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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


1990 Socaut Érato V6ts

La Société de Construction d’Automobile is proud to present you the Érato !

This V6ts is the fer-de-lance of Socaut line of affordable cars. Offering style, protection, economy and power, sportiveness, responsiveness and drivability.

Even if the FR 170hp 2.3l twin turbo V6 can scare some drivers, the Socaut is designed to be safe and fun.
The coupé lines do not reduces practicality, with enough space in the rear to accommodate two rugbymens !


@dylansan ask for it so here they comes the rear-shot



'> “No turbo lag”
'> N/A


also, not a coupe.


@Knightophonix - Your problem is?

@JohnWaldock - Slight oversight…fixed and now I need to amend the spreadsheet! :rofl:


I don’t have a problem with it, I though it was a funny argument in fact xD


Zasteros Street.Sport.Turbo (SST)

' > 174 hp ' > Three seat layout ' > All Thrills , No Frills


Any other angles of this? I’m curious to see the rear/side.


and the requisite ass shot…


@Knightophonix Man, that thing is NICE. I especially like the trim that connects the windows to the front and rear lights, makes the car look sleek and elegant.


Here’s a little teaser of what I’m working on. Design isn’t 100% set in stone (heck, I might even use a completely different body), but I think it’s nice enough to show off.

@pyrlix So when exactly is the submission deadline? I’m a procrastinator and don’t send in stuff until like one hour or so before deadline, so knowing the exact time and timezone would be really helpful.



DiMarino presents the Aosta 2.8, a true sports coupe for the 90s. With nearly 180 horsepower on tap from a 2.8-liter straight-six, the Aosta will make every drive an enjoyable experience. Yours for just $37,880.


Thanks to @ramthecowy for the image of the Zeta on the snow.

Some extra shoot.

Corsica Motor Company - 1989 Sisten Pacific Mk. I

I was eagerly waiting to see what it looked like. It simply has out of this world stats according to my “Bang for the buck” calculations


So many cars… So much stuff to vote for…


Sooo glad I didn’t use my first submission; your entrant would have devastated any hope of its success! :exploding_head:


Basically this


I actually didnt think that there would actually be a group of mid-engined car in this challenge, let alone three of them.


I am currently checking the spreadsheet for mistakes and saw the following:

@Puffster @Mythrin @Luilakkie please finish your entries otherwise i have to delete them to make room for other people. They dont have names or have stats missing (or had a weird formula in them @Luilakkie )