown King and get him off the road. I was supposed to get half the money now and half later, but those bastards screwed me over.” the woman replied. “Unless you mean to tell me there’s more going on.”

“Of course!” the girl responded. “We beat the Showdown King, get him and anyone who gets in our way off the road…permanently…” The girl’s smile quickly turned to a demented grin as the woman looked in horror…

Awestruck, the woman couldn’t believe what she just heard. Realisation began to set in at what was going on. She needed to clear her mind. Grabbing her jacket and keys, she charged down the stairs and into a black cover car. As she turned the engine over, the girl jumped into the passenger seat.

“This is insane…fucking crazy. You mean to tell me this is a hit-job? That you’re the assassin?” said the woman in disbelief as she began to drive.

“Yep! You doubt me?” the girl replied, cheerful as ever.

Amazed at her reaction, the woman responded"…uhh of course, you’re a child"

“Rude, if I’m a child, you’re an old hag.” the girl argued back.

Slamming on the brakes, the woman yelled back. “Fuck off, I’ve lived long enough to survive this long. How did you even get involved with them?”

The girl fell silent. Her sprightly demeanour quickly changed to a more dark and menacing look.
“…What about you? Boss said you’ve been here longer than I’ve been alive.”

Swerving between traffic, the woman snapped back.
“Boss is spouting bullshit I ain’t that old, besides if you ain’t telling, why should I?”

The woman looked to her right only to see the demonic eyes filled with anger staring back at her.
“Well then don’t ask too many questions old lady…not unless you want to end up like the Showdown King…”

“And how exactly will you get close to him without me? Doubt you can even drive let alone reach the pedals.” the woman replied. Realising it wasn’t worth arguing anymore, she sighed. “Fine, I don’t ask questions, you don’t get boss me around. Deal?”

“…Deal!” The girl replied, with an ecstatic smile on her face.

As they reached the top of the hill, the woman pulled the car over at a picnic area. Jumping out of the car, she stared across the bay, feeling the breeze on her face.

Credits for the bay image goes to : https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidyuweb/

“You come here often?” Asked the girl, kicking a pebble across the ground.

Lost in thought, it took a second for the woman to reply back.
“…No…not often, only to clear my mind. It’s a beautiful view over the bay…Father took me here a lot when I was a…”

“Never knew my father…” interjected the girl.

Amazed, the woman stared at her.
“Hey, I thought you said you weren’t gonna…”

“Gotta know my partner better right?” said the girl with a large grin across her face.

As the woman lit a cigarette, she stared back across the bay.
“You know, its jarring watching you flip between being a happy go lucky kid and being a total psychopath”

“It’s something my mother gave to me and my bro…” replied the girl. But then she stopped. Her grin, turning into a frown, tilting her head down the the ground.

Confused, the woman probed more.
“Your what? Bro…”

Snapping back to her lighthearted self, the girl skipped her way to the car calling to the woman.
“Woops! I said too much. Great view here though, let’s leave!”

Sighing, the woman made her way back to the car, dropping her cigarette on the floor, leaving the view of the bay behind…


Horizon Bay - Pre-race

w/ @Vena.Sera423

Rin pulled the old Huangdou into the designated bay, met with a multitude of looks while doing so. Lots here probably knew about the Yuki no Usagi, which was unsurprising to Rin. She had made a bit of commotion with the vehicle in the past after all.

Being her first time showing herself in the public eye of street racing, Rin anticipated to get some more looks when exiting the vehicle…

…However, she did not expect the sight of two arms aggressively wrapping around her. She was suddenly getting hugged by… Amaya? Ayaya? Alaya? She could not process the words in time as she was focused more on getting that damn girl off her.

Cute… she thought for a second…

Cute was her facade - both to her friends and family. She was usually silent, sometimes timid, but not to be cute, but instead, to hide her true identity.

Rin breathes cars in her daily life. To pay her rent, her food, accessories, everything. She works at a tuning shop, yet speaks little to anyone there. She crashes races just for the fun of it, yet always wonders why she even races. She had partook in getaways, her nunchuks bearing the spirits of a hundred crushed bones. Has she succumbed to her obligations and forced herself to enjoy this lifestyle? Or does she find solace in her dual persona through the thrill of speed? In the end, she has still struggled to find an answer.

It was the life she lived.

Rin nodded at Walker and gave Amaya what looked like an unsatisfied look. As Rin walked away, she secretly glanced at Amaya with a smile.

One bundle of joy isn’t she?


June 7th, 2012 - Monterey, California

11:58 PM - Unknown Location

Cold, dry air pummels Drew’s face. Laying off the throttle (and closing the window), the intense sound of blow-off valve is ever present. He reads the speedometer at his peak velocity - 140 mph. Not bad for under 10 seconds. Following him not too far off are Lexi and Pat, cruising happily in Pat’s '93 Maladus 430R.

Waiting in a car, waiting for a ride in the dark.

Via walkie-talkie!
D: "Wooo-hooo! I've got to say, this thing fucking rips."
L: "We can tell. It's almost impossible for Pat to keep up with you."
P: "Well, it's not my fault that you didn't choose to bring out yer supersonic Auburn."
L: "Again Pat, if we get pulled over in that thing we're screwed over. Got that? S C R E W E D."
P: "Just outrun the cops, duh."

