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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP sometimes wonder why they let legally retarded people have licenses


True, and false. I wonder why they let anybody have licences.

TNP hasn’t seen Big Smoke memes before.


Someone here made sure that wouldn’t happen

TNP doesn’t meme



TNP is same.


I’ve apparently been browsing imgur for about 3 hours now. I though it was around midnight, actually 1am, i need to sleep but still want to look at more things.

TNP can send help


Find something else to waste your time on, and replace it with that. That way, you’ll have spent 3 hours browsing something that wasn’t Imgur and are hence on your way to curing your addiction!

TNP can spend hours doing shit all on the internet


So true.

So true…

…TNP ain’t go no time fo’ dat.


No I have plenty of time for that

TNP has been scarred for life


True by certain internet videos I have

TNP watches and listens to car videos on YouTube



TNP isn’t productive



TNP is procrastinating something right now.


Life, so true

TNP has such bad memory people mistake it for dementia


Actually very true

TNP doesn’t have internet right now


Tralse. I have normal internet on my PC, and I have wooden internet on my phone (50 kbps), since I’m out of my limit. So in a way I don’t have internet on my phone.

TNP is lost.



TNP hates dancing


True, very true

TNP is somehow social


True, at least I try my very best to be

TNP loves the Polestar 1


it looks cool, i’ll give it that

TNP feels the depression kicking in…


I’ve been feeling it for a long time…

TNP loves to dance naked alone in front of a mirror.


Well then…

TNP is tired