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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


i haven’t played enough of it. so can’t comment

TNP is/was in a dire-ish situation within the last week


False. Fixed a cooling issue on the Civic that’s been irritating me since I got the car. If anything, I avoided one.

TNP got less than 10 hours of sleep over the past 2 days


True, around 13 hours in the last 3 days because I’m an utter idiot like that

TNP likes tomato soup



TNP is eating.


Will be

TNP deserves a break



The next person is having a rough time.



TNP isn’t wearing shoes.



TNP likes EVs


False on multiple levels.

The next person doesn’t like glass.



TNP likes rum.


Glass; as a material. I dunno… guess I’m weird… I just don’t like touching/holding glass… was curious if anyone else shares the same sentiment. >.>

False… at least not the rum I have tried.

The next person prefers the taste of corn syrup over sugar.


Jfc no what is wrong with you lot :joy:

TNP practices periodic fasting


Profficient in periodic fisting.

WAIT… that wasn’t the statement?! SHIT!!!

TNP hates tea


I was going to make a comment about the fisting, but the words “hate” and “tea” in that order have far more consequence to me.

TNP loves tea.


It’s pretty good

TNP is trying to survive the day


Nope, I’m going to a concert of one of my favourite bands :slight_smile:

TNP regularly breaks (exceeds?) speed limits.


True. I only get 4-5 hours of sleep per day during the week due to school, but I’m less than 24 hours away from proper rest.

TNP would buy a modern diesel powered car
(Built within the past 10 years, and most likely requires DEF)


Ofc I would, but I prefer the older, cooler, lung cancer inducing ones

TNP would never buy a diesel


False, they sound pretty cool and they have character in their own way

TNP likes the smell of CNG and/or LPG


I don’t know about CNG, as it isn’t common in Poland, but LPG doesn’t smell good. A neutral smell for me.

TNP remembers their family car from some very early childhood (I do, I have one memory of our Fiat Regata that we had when I was… 3? 4? 5?).