Lexi chuckles to herself. She’s had her fair share of run-ins with the law, but it wasn’t really on her bucket list to get into trouble again.


Too late.

P: "Ah, fuck. The heat's here."
L: "Well, aren't you glad that I didn't bring that other shit?"
P: "Maybe we could outrun them faster, I don't know!"
D: "Guys, can you not do that now, maybe?"
L: "Look, don't worry about us. Just get the hell out of here."

Drew gave a quick salute as a second police vehicle materialized. Decisions, decisions - he could jump onto the highway and give the cops a high-speed chase or try to lose the guys in the mountains.

He drops the Caelum down a gear, engine rapidly rising in revs, and veers the wheel to the right. The AWD Caelum grips on for dear life as Drew carefully modulates the gas so that the car glides through the near-90 degree corner with ease. A street sign above is labelled “Route 101”. The alternating red and blue lights begin to fade as the guttural sound of 6 cylinders pulses into the depths of California midnight.

June 8th, 2012 - Route 101

12:19 AM

D: "I've lost them, I think. Are you guys good?"
Put your hands up in the air! Hands behind your back. You have the right to remain silent.
D: "Wait, what the hell?! What's going on?"

Patrick guffaws.

P: "Damn, I really got you there! I wish I coulda seen yer face!"
He pauses to laugh more, whilst Drew cruises on the highway in mild shock, but mostly relief.
D: "Patrick, you are the absolute worst."
P: "Thanks, I've been training for that award. We got out fine, I dropped Lexi off at home already."
D: "That's good, I guess. I know it's a weird time to bring it up, but I want to talk to you about something real quick."
P: "What's up?"
D: "So, I'm supposed to be racing some guy for money... And that's pretty much the only info I got from Lexi. Do you know who the hell I'm going up against?"

Patrick remains silent. Drew knows what this silence means; he’s not telling the full truth.

P: "It's just some random guy, don't worry about it."
Still on the highway, Drew lets the silence ring longer.
P: "Fucking...Ugh, it's no use hiding it. It's the guy who goes by "Showdown King." I swear, I wouldn't have told Lexi 'bout it if I didn't think it was worth a shot."
Drew exhales, but this does nothing to reduce his stress. He didn't want that as his answer, but he expected it.
D: "Thanks for telling me the truth. I'm just gonna go home, I think. I'll cya around."
P: "Wait, I'm sorry. I know I should have told you earlier."
D: "I'm not angry, just... Let me think about everything for the night. I promise you, I'm not angry at you."

And he wasn’t. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t upset or nervous.

Drew came to a realization - there was no way that he was going into this race alone. Suddenly, his muscles tensed. He didn’t want to run into any other trouble besides the law; sure, he’s met his fair share of assholes and douches on the street and on the track, but the winnings for this race weren’t anything to laugh about. The Showdown King was an urban legend; a cocky name, Drew thought to himself, but based off of the experiences he’s heard from other people, well-deserved. Ruthless, too - he’s heard of countless deaths trying to face the “Green Devil”. Hell, he’s heard rumors of hitmen trying to take the guy out. This was not his place to play, and he’s not ready to pay with his life.

Drew was terrified. He suddenly wanted to call Lexi and tell her that he’s out.

But he couldn’t do that. Not now, not this late. The race was fast-approaching, the car was fully built, Drew had too much dignity to retire. Driving down the quiet night streets of California, Drew felt uneasy. Uncertain. Unsure of not just of his own abilities, but those of them who will inevitably be against him.

"Time will tell, time will tell, time will tell..."


Thats a cool drawing! (Sketch gang unite) I can use it as a reference for his looks! Awesome!


“Can I really do this?”

Claire nervously pulled the LCm79/80 into the lot where the showdown competitors were gathering. Her heart was racing, but to her dismay, from anxiety, not excitement. She had spent the last few weeks putting in countless hours behind the wheel of her car, making sure it ran well, getting used to its handling, and taking on anyone who would race her for practice. She expected by now she would be brimming with confidence, but she felt almost overcome with panic now that she was here. She slowly made her way to a back corner of the lot, windows rolled up and eyes dead ahead the whole way, afraid of making eye contact with another competitor.

She pulls directly into her bay. The valvetrain clatter and exhaust drone of the big V6 flood the kit car’s cheap cabin. In just the minute it took to get to her spot, the interior is already sweltering hot. She shuts off the engine, cracks open her window, then reaches across the cabin to do the same to the other side. She finally glances through her window at the rest of the lot. Wickedly fast looking cars. Youthful, attractive people.

“Can I really run with this crowd?”

She reaches into her shoulder bag in the passenger seat. In the bag, she pulls out an old photo she’s brought. On the back, written in pen, it says “June '82”. She flips over the photo.

It’s one of her favorites; a moving shot of her in her old Legion Super 8. It only just dawns on her that the photo is now exactly 30 years old.

“How many of these other drivers aren’t even as old as this photo?”

She cracks a smile for the first time since she got there. She looks again across the paddock and at the other drivers, and her overwhelming nervousness finally wanes.

“I was just like them… Cocky, talented numbskulls who can’t pass up an adrenaline rush. And really… I haven’t changed much.”

