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Trackpaduser's mods


Awesome! :mrgreen: What’s the wheelbase on these models (80s coupe/sedan)?


2.73 meters or 105.2 inches.

Which is about the same as a lot of GM G-Platform cars.


Indeed! Grand National - here I come. :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hard work!


I had nightmares with the GNX! The reliability of this cars are one of the worst in the world! But great body!


Thanks for making these for the players! I especially love the LMP, I can finally put a big engine in the back of a car.


Just finished a brand new body just in time for BRC 1955

Link in the OP


Thanks for another interesting design, Mr Trackpaduser :smiley:


Another nice one!!




Yay, Austin “Frogeye” Sprite :slight_smile:


Yes! Happiest car ever made :laughing:


The Frogeye Sprite is one of my favourite cars. :slight_smile:


Niiice :smiley:

I was just thinking we needed some 50’s-60’s british roadsters in automation. :sunglasses:


Very cool little roadster!


Just added a van body.

Link and all info in the OP.

As usual, you can post all your comments and suggestions here or by PM.


You’re producting car bodies as fast as little factory!!
Thanx a lot :smiley:


Yeah thanks!!! Great work!


Added some cargo and plastic bumpered variants to the van.

For the high-roof cargo van, due to mistakes on my part, the angle of the front part of the roof extension isn’t morphed with the very corner of it, but instead by selecting the area behind it, as shown in the picture.

I can’t really fix the issue w/o redoing the whole skinning on that part, but even then it looks fairly decent.

I also added a set of MX5 style taillights.

See the OP for the new files.


Another fine model. :slight_smile: Keep up the work.


Between my various reports, exams and other school related things, I started reworking the 80s boxy off-roader (not defender), adding a bunch of variants and fixing a few minor things.

Here is a nice preview

To make a list of all the variants:

SWB Wagon (already vanilla)
SWB Pickup
SWB SoftTop
LWB Wagon (already vanilla)
LWB Van (already vanilla)
LWB Pickup
LWB 4 door pickup
LWB SoftTop

If anyone had other suggestions, please post here or send me a PM. All those variants should hopefully be done this weekend, as I only need to do a few minor morphing tweaks, and make sure every thing works properly.

Edit: Here it is: dropbox.com/s/mon9onltdeg07 … r.zip?dl=1