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Themed Car Challenge Shakedown (UE4) [Voting until 25.02] - Eurocoupe


i mean, the body was there, right era and all, so why not?


I never think that a mid-engined super car can be practical without some sort of compromise. But I guess your right, right era and right body.


Technically it could work - its a bit past the goal to make a mid-engined sports coupe, but it can work when the other stats hold it up. We see more NSX than Celica T18s - but EH. Could also be that the game has a limited choice of bodies for that category, i hoped to have a good amount of them for 1990 (The S15, the Alfa, the C-Class, the muscle car - not much should give a lot of ideas)

In the end the market (you) will choose what fits best to your requirements, needs and budget. When we start the voting I will not give any restrictions or such, you know what kind of year it was, what the average budget has been and what kind of people would buy and afford such cars.


The lacks of proper bodies makes me choose for that one.
At the end there were available small cheap 2 seaters like the MR2 or the MX-5 at the time, and my idea was a re-proposition of a AWD crazyness of the late 80’s early 90’s on a small car like those.


I was planning on entering one myself but I wasn’t happy with my stats so I went with the car I submitted…

I’m glad for the variation IMO!


DiPasta Quattroformaggi

Emozione passeggera


Cuore sportivo

No need to be rich to drive a dream car



The Merna Coupe X. This was a bit of an older car by 1990, seeing as it had launched about 5 years before hand. But, it was still very competitive in terms of performance, and was very cheap to insure and run compared to the competition. And come on, who can resist that unshouty little boot spoiler! Right?


0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds

222 km/h

100-0 km/h in 28,9 meters

[Edit 1: Updated price, been a long day.]


except the spreadsheet says 43 grand… unless you forgot to update it?


Quick update - we are at 33 entries now in the spreadsheet with the following People still pending (waiting for the file):

@Weinend @Kubboz @koolkei @ramthecowy (finish your car :stuck_out_tongue: ) @titleguy1 @Chipskate @zschmeez @SeriousSimon @TheElt @Puffster

Please send your files, time is running out!


RIP @Weinend, can’t send his submission because he has the same IP than his flatmate ^^


All this work lost :sob:


Plus being registered for just a bit over 10 hours. It may be @Luftein s flatmate, but its a whole different story if the account has been registered very recently and just posted his car here.

Sorry, not believing it right now. I hope you understand this - its not easy to decide if its good or not - and in doubt i have to go for that measurement. I am sorry, but it has to be and feel fair for others. Since you cannot send PMs and had to go by your flatmate i have no way to verify if its your car and have to assume stuff has either been altered or be by the same individual.

Next TCC, next chance :slight_smile:



I’ll have to withdraw from the competition. Every time I start Automation, I get new stats, yay!
Since there is no time to fix, disregard my entry please…

And very nice cars from you, guys!


With a last minute entry, Lenraj Motors presents the Lenraj Bowl.

The Bowl focuses on a sporty drive, accessible for all drivers, whether experienced or not, due to it’s LSD and easy handling. The bowl is powered by a 2,0 i4 DOHC-16 Turbo engine, with 174hp, while still delivering respectable fuel economy.

The agressive sporty look of the coupe segment usually compromises passenger space, however, the engineers have managed to create space for 4 people, without compromising the sporty handling.

The Lenraj Bowl is in the pricier end of the economy sports coupes at 37,570$, but it is the closest you can get to a supercar feeling at a margin of the price.

At this price, you get a standard casette player, power steering, ABS, a limited slip diff, and an advanced safety package.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for the Bowl


Presenting, the 1990 Itsa Sportscar, the car that has redefined “Cheap and Cheerful.” With a 1.9 Liter Turbocharged 4-Cylinder, this 4-seater sports coupe will meet all your needs, and then some. The best part: you can drive home in yours for only $31,180.


finally someone else who used the C-class body.

Also was @Puffster planning to show off his car?

I’m running an extended stats sheet (which doesn’t interfere with the official spreadsheet and has no binds to it and only myself can see it, I copy the values manually in it, please unload that shotgun.) in which I have some “bang for the buck” calculations based on ownership costs and stats compared to averages and… well, his car is so good it broke my charts.