She finally, mercifully, opens the car door. The flimsy door of the LCm79/80 has to open a long way to clear the tube-frame chassis and actually allow egress, and a rush of fresh air washes over Claire as the door swings open. Getting out of an LCm79/80 is a multi-step process. She lifts herself up and out of the seat, one hand on the tall door sill and the other on the seat bolster, then sits on the door sill, where she can then finally swing her legs out of the car.

“Gross. I’ve damn near soaked the seat in sweat already.”

She reaches back into the car to crank down both windows all the way to let it air out before she heads towards the rest of the lot to meet the other drivers and their rides.

–Please PM me if you want your driver to meet mine before the racing starts! I’m new to this RP thing so I’ve built awkwardness into my character to match.


Ghost - Day 0

It was early in the morning, maybe around seven o’clock, the sun was barely shining, but the TV was already running and making noise. On couch in front of it sat a young gal, likely in mid twenties, long dark burgundy hair tied into a loose ponytail, body and face that could get her on many magazine covers.
It did not take long before the noise has woken up the other person in the house.
As the owner walked into the living room, he was met with an interesting sight.

“Ghost, one of the fastest and most skilled underground racers… sitting on the couch at seven o’clock, wearing just an oversized t-shirt, mouthful of MY cookies, watching old cartoons” he sighed, looking at her
“Len, aren’t you a bit too old for that?” He said, shaking his head a bit.

“Mfmfmff Off” She made some noises, blushing.

She put her ponytail over the back and looked towards the window, munching on another cookie.
“Thh mfmfmf ff today” She mumbled

“Will you please stop eating while talking? You are like a kid” He crossed his arms, waiting for her to finish the cookies.

“The race meet is today” She repeated herself, wiping the crumbs off her mouth.
“I am not sure if i wanna go” She sighed, standing up, the t-shirt slid off her shoulder, making her look more like a bed pet than a street racer.

“Because it is day?” He asked, concerned about what is going on with her.

She nodded, looking away

“Don’t be like that… stop hiding”



“Fiine” She sighed “I’ll go change”

Some time later

The garage door slowly opened as the V8 Kurokama started behind them.
Ghost was now in her usual public clothes, backwards flat peak cap, bandana, jacket, and sunglasses.
With heavy rumble of the engine, the car launched out, heading towards the city.
“With my luck, i will immideately run into some cops” She chuckled, sliding the bandana on her face.
It was not hard to find way to the meet, many other tuned cars did head there.
She just turned on the mp3 on her radio and sang along “Minute after minute… hour after hour.”

[I’ll add in interactions later]


You Never know who comes through the door. Might be your boss, might be your lover, might be your death.
In the scene we race, the one coming through the door is always the next meal.
The Next Challenger, The Next Victory.
You may never know the name of the person who may finally best you
And some of us are better for that

Losing is hard for Senna. Her first loss was to her friend, Tomoki. They were young, in a simple drag race is downtown Osaka, 1998 Himiwari Noble GT vs 1993 Sumitoyo Nijimura SUNLITE. Senna was in the Noble.

She Lost.

But it made her want to win more, and now she had an opportunity to go even beyond Tomoki.

(In Japanese, on Phone) “Yeah, I made it safely. Some guy met me in a car park- ew not like that, he handed me a USB stick of sorts, something about a plan, I dunno.”

The conversation went on for a bit before she hung up the phone. She slotted the pen drive into her Laptop, and up came a map, with a location marked. How odd She thought to herself, and began driving towards the location, while flicking on her radio.

As she drove along, she noticed two cars following behind her, keeping their distance for now.

Quickly, the two cars moved, flanking the Valence from both sides. The Driver of the Ursula motioned for her to follow them, and she quickly moved to keep up with the two mystery cars.

“Huh, this is a nice place, pretty cool bunch of cars” Senna said as they moved into a rather small garage filled with various tuned cars.
“Yeah, we’ve been running over this city for a while,” The Driver of the Ursula said as he got out of his car “I’m Miguel, and that was Kenna in that Raijin” As he poined to the woman getting out of the Pink Cressa.

“Where’s everyone else? You’ve got a load of ca-” She stopped as Kenna threw a hand over her mouth as she walked by.
“Like Miguel Said, we’ve been runnin’ 'round here for a while. Cops gotten worse 'round here, girl. Some of these cars belonged to drivers who were either run outta town, or thrown in the lockup.” She pulled her hand off of Senna’s mouth, and followed Miguel through the door, motioning for Senna to follow.
(In Japanese, to herself) “What the hell have I walked myself into…”



I will be also posting all RP here afterwards with all of you guys! ^_^ Be sure to bookmark it to see all updates! n_n
WIP Character list:


Chapter 2

I decided to change the format from text then manga sorry for this change!

Setting: Light peaks through the slightly closed metallic blinds, it hits Izawa’s face as he slowly wakes up, opening his eyes, with his alarm going off at 6:30am. Hair over his face, he reaches towards the white bedroom table, he grabs his black metal glasses gently and puts them on slowly. He is still crashed after doing overwork combined with the surprise news.

Scene 1: He gets out of bed, and reaches for his phone. He looks through the cupboard and finds bread and puts it into the toaster, while he grabs left overs in his fridge. He checks through his email and invoices. And sends an email to his employer that he will be taking a break in a month’s time. He is still a diligent worker and would rather not anger his boss anytime soon.

