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TheAgathaNakai's Automation Kee Car Creations (2016 Part II: The Pokemon Hype and New Styling (Serena Revolution))


Hello, folks! It’s me TheAgathaNakai.

By the time I write this, I turned 21 years old. Yeah, it’s my birthday (or sometimes I’d call it Reiko Walker’s (International) Independence Day) and at the same time today marks the first year anniversary of my presence in this forum. This post is intended for some nostalgia thing, a flash back.

Anyway, I’d like to share some of my creations in this game back from the first time I get my hands on Automation in 2015, until last year using Kee engine. First of all, I’d like to say thanks to all of you who inspires, criticizes and suggests for me to do better and better. I appreciated them all, and I’d say your creations inspires me, your criticism and suggestions helps me a lot.

Here’s some of them:


The year I get my hands of this game, instantly falling in love with the game after the first try. The year I started to understand things about cars a bit further from where I were.

This is my first car ever created in Automation, a super car with 700 HP. I might like it by it’s look, but for a 2015 Model? (yeah it’s a 2015 Model) It’s more likely from early to mid 2000’s if you ask me. Well I didn’t know much about car design and engineering back then.

This is my other car, it’s Margaret Abigail/AG Sedan Sport Revo. A combination between Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and some other cars. It’s got 3.2 Turbocharged Inline-6 producing 400 HP. The lap times on the Test Track? It was faster than a Murcielago. A 2017 model which is more likely something coming out from 2000’s? I’d say yes to that.

The Toyota Supra inspired car I made. 455 HP, 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds (not necessary for a car with such power if you ask me, it should be way quicker with such power, but well, I used to suck at engineering back in the day).

A VW Golf/AE86 inspired car. Yes, I did some before year 2000 cars too back then.

This is my first sports classic car I ever made, it’s Margaret Martin i6. Back then, I used to go crazy with all the quality slider (up to 15++). Let’s just say, this car takes forever to engineer and produce, or maybe never even made it to the production.

Hudson Hornet Concept I made in Automation Kee. I kinda like it, but I didn’t know much about mods and stuff back then.

Another one from Margaret, one of my first hatchbacks/sub compacts ever built, and yes it’s 2017 Model with 2000’s styling.

I’ll upload more as soon as I have time.



The best college year. And this is where I started to change a little bit with my styling, especially when the Pokemon Go hype that made me eventually embrace the Pokemon and their community. However, I still haven’t discovered this forum so my designs are a bit uninspiring if you ask me. This is the year where I started to understand automotive engineering a bit more

It’s Enricord Katia. Supposed to be my own version of Toyota MR2/MRS. The styling is still the same as the first time I play this game, relying on the fixtures from the game.

Alright. This one is for a tribute to someone who changed my perspective about things, forever. It’s Enricord Indi, named after an inspiring kid, which he was 1 day younger than me.

From the top to bottom: Wander Elusive LS & Enricord Stiletto X.

These two are the first cars that gets some, even more attention at Car Throttle website (yeah I upload some of Automation stuff in Car Throttle, I’m Reiko’s Carbon Fibre Emolga). Well, the thing is, I was comparing both cars when I realized they’re not the same (well, one is some sort of Luxury GT and the other one is a pure supercar). The original idea of the Enricord Stiletto as a car inspired from Ford GT and Lamborghini Aventador, started here. My styling is still the same though, but the engineering has improved a little bit.

As usual, I’ll upload more as soon as I have time.


The Wander Elusive LS for me looks the best out of your crations for me.


Thanks a lot! However, there are more coming and I’ll upload them as soon as I have time


Hello again, everyone! Let’s have another flashback on the Kee. This time, I’d like to share the 2016, the 2nd part.

The day Pokemon Go! was released, the day I was into the Pokemon thing, and was still looking for a new styling cues/design language/stuff like that. Here’s some of my creations:

From left to right: Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur

The cars you see above are pretty much the vision I had back in the day, and all of them are under the same brand. The styling wasn’t just right as I was just recently into the Pokemon thing and I used the old me styling, resulted in an awkward-ish and kind of unfinished look. The performance stats were just so bad despite I’ve been understanding a little about engineering stuff in this game.

Leonora Rayquaza, a legendary monstrous track machine.

If you take a look at my 2nd ever post in this forum, you might kind of recognized. My first favorite legendary Pokemon, and probably the only legend Pokemon that always got me into thinking what is the best legendary Pokemon, especially when my cousin told me all the plus minus about it. I made a Car Throttle post so you can see the details:

This is Serena LeSerena, this is the first car when I started to use thin lights. I dub it as a “Serena Revolution” because it influenced all my new cars (especially the styling) made in 2017 (Kee and UE4) until today, which I will upload them as soon as I have time.