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Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection


Ursula AG (Aktiengesellschaft, public company)*, known internationally as Ursula Group, is a German multinational automotive manufacturing company based in Bremen, Germany. The group currently operates in more than 160 countries, with Ursula as the group’s original marque, and owns several other subsidiaries targeting other markets and segments of the industry.


In 1954, engineers Peter Jung and Otto Schmidt founded the company in Bremen. Originally making farming and industrial machinery, Ursula AG only started making automobiles in the year 1963. Their first car, the F5 sedan, was one of the best executive sedans of it’s time, and because of the cheap price, luxurious interior and great dependability, it have became a massive seller to Ursula.

With sales of it’s products rising, and stronger threats from the competition, Ursula have expanded their business to other segments of the market, while improving their current products in every way possible. This helped Ursula to become the brand known for high quality, luxurious, sporty and reliable automobiles.

Today, Ursula AG is one of the most prominent automakers in the world, with sales results appearing in the top 10 list, and the company keeps receiving numerous praises from critics and owners all around the world.

Current Subsidiaries (by year founded)
  • Ursula AG (1954 - present) - Currently the flagship brand of the group, the Bremen-based firm focuses on producing premium/luxury vehicles, with the latest technology possible. (Audi)
  • Martin-Wagner GmbH (1964 - present) - Founded in 1964, purchased by Ursula AG in 1980, Dortmund-based Martin-Wagner is the mass-market and commercial arm of the company. (VW)
  • Goldman Motors Pte Ltd. (1987 - present) - Fremantle-based sports car and super car maker created since 1987. The Australian firm originally worked closely with Ursula AG in 2002 until 2017, when Ursula bought the company entirely. (Porsche)
  • Permata Auto Berhad (1988 - present) - it was founded in 1988 in Melaka, Malaysia. The company specializes on budget automobiles. Originally under a partnership with Ursula AG in 2009, the company operates independently until 2019 when Ursula purchased the business. (Skoda)
Current Ursula Models
  • Sport Cars & GTs
    G3 (Compact Premium Sport)
    G5 (Premium Sport)
    V7 (GT)
  • SUVs & Utility
    FX1 (C-Segment, Premium SUV)
    FX3 (D-Segment, Premium SUV)
    FX3 Coupe (D-Segment, Premium Coupe SUV)
    FX5 (E-Segment, Premium Large SUV)
    FX5 Coupe (E-Segment, Premium Large Coupe SUV)
    FP5 (Medium Premium Truck)
  • MPVs
    FE3 (D-Segment, Premium MPV)
    FE5 (E-Segment, Premium Large MPV)

1963 -1980 “The best way to enjoy the thrill.”
1980 - 2007 “Driving The Revolution”
2007 - present “Passion for Perfection”

*or known as VAG, Automationverse edition


Goldman Motors - Proven Performance (Deprecated)
Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection (Deprecated)
Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH - The Pursuit of Joy (Deprecated)
ClassicWorks Pte. Ltd - Timeless Design, Modern Makeover

Sorry you had to remake it. But I hope to see good cars.





I’ve never heard of Goldman until now. That company could lend some technical assistance to Ursula regarding vehicle dynamics if opportunity arises - kind of like Lotus aiding in the ride and handling calibration of the Proton range during the time it was under the Malaysian automaker’s control.


This company seems to have some merit… My company has been making Luxury and Sports cars for awhile. We started making automobiles the same year(1963) and we bought out a few companies, Lux(2005-13, discontinued), Grahame(1929-2004, discontinued), Turto(1972-2000, discontinued) and Johan(2003-). If you are interested in buying any of these companies, or anything regarding my car company, Sadowtski, then discord DM me: SteamSawYT#2547

I’m very interested in your company’s history and I wonder if we can collaborate on a car or two.


Bad news.

After a hard time thinking, we have finally decided to sell Ursula AG to a new owner. This is really a hard thing to do, but due to several reasons we decided to make this decision.

We decided to sell the company by starting an auction, starting at $1.00. The company will be sold to the highest bidder.

Please start your bids right after this post.
All bids will end on this 11:59 PM MYT April 1st, 2019. We will announce the new winner and other news in the next day. Thanks.


2 bucks and a stick of gum is my best offer, take it or leave it


I’m offering 3 bucks and a PS4 Slim


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Five bucks and a stray cat (Considering it won’t run away)


I have $8 and my underwear that I’ve only worn for three hours so it’s basically clean


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