He quickly eats his breakfast and washes it quick and efficiently, after all he has lived by himself for years, this is simply minor task in his everyday boring life. However, not today… Izawa strolls over and pulls open the bathroom door and picks up his toothbrush as he proceeds to brush and later cleaning up his face. He leaves his small comfy apartment and closes the door, he looks back… and mutters to himself quietly.

“I won’t see you for a while in a month’s time…” He quickly picks up his pace and walks towards the stairs.

Scene 2: Walking down the stairs swiftly, he reached the bottom of the apartment after climbing down 50 over flights of stairs, it was partially his daily exercise. He jumps down on the last few stairs with his bag and turns right towards the first private parking slot in his apartment complex.

There it was his parked Honda Prelude; he hasn’t used it in a while since he never needed to travel by car… after all Tokyo has one of the best public transport but this time its different. He needed to get back into the rhythm.

He presses his old car keys and the car beeps open. He reaches over with his right hand and opens the door while he lowers his bag ready to place it into the passenger’s side. He had somewhere to go to…

Scene 3: He hits the clutch and goes into reverse as he starts the engine, it rumbled to life after years of neglect… He redirects the car awkwardly, he hasn’t driven in a while after all… Pressing the gas he drives to the front and signals left as he turns onto the busy Tokyo streets.

His impatient look as early rush hour begins as he slowly crawls in his manual Prelude… city driving wasn’t that particularly exciting nor fun as he keeps his foot on the break whilst getting back into the rhythm of driving.

Scene 4: He finally reaches the Wangan highway as he hits the accelerator and the engine screeches powerfully when the VVT kicked in. He pulled away from the intersection and drives quickly, while keeping the speed limit into consideration. It had been a while since he drove… it surprised him how fun it was…

He arrives at his destination

Izawa gets out of his car and closes the door and sees a familiar figure… He smiles and they both meet eye contact they both look at each other,

“Hisashiburi desu ne (It’s been a while) tomodachi (friend)!” As Izawa walks toward his long-time friend Akiro.

Scene 5: Izawa swings his hand slowly and so does Akiro as they down five. They both smile in a friendly manner. It has been so long since they both meet each other after university. Akiro informed Izawa,
“I received a strange email about this “street showdown” in the US and I presume you have seen it haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I have I was shocked to see they knew things about us both a bit creepy…”
“But hey! At least we both get to do something exciting can’t you agree Izawa-san!”
“True, Akiro-san, my life has been so boring, ever since the company was short on staff…”
“How like you! Ahahahhahahah”

Whilst they speak Akiro walks around and directs him around his shop. Akiro walks up to a car covered in cloth to prevent dust and weathering Izawa stood around looking at the mysterious car and what he wanted to show him so early.

“Izawa-san here I present- “Akiro swings the cloth full force off the car and there It was… Izawa’s eyes opened up from his usual glaring eyes…

“Its… the car…” He was speechless after years of boredom his finally sees his project car… all new, shining in freedom and free of the shackles of the everyday life…

“Fufufuuf, I knew you would be shocked… I spent my past few days working on this beauty!” As Akiro responds smugly.

Scene 6: They both had some chat after years of going on their own paths. They caught up and relaxed over at Akiro’s shop playing video games and watching anime… just like the old days… Akiro handed the keys towards him and informed him to take it for a spin so he can do some adjustment to his preferences as well as get use to the power and heavy clutch Izawa’s Tengai Railgun S has.

The car roars as flames spit out of the rear, the fuel light is on… mostly due to the increase fuel mixture, but he paid no attention, he was having fun… Hitting the breaks as the weight transferred to the rear, he turns the car sharply into the next chicane, tyres screeching due to the sharp chicanes.

The car swirls swiftly and powerfully exits the turns as he hits the gas. The engine screams and rumbles with the turbo whistling. It excited him. It was fun. He grinned at himself… thinking to himself: “The rumbles the roars and the back fire… this is what I was missing in my everyday life…”

Scene 7: He exits the last turn as he pushed it too hard, the car oversteers but he catches it doing a slide as he slams the gas, adrenaline pumping through his system. He laughs, this is pure bliss. The car speeds away from the corner onto the long Wangan straight as he speeds recklessly.

He yells out loud. “Street Showdown HERE I COME!” As the turbos kicks in, flames spitting, engine roaring, with the speedometer climbs higher and higher…

Sorry for the delays! Had to finish the backstory for him before he arrives in Horizon bay. Still have to do 1 more chapter but i will be doing the characters first!

Chapter 3

The Street Showdown Challenge - On Hold ATM


A couple of days before the race.
Park & Avenue Coffee, Horizon Bay, CA

A white Imperium Lux rolls into the parking lot and parks next to a purple Yuro Glaze. Out of the white Imperium comes a fairly old man, likely in his mid 40s. His hair is starting to gray out, and he looks of British descent.
As he enters the cafe he spots a young boy, 17 years old or so sitting alone at a table. He sits down next to the boy.

“Hello Pepe. What’d you call me out here for?”

“Tell me more about the Ursula, Jeremy.”

The young boy demands.

“I expected you to say that. Well first off, apparently he’s known as ‘The Showdown King’, he’s been driving since god knows when, and no one knows who he is, how old he is, and no one even is sure if it’s a guy or not.”

“That so? Where’d you find pictures of ‘The Showdown King’'s car anyway?”

