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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I don’t remember my mom’s old car well, which is the one I was in more but I certainly remember my dad’s old A4

TNP wants a car they used to own


True, used to have a Chrysler Crossfire, loved it to bits but can’t afford a 2nd car anymore



False. It’s spring here.

TNP wants a sub-par version of a good car. (Me and my Chrysler Conquest)


I already got an almost M5 (except engine) and an e36 m3 that’s actually a 3.0 m54 not a 3.2 s52 and is a compact. So no, I don’t want any more…

TNP owned an AMG, RS or an M car


I fucking wish

TNP thinks modern sports cars are no fun


Wouldn’t know.

TNP can enlighten me


There are a few that are fun, like the FR-S, but in general, most of them are burdened by government safety and pollution restrictions.

TNP thinks modern muscle cars have lost their roots.


They have certainly lost their roots as unsteerable death trap landboats

TNP thinks that was probably for the better


sigh i dunno man. But cars being safer, being more fuel efficient while making more power and lugging more weight and producing less emission.

Logically that is for the better. But the in practice, safer, easier to drive cars is sometimes boring and makes the driver less skilled and just more ignorant on the street. And makes cars more like an appliance than an item made out of passion for something in it.

I could go on but, saying logically? True i guess. Compromises.

TNP prefers newer vehicles to older vehicles for a daily


For a daily practical and reliable car, usually, modern is the way to go; although building a classic and outfitting it with modern tech is IMO the best of everything!

TNP has experienced the thrill of a classic car tuned with modern day parts on the track!


Tralse, my step dad’s MGB has modern disc brakes and updated suspension but he doesn’t drive it on the track. Fun car though!

TNP has a watch


I do, but I generally use my cell phone to watch the time.

TNP is doing something really complex right now.


False, just uploading some backup files to my cloud.

TNP knows how to do kansei dorifto



…Nah I cant drive

TNP will eat soon


That’s a good idea, you know? :smiley:

TNP can dive.


True, accelerate to 2/3, open Main Ballast Tank vents, set planes for 20 degrees down.

TNP thinks I didn’t catch the previous intent.


False captain

TNP is the captain now


Yes I am

TNP is in possession of a weapon to surpass metal gear


If a walking war crime counts, then probably.

TNP calls this a true banger


Fuck yes

TNP is erecc :smirk: