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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


With fear. I still don’t have the car…

TNP is not going to show anything in LA.



TNP loves schnitzel


:neutral_face: I love to eat meat, just about any kind of meat, prepared just about anyway, I just don’t like dark meat as much. :poop:

TNP just busted a cap in that fool!



TNP knows that Little Red Corvette was much too fast


Wasn’t it just. And now I have that song stuck in my head.

Ni**as In Paris is TNP’s jam.



TNP has an avatar on which the predominant colour is not black nor white.


Sort of… nah

TNP is a furry



TNP can explain why furries are umm, furries
I’m genuinely interested


True, I’d say it’s the whole watching the Lion King and having a crush on adult Simba but x10 seeing humanoid features in something furry which is then associated with cuddly/cute so it’s like a weird combination attraction, scalies can’t be as easily explained but it’s more along the lines of being attracted to something “monstrous”. Then again a lot of furries are non sexual and those are generally suiters, and they do it just because it’s fun, same reason people do drag. It’s just fun to dress up.

  • Source: Close friend is a fursuiter / furry artist

TNP knows what a scalie is


False, and I’m almost scared to ask.

TNP will tell me in spite of that.


Something to do with scaled animals. I daren’t go any further from that, mainly because I don’t know any more about but also because it just isn’t my thing.

TNP is qualified to talked about scalie…


False, not really qualified but I’ll try my best

Basically scalies are furries but instead of mammals it’s reptiles. Any more questions and of have to find an actual one to ask, which I have yet to meet.

TNP knows a furry or scaly


I am a furry tho

Tnp has no time for games


At the moment the laptop is loaded with 23 games which I remove by one when I beat one… so yeah, I got time for games

TNP is heavily medicated right now.


Pretty sure generic ibuprofen doesn’t count as “heavily,” so false.

TNP was able to get something at a substantial discount.


False, got $70 headphones for my mom for $35 so that’s only 50%, not the normal 99% discount is captialists come to expect.

TNP was hitting up all those cyber Monday deals last night


False, not even one.

TNP can’t be unseen.



TNP wonders why the new LA Auto Show thread is so quiet / dead


I’m wondering that too.

TNP is getting ready for christmas.


Oh is that what all the #getready stuff about? Are Erin going to throw a massive Christmas party?

TNP used a wrench as a hammer once