“A few days ago, I was leaving a pub, and outside there it was, turning into an intersection. I got my camera out, and took some snaps before it left the place.”

“Where is this bar located? Might be able to trace it down from there.”

The man gets a piece of paper out of his pocket, with two addresses scribbled out onto it, and hands it to the boy.

“Here, don’t go in the pub. And don’t tell your mother you’re going to one either. The other address is where I think you might find ‘The Showdown King’ as well. There’s this thing happening in a few days, called the Street Showdown or whatever.”

“Street Showdown? What’s happening?”

The man proceeds to explain everything about the Showdown. The young boy looks at him with interest.

“However Pepe, do you seriously think you can win? You’re likely to be the youngest of them all. I’ve heard there’s roughly 22 people including your target.”

“If I can’t win this challenge, whenever I get the chance-”

The young boy makes a gesture with his left hand, as if he were firing a gun, and chuckles.

“-boom goes ‘The Showdown King’. Hopefully, anyway.”

The man stares at the boy. Worried thoughts were going through his head.

“Anyway, before any of that, don’t you have a part time job to go to? Your shift starts in…”

The man looks at his watch.

“… An hour or so? Think you can make it?”

The young boy looks at his watch with a horrified face, and rushes out of the cafe. He mouths “Goodbye” to the man before entering his car and driving off.

“Oh god. Here we go.”

An hour later
TopGas, Horizon Bay, CA

TopGas, one of the few gas stations in the entire continental United States that legally sells high octane race fuel, is where Pepe works. He parks his car behind the gas station in a special employees parking lot, he gets dressed and walks to the station’s convinience store, where he works.

“Aha, late by five minutes. Please, boss better not be here yet! How do I even smell?”

He thought to himself. He walks into the store and to his delight, his boss hasn’t returned yet, he then apologizes to his co-worker for being late and proceeds to work the counter during his shift.

Pepe’s first customer of the day arrives. A black FWT Vinette.

“Vinette, huh? That’s a fairly sizeable wing. Is he planning to fly with it?”

He thought to himself. The car pulls up to a gas pump, and the driver gets out of the car. It’s a female driver.

“S-she?! Not only that, but a hottie as well!”

Pepe is shocked, as this was the first time he has seen a female driver in person other than his mom. The girl approaches the store and Pepe gets even more nervous to the point he starts sweating. Pepe is what they’d call a “torpe” in the Philippines. More or less a guy who can never talk to women because he lacks confidence and a bunch of other factors.
The girl enters the store, and Pepe attempts to greet her.

“H-hey, w-welcome to TopGas…”

Pepe says in a silent voice.

“Hello, I would like $45 on 8 please.”

The girl says.

“Y-yeah! $45… 8…”

Pepe says in a rather silent voice.
She noticed Pepe trembling from nervousness.

“Ara ara… you’re cute.”

She said. She smirked and winked at him

“How old are you?”

She asked. Pepe flusters up.

“T-thanks… I’m 17…”

She reaches over the counter and touches his hand

“Ara ara, no need to be nervous.”

“‘Ara Ara’? Is she Japanese?”

Pepe thought to himself
He was practically on wits end. He had never been this close to a girl before other than his relatives.

“Oh, uh. Right.”

She smiled at him. “So cute.” she was thinking.

“Well, I’ll have to fill up my darling.”

She looked at his badge

“Pepe, is a cute name!”

She blew a kiss at him and left the store then went to the gas pump and selected 98 octane.
She would turn to look inside at Pepe and leaned against her Vinette like a model from an Import Magazine, even as much as leaning forward to reveal her cleavage.
Pepe stands inside, taking a couple of glances every now and then.

“What kind of situation did I even end up in?”

He tries distracting himself by fooling around with the security cameras, but to no avail. His immature and perverted mind kept thinking of situations that were, let’s say not very appropriate.
$45 read on the pump, and she put the handle back in. She started to walk back in to the store. As she entered she went to the back where the coolers were then to the snack stand. She then proceeded to the counter with a cold coffee and a bag of cookies.

“So Pepe, how much?”

He snaps back into reality. He looks at the items and quickly pops them into the register.

“T-that’ll be… $14.50”

He says in a rather quiet voice.


She asked. She look at the register and smirked.

“Silly you rang up the cookies 3 times.”

“O-oh! S-sorry!”

Pepe says, embarrased.

“The hell am I getting so worked up for?”

He corrects his mistakes and fixes the register.

“That’ll be $6.50…”

She smiled and reached over and patted his head. Pepe flusters up even more.

“That sounds more like it.”

She then gave him $6.50 along with a napkin. The napkin had a lipstick mark kiss along with the writing “See you soon! -Amaya”

“Well I have to go my cute little Pepe. Chow!”

She blew a kiss and left the store, entered the Vinette and drove off.
Pepe sighs and relaxes a little bit, and looks at the napkin he was given.

“Amaya, huh?”

Little did he know that it wouldn’t be his final encounter with Amaya.
Off in the corner of his eye, he notices his co-worker behind the half opened door to the employee’s only area, secretly filming on his phone.

“Oh, hey Pepe. Sight for sore eyes, ain’t she?”

He flusters up and takes his .44 Magnum from beneath his desk and heads towards his co-worker.


And that was the day Pepe’s co-worker was almost shot to death in a Gas Station bathroom.
Later that night after going home, Pepe locked himself in his room and proceeded to do some… Let’s say, not very appropriate stuff.

