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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP won’t break the chain and will press f to pay respects



tnp +f to that +f



TNP +f because wants to respect the chain.


Ive already paid my respects

TNP will do something else



TNP has been to the 7th Chamber.


TNP thinks the users of automation need more challenges and competitions.


Yes we need more good challenges. Theres an important distinction between mediocre challenges and good ones.

TNP loves Mondays


Depending the Monday :joy:

TNP wants to conquer loliworld.


Very much false. Just in case your language skills don’s allow you to fully get the words you’re typing, your TNP has a very pedophilic undertone.

TNP often gets frustrated with the sheer lack of logic in English language.


False sir, as a Brit I must ensure that you are made aware that the English language is far superior to the other languages that befoul this planet

TNP is also a triggered Brit



TNP’s language is the kind of language to give genders to objects


False, we just steal what we need.

TNP speaks more than 2 languages.


Not true, really. I used to learn German at school, but I forgot most of it.

TNP has driven a car with less than 100 HP.


Yes, several.

TNP has built something mechanical


Doing it right now, in fact.

TNP has driven a car with literally anything but a 4 cylinder.

(americans skip your turn it’s not fair :frowning: )


Three cylinder baby!

TNP has driven a car with more than 8 cylinders


Does revving a V12 count? Cause it’s probably Tralse in that case :wink:

TNP has been in a Jaguar


My friend has an X-type, rattliest/cheapest feeling car I’ve been in after my other friends 307SW which is a pretty low bar to pass

TNP has been in a 307 SW


Errrr nah. Though to respond to @DeusExMackia I have indeed been in a Jag, it was an XJ X300 Sovereign. My school’s vice-principal used to drive an ultra shitbox Falcon wagon because he was saving up to buy a Jag, as it was his dream car. He was so chuffed when he finally bought one he insisted on ferrying us around to our chess and debating comps in it. Then somebody nicked his radio :joy:

TNP has had stuff stolen from their ride before.


False, hasn’t happened to me yet TOUCH WOOD

TNP is wearing sweatpants

@strop now that is a nice car for a VP, what colour was it? Shame the radio got nicked though, they were pretty shit in the X300s anyway so no idea what the thieves thought they’d get :joy: