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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


true!! i am the one true erecc cluptonn but i spell it a little differently to most homies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

tnp is the one tru air-wrecka



TNP ate breakfast


Pfffft, you kidding me? Nope.

TNP likes High School Musical.


That movie was like a very malignant tumor, so false.

TNP has a very embarrassing song they like.


Does old Christian / Jesus songs from the 50’s and 60’s count?

TNP likes the Nervous Breakdown EP


idk, haven’t heard it yet.

TNP has a feeling their school is about to be shot up later today


Geez that’s kinda dark. I don’t go to school, so, no.

Also, our hospital already had their Code Black last week (generally not shooting though, since 'straya), so we aren’t due for another one for a while. I hope.

TNP has fought off an attacker before.


Thankfully no

TNP is an attacker


Er…I don’t think so?

TNP can’t stand how appallingly addictive this song is.

(this also partly answers your question @SkylineFTW97)


Honest answer: I found it a bit boring.


TNP will tell their deepest, darkest secret.



TNP is in high school.



TNP is in college


False. I wish. Life was easier.

Sniped: false, university of technology. At least that’s how it’s translated to English, while being considered sth different than a university in Poland, yet on more or less equal level.

TNP is suspicious about something (about what?).


False. Right now I don’t have anything to suspect about.

TNP’s favourite kind of candy is chocolate.



TNP is ready to eat all the candy they are supposed to be giving to kids


False, but my brother might if nobody keeps an eye on him.

TNP would prefer to stay in today.


True, which is what I’m going to do. I suppose it’s being in the middle of the week, but it just doesn’t feel like Halloween.

TNP knows two facts about ducks.


Even more. The best of them.

TNP has seen some car so rare/unique that most people wouldn’t even the brand of it.


For sure. People on this forum would know it but others would not.

TNP nutted


Nutt? No, I prefer the looks of the Dodge Turbo Interceptor.

TNP has seen The Wraith.