21:11, Same day
Somewhere in the mountains

The often silent mountain roads nearby Horizon Bay are brought to life with the sound of a turbocharged 6-cyl. The purple Glaze burns its tires as it slides along through the mountains.
The driver upshifts as the car reaches the rev limiter along a straight, before slowing down slightly before a turn.

"Street Showdown, eh? Explains the amount of people coming into the gas station lately. "

The driver mutters to himself. He slams the accelerator and yanks the wheel hard into the corner, causing the rear end to slip out slightly. He quickly countersteers and slides into the corner.
Shortly after leaving the corner, he slows down slightly and reaches for his iPod inside the glovebox. He puts on earphones and hits play.

“Time for a bit of practice.”

As the song plays, the driver slams the accelerator yet again as he enters a corner, sliding the car around at over 150km/h.
The car leaves the corner and begins sliding into the other with a seemingly seamless transition. The car barely lost any speed going through any of the turns.

“Well, guess that wasn’t too bad. Probably.”

On the straightaways, the purple Yuro screams through at over 250km/h before slowing down for a corner. It downshifts and the rear starts to slip out yet again. The car revs through redline before leaving the corner and slowing down. As the car slows down, the driver almost misses a gear while downshifting.

“Shit, it’s getting late, guess I’ll call it a night.”

The Revenge of Pepeng Kaliwete Part.02

Featuring @Vena.Sera423 (Night Rain/Amaya)



nice one, nice doing a collab with you. Trust me, Amaya is going to do more when you see her at the event :wink:


I like how Amaya basically introducing herself to every characters here :rofl:


I’m trying to. It’s a lot of writing.
seriously, what did I get myself in to?
I have plans with a bunch of characters she finds interesting though.
More to come
But I’m out this weekend.


my next one is basically @Xepy’s character Micha.
Amaya won’t talk or do a lot due to… a certain plot.


Amaya Meets the Hornet
Credit to @Xepy

About 30 minutes have went by as slowly the lot filled up with contenders arriving to the showdown. Walker and Amaya were sitting on a bench. Walker was eating a hot dog that he got from one of the food stands while Amaya was drinking an ice coffee.

“Amaya.” Walker said as he took a bite from the hot dog. “I know you’re excited but you need to control yourself, you can’t be terrorizing by hugging your fellow racers and starting conspiracies.”
“You’re acting like it’s a crime.” Amaya smugged.
“It’s because you take things a little to far you know.” Walker sighed taking a sip of his drink.
“Ara ara…” she leaned in on the table. “I could go naked.”
Walker choked on his beverage. “Don’t you think about it.”
Amaya smiled. She looked toward her Vinette to see an orange Kuma RCX with a vinyl of hexagons and a hornet on the side.
“Ara ara… ara ara ara…” Amaya sat up.
“What is it now with you woman?” Walker said with a concerned look.
“It’s Hornet…” she said.
“Say what?” As Walker turned to see the modified Kuma. “No shit…” Walker then took two large bites to finish his hot dog. They got up and walked up to the car.
“Well well well… we have our eyes on an urban legend.” Amaya said as she looked around the car. “I wonder who did this extensive work on you?”
“The driver isn’t around. So try not to drool over it.” Walker stood by making sure Amaya didn’t pull anything out of hand.
“Excuse Me!” as a woman’s voice approached behind Walker. “I see you’re admiring my car here.” The woman smiled.
Walker turned around while Amaya was still looking at the Kuma.
“Why hello!” Walker said, “Are you by chance the driver?”
“Mmmhmm. Yes, I am.”
“Really, you’re the Hornet?” as Walker was stunned, “I was expecting you to be…”
“Taller, a man, less attractive, perhaps a combination of the three?” The woman interrupted as she winked.
“Yeah…” Walker paused.
“Who’s that you’re trying to impress dear Walker?” as Amaya looked up.
“It’s the Hornet!” as Walker turned.
“Really!” Amaya rushed to them.
“Hello there.”
“You’re the legendary Hornet?” she asked.
“That is correct. Amazed that word of me spread this far actually.” Hornet laughed.
“I read about my urban legends and I heard about your Kuma.” Amaya smugged then started examining her. “But I was expecting you to be more of a… EEEEHHHHH!!!” Amaya paused and stopped moving. In her mind you can hear glass shattering. Walker looked at her puzzled.
“I do get that a lot.” Hornet giggled. She then looked at Amaya for a bit, who was still frozen after several seconds. “Uhm… is she okay?”
Walker waved his hand in front of her eyes.
“That’s a first.” he stated. “Well never mind her, she is Night Rain. She will be contending with that Vinette you see right next to you.” as he pointed toward the black FWT Vinette.
“Ah… she’s another driver.” Hornet smirked, looking over at the Vinette. “Definitely pleased to make your acquaintances.”
“I’m Walker!” he said as he put his hand out for a handshake.
The hornet firmly grasped his hand and shook his hand. “I’m Micha. Unless you want to stick with my nickname.”
Surprised by the firmness of her handshake. “Micha!” he nodded, “That’s quite the handshake!”
“I’ve been told.” Micha smiled.
Walker turned over to Amaya who still hasn’t moved.
“Well aren’t you going to introduce yourself?” he said to Amaya. She still didn’t budge, he knocked on her head a couple of times. “Seriously what is with this damn woman?” He said to himself.
“She is okay right?” Micha moved closer to Amaya.
Walker sighed. “She usually is a large flirt but I never seen her like this.” He said puzzled. “Don’t get too close to her, she may attack you!”
“I did see her being very huggy earlier when I was heading in here. Perhaps she needs one?” Micha suggested, not exactly paying heed to Walker’s warning.
“A hug is the last thing she needs right now…” Walker stated. “Don’t worry about her. In fact I’ll take her to see what’s up with her. It’s been nice meeting you Micha.”
“Alright then, if you say so. It was nice meeting the two of you as well.” Micha smiled. “And best of luck in the races Night Rain.” Micha gave Amaya a hug anyways. The world just went completely dark in Amaya’s world.
“We’ll be seeing you. Don’t tear it up to much.” Walker said to Micha and waved goodbye to her.
“See you.” Micha let go of Amaya, and waved goodbye.
“Alright then…” As Walker turned to Amaya. “What in the world is wrong with you woman?”
about 5 minutes had passed now then Amaya slowly came around.
“Holy shit she is alive!” as Walker watched her. Amaya then turned and slowly walked to the Vinette.
“Uh… Where do you think you’re going?” Walker asked.
“I’m getting my boobs done to G cups…” as she said in a zombie state.
“TO HELL YOU ARE!!!” as Walker chased to stop her.

