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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Not dinosaur, just Fucking shit

TNP is a mess


Almost definitely.

TNP is in the christmas mood.


Tralse it’s building a little more everyday

TNP is dealing with a cold currently


False, but I am dealing with the beginnings of your typical DC slush winter, possible snow (that’ll melt in a day and become slush) soon!

TNP also gets nice slush winters


True. If only because I’ve experienced the same slushy DC roads come winter. And speaking of things it causes…

TNP has seen potholes grow tremendous following winter before.


True. And sometimes, I’ve even avoided driving into them.

TNP is doing a read.


Well I’m reading your post, I guess that counts?

TNP has a lowest itnellignece.


huh, what?

@skylineftw97 well rip, at least someone here shares my pain :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP has warm winters


How do I answer this.
true because it’s relatively warm for this time of year
False because I’m in a 2 seasons area not 4, so I don’t even get winter

Tnp forgets…


TNP remembers.


TNP loves that album.


Nah. There are extremely few albums that I like. There are usually a few songs in each from every band that spoils it all.

TNP is a cybernetic organism. Metal endoskeleton covered in artificial skin.


I am a prototype replicant.

TNP likes winter.


False, too cold to be enjoyable but not cold enough either for winter sports here, ita just annoying really

TNP is winter


False, I’m too cool to be winter.

TNP can’t bear heatwaves.


Heatwaves are just a modern term for what used to be called a nice summers day

But srsly tho there are literally no heatwaves in Finland, if it’s warm it’s perfectly warm not hot (thank you gulf stream, without you it would be -10 in the summer)

TNP owns a car from a dead brand


False, though my stepdad owns an MG, which may as well be a dead brand at this rate.

TNP wants an old Ford.


Yes please… anything from a GT40 to an Escort would be amazing, even like a Sierra

TNP is dazed


So dazed and confused.

TNP is so happy they’re gonna join the band.


My my,

happy no band yes

TNP is good at mixing and mastering