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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yep, been playing Guild Wars 2 of late, quite like it.

TNP knows how to use a TrackPoint :tm:


True, I had it in my old, old IBM laptop, it was awesome :slight_smile:

TNP likes old games (like 15-20 years old).


True, Half Life (opposing force and blue shift too) is my shiiit

TNP plays planet coaster


False, but now I’m curious.

TNP is nursing a sprain.


What if I’m spraining a nurse?

TNP isn’t gonna think about that too hard


True, it itsnt worth thinking about it at all

TNP needs to sleep


Highly probable.

TNP is asleep…


False, but give it 30 minutes…

TNP is in bed



TNP is a gold digger



TNP is attracted to the simple beauty of who or whatever they’re attracted to.


False, she is not simple at all. And I love that about her.

TNP can handle the truth.



TNP is a wonderful human bean.


True, I fat and lazy like a bean. Sadly I am not high in protein or plant based.

TNP is made of meat


Yes. That would be correct.

this also reminds me of this very funny extra enjoyable media picture content

TNP beat’s their meat to the sound of The Streets


TNP is a helicopter


I actually sexually identify as an attack helicopter.

TNP goes about stating they don’t like something when secretly, they actually like said thing.


True, a lot

TNP cannot lie


I can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true.

TNP is a french model.


She’s a model and she’s looking good…

TNP loves Kraftwerk


Yes ofc Trans Europe Express is my favourite

TNP enjoys eating toast