-Hornet End.

How I am Gonna Update My RP

Sorry again for another post! Here is how I might update the previous post and what i will do!

I will either update the previous post with another chapter per RP interactions and then have a notification post linking to the previous post or I will update individual post with their own dedicated post,

I will do a vote and see what you guys think!

  • Individual dedicated post
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The feeling when the creator of the challenges votes XD


Encounter with Claire

Song that was playing at the moment (Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight)


*Claire approaches the Bradford cautiously

Helda noticed Claire approaching her car closely. “She seems lost, maybe she will find her way”, she thought as she looked back into her father’s notebook, thinking and hoping she finds her way around the venue.

Claire: . . . . . . . .

Helda realized that Claire was attracted with the good looks on the Bradford as Claire gazed upon it. Helda got out and politely started a conversation

Helda: Hey, how’s it going?
Claire: Fine, fine. Wait, is it me or am I hearing Phil Collins in your car?
Helda: Yeah, not a big fan of modern pop music.
Claire: Oh yeah, I almost forgot to introduce my self, My name is Claire McIntyre, you call me Claire
Helda: Name’s Helda Fincke.
Claire: Say, your car looks really cool, it looks similar to mine.

Helda was confused on what she meant, until she looked around long enough to see that red '79 LCm79/80

Helda: Ahhhh, I see what you mean. I thought I would be the only one going with such outrageous bodykit.
Claire: It’s a 1979 LCm79/80, a kit car replicating the ultra-rare Group 4 homologation.
Helda: I guess mine’s somewhere the same as your’s, a 1979 Bradford Urform Turbo, although it was swapped in for a 3.8L V6 Turbo.
Claire: I really want to know how you got your car.
Helda: To make it brief, my fucking dad entered me in this competition with this car that you see here in front. But this car actually belonged to my father, he was an outlaw, if you can say that.

At midnight, my father used to race at the Autobahn and the German backroads, There were some Ursula's, Kurokama's, some Corsica's, all the fast cars.

But this one is special, it was a technological advancement, with it’s nippy 1.5L V6 Turbo, making more than 150hp, going over 200 km/h in the autobahn in it’s stock form.

There was a reason why my dad wanted to tune this car,

to surpass 320 KM/H

(Thanks to @donutsnail for the RP)


LA’s BlackBird in San Diego…

Couple of days before the race…

It’s 12 o’clock at noon and Aaron was eating lunch in KFC. He was about the bite the last chicken thigh until his phone rang. So naturally, he picked it up. He saw that it was from the same number as before he was still in San Diego.

Unknown: Come to 12th Green Avenue Square ASAP. I’ll meet you there!
Aaron: Erhhmmm… ok then…

Then, he immediately ate his last chicken thigh, gets into his Tanaka 300X and went to that adress. He saw that it was just a small garage. He knocked on the garage door hoping to get a response. But there was nothing. Then he saw a bell and press the button to sound the bell. Then, the garage door opened and he went inside to park his car.

Then, Aaron gets out of his car only to see a man standing by the dark blue Tanaka Akuma. Then, the man approched him.

Sam: Hehehe, the LA’s BlackBird.
Aaron: Are you the caller?
Sam: Yes indeed I am. Remember me?
Aaron: Wait a minute. It’s you! My roommate back in college.
Sam: Yep, that’s me.
Aaron: Oh my god! ‘hugs Sam’
Sam: You’ve changed a lot! You now have a white hair, and you’re so tall now! What have you been doing?
Aaron: You know. Playing basketball and racing… Anyways, what’s with those 2 cars over there. Anyways, all Tanaka here? Come on, have some variety?
Sam: I don’t mind…

Aaron then points at both of the cars and approches them, then inspects the cars.

