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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True, my allergies have been fairly mild so me nasal cavity is clear for the moment.

TNP loves misleading answers.


Which is why there is not logical explanation for the use of the colour yellow when it comes to advertising cosmetic products these days.

TNP is on it.



TNP is addicted to some drug.


Only if tea counts :wink:

TNP speaks only their native language.



TNP can speak American


true. wait. i speak english. wait. i mean not english english nor american english. wait. now i’m confused.
i can speak the english language. but i dunno about american english.

TNP is now confused


False, I’ve been confused for a long time.

TNP has operated heavy machinery.



TNP has driven something larger than a Ford F-150


True, most recent was a Sterling LT7500.

Looks something like that only green.

TNP has used an Alabama speed wrench.


TNP uhh…remembers me?


Of course, comrade. However, due to use of decadent capitalist V8, you will be sent to “reeducation” facility.

TNP has owned a total of at least 5 separate cars over their life.


True, I’ve owned at least 15 cars, even raced a few.

TNP’s first car was a turbo.


Nah, sadly not.

TNP’s first car had an 8V engine


True. And it still has :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP has never driven a manual.


True, haven’t driven yet at all :yum:

TNP is h u n g e r y


damn right I am, and so I am now eating!

TNP reads while eating



TNP owns a lot of books.


False, library is a thing near me

TNP still uses those things


True. Reading from time to time is a good activity.

TNP won’t drive anything that’s not manual.


False, of the 9 cars I’ve owned, only 2 of them were manuals.

TNP hasn’t played the UE4 version yet for some reason.