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Toramania Motorwerke


Sorry for this post out of topic but I did not want to open a new discussion.
I would kindly like to have your opinion on my first convertible car with hardtop

I returned from a period of intense work I hope in the weekend to resume with the history of TMW


In 2015 the TMW introduced the Kalte model available in three trims: Sedan and Hatcback 5 doors-5posts and Coupé 2 doors-2 seats.
The engines available are the 1800cc and the 2000cc turbo which deliver respectively 145 and 187 Hp.

Data sheet:
AWD traction with Viscous LSD.
Brakes solid disc front and rear.
Power steering + ESC + LC.
Advanced automation 6 gears or Dual clutch 6 gears
Premium interior and premium infotainement.

in the photos the Kalte hatcback with automatic gearbox.

in the picture the Kalte coupé with dual clutch gearbox.


The Historical Museum of TMW is enriched, thanks to a long and meticulous work of restoration, with a specimen of the “Besser”, a 5 seater saloon of luxury, produced in 26 specimens distributed to the highest positions of the single party of the ex Toramania east.

thi is the V8 motor with 224 HP.


The museum of the TMW is enriched with a unique piece, donated by a general of the East Toramania people’s army, built in a single copy and a personal gift of the former president of Toramania East Hornacker.
After the fall of the Berlonia wall, General Werner escaped to Chena, taking his personal car with him.
The car returned to Toramania thanks to good relations between the property and the Boijang government.

Hall D, Museum of TMW
Be(sser) TURBO 420.