Aaron: What’s that white Tanaka over there? I never seen one of those before…
Sam: That is a 1998 Tanaka Crezta 2.5 T. Only available in Japan. But then one of my friend illegally imported the car to here and its stored until it becomes 25 years old and become legal to drive at the US soil.
Aaron: That’s quite rad. I guess that explains the Japanese license plates. How about that Akuma on the left.

Sam: Oh that? That’s my car!
Aaron: Wait, no way?! Yours? Since when you get that much money?
Sam: Street racing. Remember my 2003 Kepler Antares? Yep, I upgraded it and raced it on the streets of San Diego.
Aaron: Wait? Why?
Sam: Money… I wanted to live the dream you know… I saw a 90s Tanaka X-Series and I wanted it. But then in 1997, I got a magazine showing the Tanaka TR2 and I wanted it so badly. At 2003, I saw the Akuma and I fell in love with it. Back then I couldn’t afford it. But that’s what I want. So, I finally got enough money and bought a Kepler Antares, then modify the hell out of it and raced in on the streets. Then finally in 2009, I quit racing and sold the car. Then, I worked full-time at the TopGas gas station and in 2010, finally got enough money to buy the 2nd gen Akuma that was released at that time. Since then, I opened a shop here and modify customer’s cars.
Aaron: Why did you quit racing?
Sam: The police. They became too fierce. Especially at night where not many civillians were around, when people street race, they crashed the party and wrecked the street racer’s cars.
Aaron: Oh crap. But this Street Showdown Challenge?
Sam: Relax. We can handle it. Listen, let’s get dinner first.
Aaron: Okay then.

Both Sam and Aaron drove to the Windsor Diner to eat dinner using Sam’s parent’s Tanaka Atlantis. Then, they came back to the garage and decided to do some mountain driving. So, they went to their respective cars and drove the hell out of them at night.

Then, they stopped at the hilltop.

Sam: Impressive driving!
Aaron: Thanks. You too! Damn that Akuma is fast.
Sam: Yep. You did good with your 90s Tanaka.

They both look up the beautiful night sky in peace, away from the city.

Sam: Listen here. Tomorrow, you should pick up someone in the airport. He’s in terminal 3. Go there. He is Japanese with glasses on him.
Aaron: Oh, understood.
Sam: After that, go to the docks to pick up his car, then escort him here. I want to talk about doing some teamworking here. Going after the Green Ursula is going to be difficult and you going to need some help. That person also needs help and you can work together. With those intense cop, we could help each other out you know?
Aaron: Got it!

To be continued…


Hoho! Cant wait to sketch that scene! Thanks for the opportunity to have a starting scene as well as collabing with me! Lets hope i finish the characters by then!


Some notes before the event starts:

Crown Vic not part of the game

To prevent any confusion while RPing on RP sessions, please use the required Horizon Bay Police Department (HBPD) cop cars below. DO NOT post any other cop cars (with some exceptions) other than these provided:

Type Brand Country Location Model Creator File
Patrol Galvin US Bayview Cruiser HBPD Me HBPD - Galvin Bayview Cruiser.car (37.0 KB)
Patrol Galvin US Bayview State Patrol State of California Me (Car) @Vri404 (Livery) HBPD - Galvin Bayview Cruiser State Patrol.car (45.8 KB)
Patrol Galvin US Fortress K-9 Unit Cruiser HBPD Me (Car) @Vri404 (Livery) HBPD - Galvin Fortress V6T Cruiser (New) K-9 Unit.car (67.4 KB)
Patrol Galvin US Fortress State Border Patrol State of California Me HBPD - Galvin Fortress V6T Cruiser (New) Border Patrol.car (62.4 KB)
Interceptor Arrow - Sunstreak GS Turbo Police HBPD @Boiled_Steak Arrow_Sunstreak_-_GS_Turbo_Police.car (56.8 KB)
Interceptor Nishiki JP Hyrix SR2000X Cruiser HBPD Me HBPD - Nishiki Hyrix SR2000X Interceptor.car (37.5 KB)
Interceptor Suisei JP Taka CPD Cruiser State of California @Falling_Comet Suisei_AMC_TMPD_-Taka_CPD_Crusier.car (57.6 KB)
Interceptor Ursula DE F5 700RS-R Highway Patrol HBPD Me HBPD - Ursula F5 700RS-R Interceptor.car (53.8 KB)
Interceptor Ventura US Skylake V10GT Interceptor HBPD Me HBPD - Ventura Skylake GT10 Interceptor.car (38.9 KB)
Undercover Galvin US Bayview Undercover HBPD Me HBPD - Galvin Fortress SS-R Undercover.car (57.3 KB)
Undercover Galvin US Fortress SS-R Undercover HBPD Me HBPD - Galvin Bayview Undercover.car (31.9 KB)
Undercover Nishiki JP Hyrix SR2000X Undercover HBPD Me HBPD - Nishiki Hyrix SR2000X Undercover.car (32.6 KB)
SWAT ARG US “Bison” SWAT Vehicle HBPD @Dorifto_Dorito HBPD_-_ARG_Bison_SWAT.car (56.8 KB)

Exceptions for cop RP-ing limitations:

  1. Older cop cars (for flashbacks or anything else)
  2. Cop vehicles that is not related to HBPD
  3. Personal cars owned by cops

Cars can be freely used and edited. But if you caught using non-official HBPD cop cars action will be still taken.

The race will start anytime soon. Stay tuned.


Our story is slowly coming together now…