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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, I wish I was, then I’d have a good reason to lay in bed for the rest of the day… Now I only have excuses

TNP is annoyingly energetic


no lol



Oh yes.

TNP is on the Strobe Circlejerk


I’m not on it but that fucking drop never gets old

TNP knows that old deadmau5 > isn’t better than anything you halfwit his entire discography has been incredibly consistent stop complaining that “ooh he’s not making real house any more!” or “oh I just wish he could make another random album title, that was his best moment!!”


True, the dude just does what he does: fuck around with knobs and dials until something sellable comes up, and suckers generate their own hype. I’ve come around to realising that he is just a simple reflection of the industry. And everybody is just doing their fake fan afficionado thing when they know fuck all about music.

TNP likes to shit on plebs.


Can’t shit on the plebs if you are the pleb

Nor is it enjoyable.

Unless it’s a certain pleb. The best, most perfect pleb.

TNP knows what a plebiscite is without looking it up
(munro and strop you get no points for answering correctly)


I think true?

TNP creates a lot of things (other than cars and engines in Automation).


True, many assortments of PC parts one might consider a computer, shitty ‘art’, and of course a lot of stuff in videogames

TNP crates useful stuff


I’d like to think that I do, but I guess it is up to the end user to decide how useful the stuff I create is.

TNP is an engineer.


I would be in a year or so, if everything went good. It didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll probably be in 3-4 years.

TNP likes silence.


True, although…

A heavy bassline’s my kind of silence


TNP thinks Dizee Rascal needs more bass.


Dunno who that is.

But thanks to a certain something. I now get a boner everytime i see the word ‘doof doof’

Tnp also associates something with something else in their head


True, not only something but most things - that’s how my mind works.

TNP has problems with communication with other people.


True, I can’t understand a lot of people

TNP likes graphs


Oh yes I do

TNP likes maps


Especially those without NZ :wink:

TNP likes :bowling:


True, especially Wii bowling because ik the position that gets you a strike every time and I get to piss people off

TNP also knows said position


Nope, and I demand to be told.

TNP loves Wii Sports Baseball.



TNP loves Wii Sports Golf. (Tell me I’m not alone).


you are a lonely boi.

TNP Loves Driv3r, despite it’s glaring flaws