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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True. Give me your money and I’ll make it dissapear!

TNP is willing to volunteer for my first act.


True, now come and get my money

TNP wishes they could disappear


I already feel invisible, but the mirror says I’m still corporeal.

TNP has an alternate identity.


Yes. At night, I turn into a sleeper.

TNP wishes they could make others disappear


Can I count myself as an other

TNP would lick a cactus for $948482838484826284726


Tralse: Gross or net?

TNP is careful with money.



TNP gets their kicks on Route 66


True. i have saving here, bank account there, ‘investment’ there, and are now looking for another investment that i can start with a low capital. but as a consequence. i live my daily life as if i’m super broke.

edit: damn sniped

uhhh False. i know the song. but i don’t live in america

TNP actually tracks their daily expenses


Tralse, depends on when I am not lazy

TNP has no clue about how much money they have


True, I think I have $10

TNP has the bomb


Well a couple months ago I had a coffee thermo-mug that literally exploded when I shook it and got my whole hand burnt with coffee but I haven’t had a bomb since then

TNP really shouldnt’ve passed their driving test


False. At least I like to think so

TNP really liked After Laughter by Paramore


Nah, I tried Paramore and never really got it.

TNP wants to die


I’d prefer not to - not just yet…

TNP is currently busy with some kind of creative project.


True, too many to count and probably not going to finish any of them but conlanging and game design are both pretty fun anyways

TNP likes this wrap


Angular Camo is my shit.

TNP has the best Meat Bicycle.


excuse me? what does that even mean
either way. i don’t get the reference. and i don’t have a bicycle either

TNP leg days


Every day is leg day, gotta keep dat bootay.

Today it was barbell squats and Cossack running just because.

TNP has a fitness plan.


…a what?

TNP can decipher this “fitness plan” for me.


Work your way up to doing 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and 10km running, every single day.

Eventually you’ll go bald and get godly superpowers.

TNP understands what I’m talking about.