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The Themed Car Challenge 2.0 - S01E01 - 2004 Premium "Homologation" Sedan


The voting can start NOW


Where do I find my forum ID?




lol ty


With voting starting, I’d like to remind you all that only 1 car is mid engine. The Eira Chase. Vote for it.


why vote for that, when you can vote for a car with a rear-mounted V10: the Reduit LX7


Quick reminder that we are voting for the best homologation premium sedan, not super car with a sedan body shell on it :stuck_out_tongue:


Vote for the Brossard because big V8 and its Canadian :canada: :canada: :canada: :canada:


I fail to see how a supercar with a sedan body shell on it doesn’t make the best homologation premium sedan.


Oh common why someone would not prefer a Big Boxer-6 TT


Why vote for a TT B6 when you can vote for a superior NA B6?
wink wink


Why vote for a uncommon engine when you could have a NA V6 ?


Maybe because the B6 is inherently balanced, unlike a V6? :wink: ('tis but friendly banter, aye)


I forgot to add one spicy detail.
The votings are open until the 14th of November 2019 :slight_smile:


Vote right, vote for stripes.


Anyone can see the results of the votes so far?


In 3 days.




The results are IN!

Tough choices, close results.

2005 - It has been nearly a year since the release of some very fine and sporty cars. However not all cars that went on sale were bought, some are already collecting dust in dealerships and storage halls.
The market leaders, which are brand names like Kuma, BMMA, DHB or Honghu, are dominating the market with their attractive sport sedans, while the other makes look very old.

Congratulations to @Xepy for the first place in TCC2.0 S01 E01, @NormanVauxhall for second place, @yangx2 for 3rd place.

The next episode of TCC will be announced soon enough.


Wow what a tight spread on that top 4! Definitely very happy to get the inaugural win for this :smiley: