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Toramania Motorwerke


Sorry for this post out of topic but I did not want to open a new discussion.
I would kindly like to have your opinion on my first convertible car with hardtop

I returned from a period of intense work I hope in the weekend to resume with the history of TMW


In 2015 the TMW introduced the Kalte model available in three trims: Sedan and Hatcback 5 doors-5posts and Coupé 2 doors-2 seats.
The engines available are the 1800cc and the 2000cc turbo which deliver respectively 145 and 187 Hp.

Data sheet:
AWD traction with Viscous LSD.
Brakes solid disc front and rear.
Power steering + ESC + LC.
Advanced automation 6 gears or Dual clutch 6 gears
Premium interior and premium infotainement.

in the photos the Kalte hatcback with automatic gearbox.

in the picture the Kalte coupé with dual clutch gearbox.


The Historical Museum of TMW is enriched, thanks to a long and meticulous work of restoration, with a specimen of the “Besser”, a 5 seater saloon of luxury, produced in 26 specimens distributed to the highest positions of the single party of the ex Toramania east.

thi is the V8 motor with 224 HP.


The museum of the TMW is enriched with a unique piece, donated by a general of the East Toramania people’s army, built in a single copy and a personal gift of the former president of Toramania East Hornacker.
After the fall of the Berlonia wall, General Werner escaped to Chena, taking his personal car with him.
The car returned to Toramania thanks to good relations between the property and the Boijang government.

Hall D, Museum of TMW
Be(sser) TURBO 420.


September 2018 TMW is pleased to present its new city car ,MY 2019, called “Beginnt”, a beginner in English, as its basic version is intended for new European Union drivers according to current regulations.

the 1000cc in line 3 motors

(to know all the features downloaded the attached file)

Beginnt - 1.0 EFI.car (30.0 KB)

in the next days the version with standard equipment with 1,200cc engine will be presented


the 1.2 EFI version of the Beginnt model is distinguished by the presence of chrome on the edges of the front grille and headlights, both front and rear, and the interior and the infotainement are of standard quality.

The 1.2 EFI maintains all the characteristics of city cars but also allows trips outside the city that make it the ideal car to go from the villages of the inner city to the big cities to go to work.

The 88 hp 1200cc motor of the Beginnt 1.2 EFI

Beginnt - 1.2 EFI .car (30.8 KB)


In 2018-19 the gap in the TMW range of a luxury SUV-offroad with the Gerbirgis model is filled.

There are two Trims available:
LOP, acronym of luxury offroad project, more focuses towards pure off-roading

LSO, the acronym of Luxury SUV oriented, which focuses more on sportiness due to the presence of active sway bars and medium compound tires

Both Trims mount the 3.1 liter V6 engine

Gerbirgis - LOP.car (26.0 KB)

Gerbirgis - LSO.car (26.9 KB)


“Besser” looks like some 80s-90s Chinese or North Korean car for some reason


no, I just wanted to give a design of the front part that distinguished it from all the cars of Eastern Europe to underline its exclusivity as a car of the elite of East Toramania


I always thought East European cars looked kinda sinister, you nailed the look!


The museum of the TMW is enriched with a true rarity of the 1500 SS / 56 cars
born to participate in the world championship for sports cars in the category up to 1500cc but never brought in the race because of the bad relations between the West and Sovenica Union due to the repression of the motions for freedom in Lhungaria.
The machine was born from a vast synergy between the main industrial centers of the then East Toramania and was potentially able to give trouble to Porscha and the OSCIA at the time leader of the sport category up to 1500cc.
The car is a unique example exhibited with the original body in raw aluminum without painting.

The 1488 cc In line motors of 1500 56/SS


In the museum of TMW is exposed the Saxen Turbo a concept car of 2002 year with a 1600cc turbo engine.


The TMW museum is enriched by the 145 V6 model, tourism version of the 145 model produced by Autonord, which will compete in the DTM championship in the 1993, also taking two victories.

The 2.5 litres V6 enginers mounted in the 145 V6 model


The TMW museum is enriched by the 145 V6 EVO model, tourism version of the 145 model produced by Autonord, which will compete in the DTM championship and ITC in the 1995 and 1996.
The car exposed is a gift of the racing team Jost Rennen.

The DOHC V8’s motor was adjusted and pimped at 316 HP and 295 Nm.


This post is beyond the history of TMW I need only to have an opinion on the Wind P1 \ 67 a sports car prototype of the category up to 2.0 liters.


In 1997, after the closure of the DTM-ITC championship, the TMW racing department decided to create a new sports car that served as the basis for the homologation in the GT2 category.
The new model called Schnell SW, sport wagen, was equipped with a 6 cylinder twin-turbo 3.2 L engine

This was the trim to compete in the GT2 category with the livery sponsored by the frozen seafood company BLOCK.

for more information:

Schnell - SW.car (29.7 KB)

Schnell - GT2.car (32.2 KB)

Coming soon the model for GT1 category…


The GT1 of the Schnell model was produced in only 24 units in 1997, 21 of which was road version for omologation, equipped with a 3.2 liter twin turbo boxer engine that took over the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998 in the GT1 category.

the boxer motor

for more information:
Schnell - GT1.car (34.1 KB)


October 29, 2018, TMW Factory Showroom.

Zhang Pong CEO of TMW: We are pleased to present to the press our latest addition to the premium class saloon we have named BERLIN and which will also be available in the Sport Wagon version.

Kurt Schmitt, chief engineer of the TMW: The BERLIN is equipped with a supercharged 2.2-liter I5 engine that delivers 225 HP and a boost of 330 Nm but with limited fuel consumption.

Zhang Pong CEO of TMW: Now enough talk let our testimonial Ziyi Zhang discover our new creature.

The Sport Wagon

BERLIN - 2200.car (27.5 KB)


In 1972 the TMW, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, created a partnership with the Swedish car manufacturer Velva with the aim of designing a family sports car.
The collaboration agreement provided that the TMW would take care of the chassis, the bodywork and the mechanics while the Velva would provide the engine and the interior fitting.
The final result was the Puma model, a 4-seater Coupé car with premium finishes equipped with a 1600cc 4-cylinder Boxer engine.
The Puma model was mainly sold in Scandinavia, marked Velva, and in East Toramania it was supplied to the upper middle managers of the party and industrial complexes.


In 1977 TMW engineers, who had participated in the development of the Maultier KN2, were sent to Indea to help the local carmaker Meindra develop a pickup that would combine load and off-road capacity.
A year later the L-205 model was put into production, fitted with a 4x4 mechanic derived from that of the Maultier, associated with a 2.5 liter in-line 4-cylinder Meindra engine, slightly reworked by TMW technicians.
The L-205 model was sold with great success for almost a decade in Indea and neighboring countries.

East Toramania in exchange for the advice given by the engineers of TMW obtained some loads of rare metals necessary for their industry.