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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yep. Is crippling depressing.

TNP thinks that Calvinator is a quality brand.


h a

about like 30-45 minutes ago, TNP beat the fuck out of their dick so god damn hard that they can’t even feel their left leg, their left leg has went totally numb and also TNP’s dick has went totally numb


U wot m8

TNP loses money because of their own stupidity.


True, just lost my new headphones

TNP can kill me


I can, but do I want to? I’d rather see you alive and suffering. Yes, I’m a masochist.

TNP suffers from the worst sexually transmitted disease: life.


I like this analogy. Though it opens up some wider question: do you suffer because of life or does your life suffer because of you?

TNP lives life longingly lewdly.


I try not to make the lewd part of my life the daily part

TNP has lewd lolis


Nope I’m fine thanks FBI you don’t need to investigate really

This is a good question, but I suppose it boils down to which side of the fence you stand on, if you feel like life is predestined and you have no control then yeah you’re suffering because of life but if conversely if you think that’s nonsense and life is what you make of it then it’s a douche move to complain because you could’ve made it better yourself. I’ll stick with the latter but still complain lol

TNP beat the game


The game of “Make your life harder”? True.

TNP is an optimist.


Do I have to be?

TNP is an irradiated husk.


I prefer the term “ferral ghoul”, thank you very much. Ehm… eh… I mean… RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHWARARARARA

TNP has bought a VR headset


sort of true. Actually gf and I picked up a Lenovo Yoga 920 from the JB-HiFi last week only to discover that it came with a free Mixed Reality headset. I can’t remember which one exactly, but it was either the HP, the Lenovo, or the Dell, so in effect we saved 800 bucks. Bargain. The best part is if you load up on accessories, simply ask the staff if they can bundle discounts, and you can save hundreds more.

TNP is a sucker for bargains.


fuck yeah, spending is painful

TNP is a clean freak


Depends on the location, my desk is clean, my garage is not

TNP has a clean garage


We don’t even have a garage.

TNP’s garage is actually a “party room”


Nope my garage is a garage, and PeaPod’s rightful nesting place.

TNP loves their car.


Oh boy I do. I love it to bits.

TNP might kinda sort of slightly almost probably has feelings for their car


Although it’s not mine I have some feelings for the Jetta for being the only 2.0TDI that hasn’t ever broken, deserves some respect there :stuck_out_tongue:

TNPs car is a maintenance nightmare


Only when changing spark plugs, that’s Subaru life.

TNP keeps maintenance logs for their car.


yep, since I service it at the one place and it’s an official manufacturer outlet and I do it regularly at the specified intervals. Makes logging very simple.

TNP has upgraded their tyres (1 week with the Pilot Sport 4s and already I’m starting to feel it isn’t enough, I need MOAR GRIP)