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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Shrek keeps yelling at me from the swamp. I fear that he’ll molest me one day.

TNP is afraid of their neighbors as well


Fuck nah! If I’m gonna listen to my music, they are too.

TNP Gran Turismo > Forza


I sadly can’t agree, not anymore. Gran Turismo used to be my favourite and it’s of course a wonderful game, but Forza just offers much more bang for your buck these days

TNP wants to try iRacing out of curiosity


False. I can smell the cancerous elitism from here.

TNP will roast me for that answer


TNP played a dating simulator


Yep. Heaps of em. I’m a real dating sim afficionado.

TNP thinks Hatoful Boyfriend is the best dating sim of them all.


Yes, yes, yes all the fucking yes. It is indeed the best.

TNP enjoys loafing around in the garden on a hot summers day


I could enjoy if the the weather is good and its not too hot and if I’m not that lazy.
TNP is dealing with test right now…


Just finished one.

TNP fucking despises exams


Very very true.

TNP drives a diesel.



TNP is youth


True a very youthful 23yrs old

TNP is also in their 20s


False, but just by a few months!

TNP has a short/easy day at school/uni/work today


True. My test is quite easy to be honest.
TNP has a pet…


True. Two cattos.



WhIPped or a work in progress? Because that’d be a yes for both probably…

TNP just wants a cup of tea.


I don’t drink tea.

TNP is mindless



TNP is mindful of the gap between the train and the platform



TNP will also +f



TNP will also press f to pay respects